Xmaxx 8S Upgrades, Slash 4X4 Driveshaft, Traxxas Nitro Trucks

It is expected that the Traxxas TRX-4 simulation climbing vehicle will be officially released in mid-May, and Traxxas announced more information about the new vehicle. TRX-4 uses more new designs and more powerful performance, which has changed the shortcomings of previous climbing car products. I believe this new car will definitely be hot, and this summer will bring you unlimited fun. It is priced at $ 479.99 in the United States.

TRX-4 will have greater ground clearance, thanks to the portal axle set and larger diameter tires. Because of the gate bridge design, it can greatly reduce the torque problem caused by unnecessary torque. In addition, the 550 motor can provide more direct and powerful power output. Thanks to the design of the door bridge and the frame, the TRX-4’s central drive shaft has more free movement space, and the mounting position of the suspension link is higher, which means that the frame has more With more departure angles, climbing and off-road performance will be better. The stiffer trapezoidal steel frame makes the girder and suspension more rigid. Players will experience unprecedented rigidity and precision control, especially On complex racing surfaces, the TRX-4 advantage will be fully displayed. A remote lockable different Traxxas Nitro Trucks ial lock will be standard on this Traxxas climbing car, allowing players to remotely lock the front / rear differential. Just operate from the remote control. The turning angle of 45 ° reduces the turning radius, plus the lockable differential, the turning radius of the TRX-4 will be very small. The gear ratio of high and low speed gearboxes can be Slash 4X4 Driveshaft switched only by the remote control switch. At low speeds, the car will have greater torque output Xmaxx 8S Upgrades and it will be easier to get out of sleep. At high speed gear ratios, the car will be faster. All metal gear digital servos are more durable and have more precise control. TRX-4 realizes the waterproofness of the whole car, which can walk in all weather and all terrain. Whether it is mud or snow, there is no need to worry about the electronic equipment and mechanical parts on the car. Highly simulated body and frame. The TRX-4 uses the Land Rover Defender (Land Rover Defender) car shell, including details such as the usable spare tires and the reserve fuel tank. In addition, the frame is also equipped with fenders, which not only simulate but also have actual protection. Innovative cruise function, just activate the cruise function on the TQi remote control, and you can control the speed of the vehicle through the knob. Very suitable for long-term rally climbing events (popular in North America).
The new XL-5 HV electronic transmission is compatible with 3S lithium battery, the throttle is more linear, smoother and smoother, specially designed for climbing remote control cars, including Hold mode, fast reverse Operations can better help players deal with the game. Using Traxxas 3S 5000mAh iD lithium battery, walking time is more than two hours.

Canyon Trail 1.9 tires have an optimized super-soft sponge inner tube, which provides excellent ground contact area on the rock surface. The new aluminum GTS suspension is specially designed for the TRX-4. It is super smooth, easy to set the height of the car, and has a real appearance. TRX-4 can meet the requirements of players throughout the day, strong 1.5mm steel frame, steel connecting rod, solid and reliable transmission shaft. Fully compatible with brushless steel door bridges and gearboxes, and runs quietly. TRX-4 was designed with weights in mind, and the front motor is designed to have better climbing performance. The entire vehicle uses sealed bearings and hex screws.

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