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Today, with the popularity of brushless motors, Reed Feiyue Fy03H y has Duratrax Warhead Parts finally launched competition-grade brushless motors. Compared to other manufacturers, Reedy only launched brushless products three years later. But keep in mind that Reedy’s motor development technology and product performance are world-renowned. At the end of the 80s and early 1990s, Reedy Motors won multiple world championship titles. Reedy ’s Sonic competition-grade brushless motors use a lightweight motor housing, high-efficiency heat dissipation design, dual bearings, adjustable timing, and a variety of rotors for players to choose from to adapt to different venues. Regulations can be used for major events.


Lightweight designOptimized air flowDual precision ball bearingsHigh-strength balanced sintered rotorAdjustable timingCompletely rebuildableCompetition proven200mm sensor wireSensored or sensorless operationBuilt to ROAR / EFRA / IFMAR specs


Cells : 2S LiPo, 6-cell NiMHDiameter: 35.8mmLength: 52.9mmShaft Diameter: 3.17mmWeight: 175-185gThe RX8 1/8 flat road car using this aluminum anti-roll bar will not affect the setting of the anti-roll bar when adjusting the dow Trx 4 Blazer nstop, and the wheelbase can also be adjusted.
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The aluminum front anti-roll bar for the XRAY RX8 allows you to adjust the anti-roll bar independently from downstop, so that the downstop setting does not influence the performance of the anti-roll bar and vice versa. An added feature of this set is that you can also adjust the wheelbase. The anti-roll bar moves together with the front arm, and wheelbase adjustment shims can be added either in front of the anti-roll bar (to shorten the wheelbase) or behind the arm (to lengthen the wheelbase).
# 342401 Downstop Independent Alu Front Anti-Roll Bar
• Alu front anti- roll bar for XRAY RX8
• Independent adjustment of anti-roll bar vs. downstop
• Easy wheelbase adjustment
• CNC-machined
• Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum

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