Wltoys A959B, Axial Parts, Traxxas Short Course Truck

Easy control model launched YK4081PRO 1/8 Traxxas Short Course Truck simu Axial Parts lation c Wltoys A959B limbing vehicle. The front and rear axles and steering seats, the rear axle seat adopts an independent style, and four-wheel sand plates are added. Door-type front and rear hard bridge connection, with ultra-high passability. The front and rear differentials adopt mechanical differential locks, which can be locked and separated by remote control at any time. Sex, whether it is off-road mode or harsh climbing sections, it will bring a new driving control experience. The car shell is available in 5 colors, blue, orange, green, gray and military green tarpaulin versions.
YK4081PRO remote control lock differential uses two 17g servos to control the front and rear differentials. The front / rear differential can be easily locked and unlocked at any time through the remote control, which has high reliability and meets different driving needs. Unlock the differential while driving for smoother steering and a smaller turning radius. When the field becomes difficult and difficult to pass, only the rear differential or the front differential is locked to allow the tires to obtain a reasonable power distribution, and to make the vehicle out of trouble in a timely manner.
The two-speed gearbox is equipped with an overload protection function.
The unique two-speed gearbox achieves a high gear ratio of 1:15 and a low gear ratio of 1:37. The high and low speed can be switched at will. The dual friction disc sliding clutch provides extra protection for climbing vehicles under extreme conditions, preventing damage to gears and motors, and a large torque custom motor provides smooth and strong forward power, greatly reducing the possibility of rollover / shake. The stable motor locking method is professional and ubiquitous. The motor base is adjustable. According to actual needs, the motor teeth can be easily and quickly replaced at any time. The adjustable range of motor teeth is 16T-20T.
Gate and Bridge Structure
Gate and bridge design provides higher ground clearance and passing performance. The gears connected on both sides of the door bridge reduce speed, greatly reducing unnecessary torque loss. Front and rear axles, steering seats, and independent rear axle seats. The steering damping design can better protect the steering gear and bring smoother steering feel. The steering angle can reach 45.8 °.
Electronic equipment with stable and efficient performance
YK4101PRO is equipped with Haoying 60A climbing special ESC, special 750 black leather motor for climbing car, 15KG all-metal gear steering gear × 1,17G steering gear × 3, 2.4G 6 Channel remote control.
Aluminum alloy built-in spring shock absorber / dustproof tube This unique design shock absorber spring is built in. The aluminum alloy cylinder has a simple and realistic appearance and provides smooth damping. The thick cylinder body and shaft center not only have a stronger impact resistance, but also avoid dust, mud and underwater grass ropes entangled with the shock absorber, and it is easier to clean and care.
Quick release car case, battery box
Farewell to traditional bolts, rotating quick release car case, with flip battery box, fast battery replacement, battery replacement can be completed within seconds, battery box size 160mm * 49mm * 26mm, with EVA sponge pad, different size batteries can be accommodated.
Hard aluminum alloy CNC beams
CNC5MM aluminum alloy beams, more robust and strong body, CNC aluminum alloy adjustable motor, aluminum alloy parts of the whole car are treated with high hardness 6061 anodizing.
Imported high precision seal Bearings
High-strength precision powder metallurgy gears and stainless steel hard shafts
Tire wheel frames
Removable tire combination, which can be replaced repeatedly. Wheel frame size 39x75mm, H12mm; Tire size: 49x134mm

Compare YK4081 and YK4101

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