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Since the release of the world’s first 1/12 scale 4WD engine racing truck, CRT.5 Truggy has broken through Tozo Rc Car the non-durability and sense of speed of small cars in the past Rc Truck Accessories , and has been highly respected by consumers around the world. Hongnuo’s design team, based on the development of alternative mainstream suspension systems, developed a complete vehicle with a ‘spherical steering’ as the main suspension steering mechanism-CRT.5-PBS RTR version.
In addition, Hongnuo also provides TMS-30 ball steering suspension modification kit for users who already have CRT.5 PRO and RTR versions.
● New design ultra-small front and rear gearbox.
● New design small differential group.
● Super lightweight abrasion resistant aluminum alloy differential gear.
● Ultra-rigid and ultra-wear-resistant umbrella teeth.
● New front wheel ball steering suspension system with dust cover.
● New style bold front hem arm.
● The new flying wing type front upper swing arm.
● New small front bumper design.
● Equipped with front wheel coupling drive shaft.
● Side lying standard front wheel steering servo can reduce the center of gravity.
● CNC-7075 T6 aluminum alloy porous front hydraulic frame (hard surface treatment).
● CNC-7075 T6 aluminum alloy porous frame after hydraulic position (hard surface treatment).
● 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum, 3mm front / rear swing arm mount (hard surface treatment).
● 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum 3mm, 2.5 degree to 3 degree adjustable rear wheel projection board (hard surface
● Thick 3mm aerospace aluminum chassis (hard surface treatment).
● Use 4mm steel differential cross shaft.
● CNC lathe manufactures large central steel straight teeth.
● Design of central and front disc brake system.
● Long-stroke geometric design of front and rear swing arms for maximum performance.
● The rear wheel tilt angle can be adjusted from 22 to 24 degrees.
● Newly improved aluminum alloy second floor (black anodized) for ‘standard servo’.
● 10mm large capacity plastic shock absorber.
● Eccentric shaft design brake system device.
● New buffer group with upper adjustment spring.
● Adjustable ‘Agerman’ angle geometric design.
● The front and rear wheels are made of high-rigid forward and reverse teeth, making it easy to adjust the negative inclination.
● Adjustable 2mm balance bar for front and rear wheels.
● Competition-grade 3-plate clutch set.
● CNC lathe manufacturing, high-steel 13T clutch cover.
● New design 2.2-inch lightweight disc-shaped wheel frame.
● The new 2.2-inch high-capacity tire.
● 1/10 uses a standard 75CC fuel tank.
● Double-layer high-flow sponge air filter.
● HN-X12 Pull rear engine.
● Exhaust pipe for the new 12-stage rear engine.
● High-downforce fixed airfoil for new Mini Truggy.
● The new streamline line completely cuts the truck shell (white spray paint, with two different color stickers to choose from).

Full length: 364mm
Full height: 140mm
Full width: 285mm
Wheelbase: 242 ~ 245mm
Total weight: 1960g
Groove : 11.498: 1
Ground clearance height Trx4 Bronco Upgrades : 45mm
Engine: 12 ~ 18 Class
This CRT.5-PBS RTR 1/12 scale racing cargo card is 100% complete. It also comes with Hongnuo X-12 level rear hand engine and HN remote control. HN is now accepting reservation orders and shipping 25 days after accepting the order.

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