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Xray will launch the XB4 2WD mid- Rc Car Online Store motor electric off Rc Remote Control Car -road vehicle. Based on the XB4 4WD frame research and development, 2WD new cars have 95% parts and 4WD common. With split batteries, the weight distribution of the frame is optimized for walking on dirt, carpet and grass tracks. Xray’s proud Multi-Flex (Adjustable Torque Technology) is also used in the new XB4 2WD car. The ISS suspension, aluminum large-capacity shock absorber, strong limited slip differential, and high downforce DMX shell are all Appears on a new car.
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– CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 alu backbone
– Precision-engineered composite chassis plate
– Top deck comprised of graphite top deck and alu front brace connected via bushing
– Front, center, and rear drivetrain bulkheads keyed to composite frame
– Integrated 25 ° front pre-angle
– Well-designed layout for optimum weight distribution and balance
– Composite battery straps
– CNC-machined shock towers made from premium-grade 3.0mm thick graphite material
– Optional weight mounting positions
– ISS suspension holders
– Complete set of CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 alu eccentric bushings included
– Wheelbase adjustment for frontward / rearward weight balance adjustment, or wheelbase shortening / lengthening < br> – Anti-roll bars made of special spring steel, interchangeable between front \u0026 amp; rear
– Shaft-driven 2WD drivetrain with 1: 2.5 interna l ratio
– Adjustable central slipper clutch
– CVDs made from Hudy Spring Steel
– CVD assembly features composite safety collars
– Lightweight aluminium 14mm wheel hex drive hubs
– Super-smooth, super -light maintenance-free composite gear differential is ideal in most types of tracks
– Super-lightweight diff outdrives
– Big-bore, membrane-less shock absorbers
– SLP aluminum shocks have been shortened by more than 7mm to provide maximum stability un Ultra Sensing Transformer Rc Car der all track conditions
– DMX high-performance, low-profile aerodynamic body
– Stylish, effective rear wing made from strong Lexan

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