Typhon Rc Car, Zd Racing, 1 10 Scale Rock Crawler

Tamiya Lancia 037 on an Alpine Rally, produced by Matteo ‘s RC Movies. TA02-S short wheelbase 1 10 Scale Rock Crawler frame. This 1/10 electric remote control car uses Group B’s classic Lancia shell. On the WRC field, Rally 037 It is the last rear-wheel drive car to truly beat the four-wheel drive opponents. In the 12 race Zd Racing s of the 1983 season, Rally 037 won 5 times, and finally won the annual manufacturer’s championship for Lancia Lancia; at the same time in Rally Typhon Rc Car 037 You can also see a lot of new materials, the doors, fenders and hood are made of Kevlar fiber. These materials were very small at the time and costly. Tamiya restored this classic rally car When it comes to remote control cars, high simulation and extreme detail completion, huge front and rear spoilers, rearview mirrors, wipers and riders all appear in remote control cars.MuchMore launches a setting board with LED light source. The LED light source is installed at the bottom of the entire setting board, which can effectively illuminate the surface of the board. Power 12W, weight 2200 grams. Available this month.


Size 480 x 360 x 12mm
Weight: 2,200g
Input Voltage: DC12v ~ 13.8v
Power Consumption: 12 watts
Light Source: LED
Rated Life: 50,000times
Temperature Range: 0 ~ 40C
Acrylic material: Board
Carrying bag material: Oxford, nylon, PVC

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