Traxxas X Maxx Motor, Remote Control Parts, Jconcepts Slash Body

Guangdong pine fruit forest model’s brand flying over the new 1/12 six-drive brushless high-speed climbing remote control car, started in JD crowdfunding! Let more people witness technology and innovative products, 1/12 full-scale six-wheel drive, and 2.4G remote control device. This is a crystallization of wisdom and technology. The remote control model car has the same mechanical principles and control characteristics as the real car. RTR products, play now! Let more people understand the RC remote control model culture. This product adopts metal gear differential, independent suspension + rear straight axle structure, brushless electronic equipment speed 60 km / h, can conquer any road, without fear of any terrain.
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URL:Hobbywing released the optional titanium shaft rotor (model: V10 G3-Rotor-Φ5-12.3 / 12.5-T) special Jconcepts Slash Body ly designed for the competition-level motor V10 G3.
This titanium shaft rotor specially designed for flat road carpet races has been tested by top drivers. It has extremely linear head performance in the carpet race in conjunction with the Hobbywing XR10 Pro ESC program, and the throttle controllability in the bend is obvious Ascent, especially on small carpeted areas and outdoor areas with low grip, can easily make a faster average lap speed. The use of special titanium alloy material makes the rotor lighter, and the speed-up force in the middle tail section is also very obvious. It is definitely a necessary upgrade for the Modified group of carpet competition.
KKPIT launches HV-1323-BLADE Remote Control Parts -MI, 1323 blade magnetic induction high voltage digital se Traxxas X Maxx Motor rvo. The new blade magnetic induction is based on the phantom of the blade, continues the superior performance and incorporates new magnetic coding technology, which has the characteristics of high precision, high resolution and precise stroke. It is equipped with a high-performance movement and an excellent electromagnetic chip. It adopts a metal CNC case and superb engraving technology, which is suitable for various racing and entertainment remote control cars. Support 4.8-9V input voltage, 0.09S / 60 degrees, (7.4V) high performance parameters.

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