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Another model company was established, named Revolution Design Racing Products, or RDRP for short. This company was initiated by Sven Rudig and former Robitronic, Serpent and Team Durango designer Michael Vollmer. Sven Rudig is also the owner of Vampire Racing. He also recently founded Pulse RC, which is believed to be for product line segmentation, so a different one is set up. New model company.
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The main business of Revolution Design Racing Products will be professional RC remote control model tools and accessories, different from some current tool brands, RDRP products are all designed by themselves The development and design department is located in Germany. In Exo Terra Buggy For Sale addition to providing high-precision products, RDRP claims that the products will still be fun and the prices will be very co Proline Rc Parts mpetitive. Let us wait and see for the launch of RDRP products!

The other largest booths at the show are Tamiya and Carson. Tamiya introduced the DB01 off-road vehicle and the limited edition of the DT-02MS rear-drive off-road vehicle. There is also a rear-drive SUV of the TamTech series. The most notable was the display of a real Porsche 911GT3 (to promote TAMIYA’s RC version, TT01 RTR).

Carson has a simulation kart of 1 to 4.5. This 2WD car is still in the prototype stage, with a 2.1cc engine, it should be an RTR version. But the strange thing is that it is not worthy of a driving puppet.
There is also a 4.58cc four-wheel drive vehicle called CNB buggy. The size looks a bit weird, but it is equipped with two speeds, which is larger than the usual 1 to 8, and it is stronger and faster.
There is also the world’s smallest 2.4Ghz receiver, which looks really small.

Carson Vaterra V100 Upgrades also unveiled a new series of brushless Shooter, like looks good, including mini brushless system.

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