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About Waterproof Rc Cars 10 to 5 years ago, Guangdong and Shanghai both had a group of Fans of Tamiya F1 series frames. This series of frames are narrow, highly sensitive, and have a beautiful walking posture. The control method needs to be soft and full of control. Famous for unique fun. After the call room keeps heating up, the race with the main purpose of racing is held continuously, Tamiya’s F1 series is playing less and less. Tamiya’s previous F103 frame believes that there are still many domestic players with collections. Following the global success of F103, Tamiya launched the F104 Pro. The aerodynamic components at the front and rear are very real. ), Because the official information is now published in Japanese, the metal parts should be made of TRF to see the photos, let’s look forward to the listing of this F104 Pro, Rc Pinion Gear I hope that in addition to the r X Maxx Parts acing events in China, some special models will be restored competition.

Item No: 584311/10 Electric RC カ ー シ リ ー ズ No. 431F104 PRO (personal pay) ● F104 PRO (w / BODY) June 20th [Soil], 26,040 価 (Main unit grid 24,800 円) (470 × 218 × 130mm)

Source: Tamiya [tamiya.com] \u0026 amp; redrc.net

Ok, so we are not claiming to have the first pictures of the O’Donnell buggy but that these pictures we have here are the first of the buggy that Jared Tebo has helped develop along with the O’Donnell team. Whether this buggy would ever be finished has been questioned many times but now as you can see its near completion and R / C Car magazine have gotten the scoop and judging by the oversized watermark they have on all the photos, they are very proud of that fact and so they they should be. What you can see of the buggy, underneath the watermark, is a very refined and nicely finished buggy with C-hubs, front and rear, very beefy suspension arms and gold anodised machined shock towers, it looks good.

Hit more to see the full picture set…

Source: R / C Car Magazine [rc-car.com]

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