Xinlehong 9125, 200 Mph Rc Car, Epochair Remote Control Car

Tamiya (Tamiya) launched the Mini Cooper S 2006 version elec Epochair Remote Control Car tric RV, the frame is an entry-level design, the shell has a hig 200 Mph Rc Car h degree of fid Xinlehong 9125 elity, I believe many Mini Cooper fans will like this product!

In the May 2016 issue, ‘Model World • Remote Control Technology’ was launched. The contents of this issue of the magazine are exciting, including the latest aeromodelling and car modelling articles, and of course our RCFans column article. Friends who have ordered this magazine, the magazine society has recently arranged to issue a magazine. Welcome to order, please call 010-65515202 and inform you from RCFans! The fans who bought the magazine are welcome to contact us at 010-65515202 if you have any questions.
American Pro-Line launches new Hyrax 1.9 ″ G8 rock terrain climbing remote control car tires, which are specially designed for rugged rocky roads to provide good grip. The tread pattern and studs use both the overall performance and each The tire nails also have the small-area grip required for rock climbing remote control cars. The tire sidewall uses a more detailed structure to improve the vehicle’s lateral crawling ability. Made of G8 materials, it has better forward stability. Size: height 120mm, width 45mm. Product number 10128-14.
Yokomo announced the launch of the BD7-2014 electric RV at the end of last month. In order to allow older BD-7 owners to experience the new 2014 performance, Yokomo has launched a corresponding upgrade conversion kit. The kit includes a carbon fiber floor and second floor, a newly designed motor mount, a new central pulley, steering components, and more. The BD-7 will be upgraded to the latest model of 2014. The upgrade kit uses blue electroplated aluminum parts and will be available this month.
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