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There is a place Rc Car With Camera called Donk Remote Control Cars Treasure Island between Oakland and San Francisco in the United States, where we first saw the long-rumored consumer-grade aerial camera M Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer For Sale avic Pro of the DJI Shenzhen DJI. As the factory’s first folding product, it debuted with GoPro Karma, another big hit in the market, within a week. So how competitive is it? The ‘Majestic’ Mavic has excellent performance in a compact body, clever folding design, light loading, and enjoy flying fun. Mavic Pro integrates DJI core technology, built-in 24 high-performance computing cores, 7 km HD image transmission, vision and ultrasonic environment perception system, 4K high-performance aerial camera and three-axis integrated mechanical gimbal. The high-performance battery is equipped to support long Up to 27 minutes of battery life. Just push the joystick or tap the phone screen to reach farther landscapes and explore different worlds.
Like Karma, the Mavic Pro, which sells for $ 999 (RMB 6,499), is based on portability. Its wings and propellers can be incorporated into the aircraft side, and it looks like a long small shoe box when carried. Obviously today’s drone manufacturers have realized that not everyone is willing to go out and take large boxes or bags to shoot. Under the premise of making the product small, how to ensure the level of experience has become a difficult problem for various companies to overcome.
During the test flight of the Mavic Pro, I actually saw many shadows of the Phantom series. This new aircraft responds quickly and is very sensitive to fly. Especially when the sport mode is turned on, the maximum speed can reach 40 miles per hour (about 65 kilometers per hour, only slightly slower than Phantom 4). In addition to the aircraft, DJI also made the supporting controller into a folding type. Its effective range can reach 4.3 miles (about 6.9 kilometers), and it can display 1080p pictures on the phone screen in real time through streaming. And like the Phantom product line, users can also use Facebook mobile, Periscope, YouTube or Sina Weibo live broadcast through mobile applications. What is certain is that the image seen by the remote control mobile phone has almost no delay.
It is worth mentioning that you can fly alone through the controller or mobile phone, or you can use both sides together. However, if you want special features such as ActiveTrack, Gesture, or TapFly, you still need a mobile phone (APP app) to enable it. The first two of them didn’t seem to perform well in the process of hands-on play, and they still need to be polished in terms of human recognition.
After turning on active tracking to lock someone, Mavic Pro will automatically follow. At this time, the user can also control the aircraft on the screen to achieve the effect of hovering shooting. The so-called gesture mode is actually using the self-timer. When the device is following you, as long as you compare the action of a camera in front of it, the drone will start to count down. However, in the state of holding the controller, it is not easy to make this action. If you want to take a photo that looks natural without something on your hands, it will take a certain amount of practice. And it’s very strange that Mavic Pro doesn’t seem to support taking selfie photos during video recording. Such a lack is honestly a pity.

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