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Yokomo launched the new YZ-2DTM Ryan Maifield version of the 2WD 1/10 electric off-road vehicle, which is a competition-grade off-road vehicle developed by world champion Ryan Maifield. Developed on the basis of the ‘dirt specific’ YZ-2DT frame, a low lying center-of-gravity transmission system is specially designed f Rastar Rc Cars or carpets and high-grip tracks. The new DTM has also been replaced with a new tail oil pressure bracket, and the height-adjustable tail Hub has also been used. The product includes the JConcepts S2 shell and rear wing. This version of the new car is the first special edition product jointly developed after Ryan Maifield joined Yokomo in January 2017.
VBC Racing launches the new generation 1/10 electric flat road car (Pro 10) Lightning10M-235 Pro10. The new car design uses the advantages of the same factory’s Lightning12M and LightningFXM chassis. The 235mm width frame is narrower than previous products and supports the use of multiple types of batteries and battery placement. ‘True Big Bore’ TBB large-capacity shock absorbers, lightweight carbon fiber components, and reinforced steel rear axles all appear in the product, product number D-05-VBC-CK28. 1/10 electric flat road cars (Pro 10) currently It is a non-mainstream race car, and its main users are still concentrated in Japan and North America.
In April this year, Xpress is testing a 1/10 High Torque Steering Servo Execute XQ1 electric RV, and today Xpress officially announced the details of the new car. The ca Wltoys Cross Country rbon fiber bottom plate and the second floor are equipped with a one-piece wave box seat, which can reduce unnecessary twisting of the frame; the anti-roll bar with bearings makes the operation smoother; the lower-position shock absorber can greatly improve the car’s walking stability Sex. One year ago, this Hong Kong-based brand announced the return and launched M car products, which were also welcomed after the product was launched. It can be said that Xpress is a successful return. With the listing of 1/10 standard electrical housing, Xpress’s product line will be Further enriched. Product number XP-90003.

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