Tyco Fast Traxx, 17Mm Rc Monster Truck Wheels, Traxxas Slash Wheels And Tires

Capo has suspended new car resea Traxxas Slash Wheels And Tires r 17Mm Rc Monster Truck Wheels ch and developme Tyco Fast Traxx nt plans in 2019. Regrettably, the continuously updated OP function and appearance upgrade of SIXER1 will inject more personalization and highlights into the vehicle. What will this classic 90s model of the samurai look like under the modified design of CapoCustom? Stay tuned.
Metal brace for hood
SIXER1 Bracket for hood, aluminum alloy and stainless steel structure. Built-in spring damping.
Remote control engine pulley kit can be connected to the independent channel or connected to the neutral position of the gear shift channel to realize remote control of opening and closing. The main body includes: a magnesium alloy casting process simulation generator, a double belt, a drive circuit, a motor, and a pulley set.
A metal kit modified A kit, front bar / tail bar /
oversized, the bumper body is carved from a large 6061 aluminum alloy cnc. The ground clearance of the front bar is increased by 9mm.
A multifunctional spare tire frame A Full 6061 aluminum alloy CNC process, super large area carving, equipped with quick release switch, spare tire frame, and outdoor oil barrel frame. Support third-party soldier model oil drum props.
Metal bullpen anti-collision Miniaturized American retro anti-collision, simple and lightweight.
Simulation interior set of engine compartment periphery
Perfect restoration of details in engine compartment, using industrial-grade 3D printing, you need to color by yourself.
Simulated lens + daytime running light modified headlights
All aluminum alloy CNC process for lamp cup, lampshade and lamp holder is carved, equipped with large lens, and remote control circuit for light.
No. 06 steering servo arm
25T steering gear, double-strength arm reinforcement structure, aluminum alloy CNC process.
Trailer hook for rear sports car
CNC latch and stainless steel trailer ball head, used for towing various trailers and decoration.

Capo Samurai SIXER1 hood metal brace video

T.O.P. Racing launches new products. The first is an anti-roll bar kit suitable for Sabre FD and FD2 1/10 front-drive electric RVs. It is compatible with current Photon and Photon EX anti-roll bars. The second new product is a remote control bag suitable for Spektrum DX3R remote control. It is lined with a protective sponge that is cut according to the shape of the remote control, and has a receiver storage space. Black appearance with hand pump for easy carrying. TC-SSBS02
Front Stabilizer Bar Set 1.2mm (1 set)
For Sabre FD2

Stabilizer Bar Set 1.2mm ( 1 set)
For Sabre FD (Front / Rear)
For Sabre FD2 (Rear)

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