Wpl C24 Upgrades, Traxxas Slash 2Wd Parts, Stampede Rc Body

FID Racing Stampede Rc Body has launched a Traxxas Slash 2Wd Parts 4S version of a 1/5 petrol car remote control start system, suitable for engines below 36CC. Installable models Wpl C24 Upgrades include LOSI 5IVE-T, LOSI DB XL, HPI series 1/5 gasoline cars, and domestic series 1/5 BAJA gasoline cars. Support most of the remote control on the market, FS series, FUTABA series, DX series and SANWA series. If you use the third channel control, please make sure that the third channel of the remote control has a neutral position. This product works by the combination of variable speed gears and timing belts, with 775 high-speed motors and electronic governors (ESCs) to achieve remote start; at the same time, it has a remote flameout device to achieve remote ignition and flameout. Free the player’s hands, no need to change the hand again, the remote control starts and stops the gasoline remote control car.
The ESC parameters of the new product updates in 2018 are as follows:
1. Integrate the automatic flameout device in the ESC
2. The most important point is the automatic start-stop device, which starts the engine for the first time When the motor is switched to 3S, the ESC will automatically cut off the power supply to stop the motor. If the engine is not started, you can toggle the switch again and the starter will start for the second time. The new 4S ESC can meet the starting requirements of most high horsepower and high power engines. The power supply of the ESC is driven by two groups of receiving batteries, and the other group is connected to the ESC with a power supply logo to the receiver, so as to achieve 4S remote control start and flameout.
The new updated 2018 mechanical devices are as follows:
1. Added bearing plate fixing method, adjusted transmission clearance and newly added bearing to stabilize the second gear speed reduction and large tooth fixation
2. The whole shell 3 piece set was replaced with engineering modified nylon, which has better Rigidity and high temperature resistance

Mugen Seiki (Japan Unlimited) introduces the new MBX7TR oil-powered and MBX7TR Eco electric Truggy (off-road truck). 1/8 race products, suspension, steering, transmission and other components have been upgraded to improve walking performance. Among them, the MBX7TR is replaced with a new 16mm front and rear shock absorbers (A7075 aluminum oil pressure frame 5mm front and 4mm rear). The new shock absorbers use 1.4mm suspension springs, which can reduce frame rolling, increase grip and improve jumping performance, You can also get excellent stable walking performance on pothole tracks. With the new 3mm A7075 reinforced floor, the frame is stronger and the overall control feel more accurate. The new steering assembly and upgraded E2316 servo protector spring make steering smoother. The transmission uses the new integrated front and rear drive shafts, 46T lightweight gears and E0710 clutches to reduce drag and improve transmission efficiency. Both Mugen’s new cars are available as Kits.
E2019 MBX7TR Nitro race truck
E2020 MBX7TR Eco Electric race truck

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