Xmaxx 8S, Tamiya Rc Kits, Jconcepts Drag Car

Kyosho launched tw Jconcepts Drag Car o upgraded differential kits for MP9 Tamiya Rc Kits TKI series models.
The first product includes a bevel gear with 7075 aluminum reinforced front and rear differentials to reduce weight and extend maintenance intervals. It is suitable for MP9 and Inferno GT3 series models.
The second product is suitable for MP9 / MP9e models. The central differential upgrade kit also reduces weight and extends maintenance intervals. Players / drivers can match large g Xmaxx 8S ears with 46T / 47T / 48T teeth to find the appropriate gear ratio. Product number IF495.

Serpent has launched two painted car shells for the Spyder MM 2WD mid-motor electric off-road vehicle. The first is to finish all painting before leaving the factory, including the Serpent representative colors orange, silver, black and white; the other half-painted body color includes silver, white, black and reserved colors for players to like Spray on the car shell. This type of car shell products can reduce the player’s painting burden and invest in playing cars and competitions as soon as possible.
170336 Body Spyder 2wd MM 1/10 semi-painted
170337 Body Spyder 2wd MM 1/10 sprayed

I haven’t heard from the Ninja brand for some time. Mugen Seiki has announced that the Ninja JXB02 buggy (off-road vehicle) engine will be launched soon. JXB02 features include a low center-of-gravity cooling roof, which is 8mm lower than the old B01A engine cooling roof. The new long piston and sleeve, the newly designed disk top, the black-looking case and carburetor, and the crankshaft treated with DLC mean that this is a high-performance off-road vehicle engine!

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