Venom Rc Batteries, Hobby Cars, Traxxas Trx 4 Parts

Xra Traxxas Trx 4 Parts y 808 aluminum alloy C Hobby Cars aster seat, 7075 T6 Swiss aluminum made! Able to withstand extreme environments and lightweight, the suspension system can be more sensitive. With XB808 kick-up10 °, you can get a total of 20 degrees Caster angle! Initial response to Venom Rc Batteries effectively lift the frame into the corner
352216 XB808 Alu Caster Block 10 ° Right-Swiss 7075 T6
352226 XB808 Alu Caster Block 10 ° Left-Swiss 7075 T6SkyRC Shenzhen Sky Innovation Technology introduced S60 multi-chemistry charger (100-240V AC input). 60W charging output (up to 6A output), providing a variety of charging procedures including independent high-voltage settings. Designed for the new generation of LiPo batteries. Multiple safety protection modes, including capacity control and current limit, with backlit display and four operation buttons. Supports many types of batteries, including NiMH, LiPO, Li-Fe, Li-lon, PB, etc. The original Charge Master software can be used for monitoring and firmware upgrade.

A US company called Murfdogg launched the Physco 1/10 2WD Short Card. Designed for high-grip tracks, such as clay and artificial turf pavements, center-mounted motors, 3mm and 3.5mm soleplates, hydraulic mounts, and battery components. VTS limited-slip differential, full-vehicle ceramic bearings, Pro-Line and DE Racing wheels, and Pro-Line Evo housings are all included in the product. It is believed that this short card from Murfdogg belongs to a niche product and the output is not much. Murfdogg had launched brushless motors and lithium batteries before launching the entire vehicle.

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