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Spektrum’s new DX3S represents the latest technology in the remote control industry. Its biggest feature is tha Dromida Rc Car t it can see t Vintage Rc Cars For Sale he data of the sensors installed on the car on the remote control through the two-way transmission of signals. This function is very meaningful for both novices and novices. It can detect engine speed, motor temperature, and so on. Moreover, no additional equipment is required on the remote control, and all data can be clearly displayed on the large screen.

Key Features

* Integrated telemetry with graphically depicted gauges on transmitter
* Monitor your engine or motor’s operating temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
* Never let a low battery stop you in your tracks – the DX3S and integrated telemetry lets you watch over your receiver pack’s voltage to keep you in the running
* K Vaterra Rc Cars eep tabs on your engine’s operating range-safe high-rev operation
* Includes SR3300T 3- channel receiver with built-in telemetry
* Includes free bonus SR300 3-channel DSM sport receiver
* Rolling selector user interface for fast, easy programming and setup
* 10-model memory
* 10- character model naming
* 3 grip sizes (small, medium, large)
* ModelMatch
* Expert and standard modes
* Digital trims
* Throttle Punch
* Steering dual rate < br> * Travel adjust
* Servo reverse
* Sub trims
* Exponential
* 3-timer functions
* Aux channel mixing
* Telemetry alerts
* Buzzer adjustments- h igh, low \u0026 amp; off
* Screen contrast
* Transmitter battery alert
* Right hand configuration (only)

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