Vaterra Twin Hammers, Traxxas Slash 4Wd, Rc Bugatti

Not long ago we conducted a static review of the new VP door and bridge. Today we bring you a follow-up dynamic review and some tuning ideas.
First we assembled the door and bridge on the frame. Front view.
Tail view.
Side conditions, we found that the beam seems to be raised in the case of default assembly.
We will install a car shell for further verification.
What is the deformation of the raised gap? We first thought of larger tires.
Assembly for verification
So if the player is not in an environment that requires large tires, what adjustments can be made?
First of all, the simplest is to reduce the travel of the suspension. At the same time, it can also make some minor adjustments, such as changing the original damping hole position, parallel to the pull-down rod ass Rc Bugatti embly method to compensate for the increased clearance.
If you continue to adjust the depth, we can ex Traxxas Slash 4Wd tend from the fixed point on the suspension, which is the idea of ​​tuning from the previous article.
After the adjustment is complete, we can verify that the vehicle body height has been reduced.
But at the same time, due to the rise of the bridge position, the interference of the thrust rod becomes more tense, so it can be replaced with the optional scheme of the gate and bridge. The steering gear is on the bridge and is completed with a pure 4Link scheme. Tuning kit for the reduction gears at the door
The lower reduction ratio is applied to the front wheels to achieve a fixed value of the ratio cutoff performance. The Rear Dig mechanical cutoff solution we mentioned in the previous models is actually 100 The percentage value of the value is cut off. The VP’s adjustment idea is to increase the front wheel speed. Relatively speaking, it is the same as reducing the rear wheel speed. When the rear wheel speed is 0, the Rear Dig efficiency is achieved.
Below you can take a look at the recorded evaluation video, which includes demonstrations of various characteristics of the door and bridge and some performance verifications.
The Tamiya tricycle mixes the characteristics of a four-wheeler and a two-wheeler, but the rear wheels do not lean w Vaterra Twin Hammers ith the body like a two-wheeler, so when cornering, you must reduce a lot of speed to get through the curve, so you have to be high speed Flexible cornering must have a greater inclination.
My way is to draw a servo arm that increases to 22mm fixed hole on one side. The original distance is 15mm.
You can use 3D printing or find the material available at hand. DIY
After increasing the length, The distance of the tie rods has also been changed. The tie rods of the 1/10 RV can be used for modification, and the rigidity has been increased. So even if you use a cheap steering gear, you can also get a fast steering response, but the disadvantage is that the maximum stroke will be limited by the ball head. The head will get stuck. If it does n’t get stuck, it should still have about 10% inclination to use, but this shortcoming can be ignored for the time being. This kind of stroke is currently enough for testing. The lever part can be made as a single lever or a double lever. Yes
After reaching a large inclination, there will be several problems
1. The lower end of the front shock will grind the ground
2. The bottom of the car shell will grind the ground
3.The car shell pillar will grind the ground < br> 4. The front edge of the lower end of the battery cover will be abraded
The above all need to be cut and corrected
If you have a friend of kyosho 1/8 motorcycle, you can also change the front wheel to play and put the front suspension Reverse, 1mm pads on the left and right can be used. After reversing, the center point of the front wheel axle is changed, so the wheelbase is longer and more Some squares, so even if the front wheel diameter of the kyosho 1/8 motorcycle is large, it will only increase the front by about 2mm, which will not affect the center of gravity excessively. The longer wheelbase has better stability. The disadvantage is that the wheelbase will be longer, which will be larger than the turning radius of small wheels.
* Please note that if you use the front wheel of kyosho 1/8 motorcycle, remember not to add original Counterweight, otherwise the inertia effect of the front wheel will raise the rear wheel and turn the dog into a peeing posture.
When the original small wheel is installed
When the kyosho 1/8 motorcycle front wheel is installed
This tricycle is also like the entry product of Tamiya in the past. It has many virtual positions, such as the front and rear joints, the gap between the front wheel and the front suspension, and the gap between the triangle table and the faucet. If you want to make the car more accurate, you can Use 6mm, 5mm, 3mm clearance pads to handle
The following is a test after these basic modifications have been made. The motor is 2430-5300kv
2 rounds, 3 rounds of same play

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