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Team Titan has introduced two semi-painted 1/8 flat road car shells, called R11. 0.9mm thickness, has been certified by EFRA.
Source: Team Titan [] \u0026 amp; Redrc. Traxxas X Maxx Parts net
Pro-Line introduces a 2012 Bulldog shell for the Associated RC8.2 off-road vehicle. Ryan Cavalieri is actively preparing for the 2012 IFMAR World Race and has developed this new body. The characteristics of Traxxas Xo1 the car shell make the car more stable, while improving steering response, providing more downforce, making the car more stable at high speeds. The rear position of the car shell is lower, allowing the engine to achieve better heat dissipation. The overall aerodynamic performance of the car shell has been improved to a certain extent.
Muchmore introduces a 40mm diameter turbo cooling fan, compatible with high voltage and supporting 6V to 8.4V input, can provide ultra-high air flow, improve cooling efficiency, and the speed can reach 15000RPM. Very suitable for cooling the motor in the hot summer.
In the July 2016 issue, ‘Model World • Remote Control Technology’ was launched. The contents of this issue of the magazine are wonderful, including the latest models of aircraft and car models, and of course, our RCFans column. Friends who have ordered this magazine, the magazine society has recently arranged to issue a magazine. Traxxas Ultimate Desert Racer Welcome to order, please call 4006-505-310 and inform you from RCFans! Fans who bought magazines are welcome to call 010-65515202 or 4006-505-310 for any enquiries.

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