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Associated h Rc Truggy as launched a new upgrade for its 1/8 remote control car. The new differential kit provides a new g Rc Traxxas Slash 4X4 ear ratio for smoother power output, suitable for RC8, RC8.2, RC8.2e, SC8, and SC8.2e kits or RTRs. The second upgrade is an integrated drive shaft sleeve, suitable for For RC8, RC8.2, RC8.2e, RC8T, SC8, and SC8.2e kits or RTRs. Welcome to the AE brand zone to participate in the discussion,-\u0026 gt; Click here to enter
In May this year, Traxxas launched the track-driven all-terrain kit TRX-4 All-Terrain Traxx and launched the new all-terrain brand name Traxx ™. The TRX-4 door bridge height has been increased by 16mm after using this factory-pre-installed kit , Increased the suspension of various angles, greatly improved off-road passing ability, whether it is mud, sand or snow, can get a strong grip. The track mechanism has built-in hydraulic suspension, low-maintenance, long-acting sealed bearings, and a one-piece rubber surface, which can travel all day. In addition to a separate Traxx kit, Traxxas also launched a complete vehicle product. This track has recently provided an unpacking video, please enjoy it.
Kyosho Kyosho launched the Inferno MP9e Evo 1/8 electric off-road vehicle (Buggy), which is based on the oil-powered version of Used Rc Cars On Craigslist the MP9 and is a race-level product. The floor of the MP9e EVO has been re-arranged, and the center of gravity of the frame is moved forward by using the component forward method. The steering gear, receiver box, and electronic transmission are installed closer to the front of the vehicle, and the heavy-weight motor is set to medium. Home. The battery box is designed on the right side, and a counterweight space is reserved on the left side of the frame. The electric version of the MP9e uses a newly designed car shell. Kyosho has not announced a specific launch date, product number 34105B.

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