Xmaxx Body, Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer, Grave Digger Rc Body

Losi, a brand of American Horizon Models, launched the new Mini 8ight DB 1/14 4WD RTR electric desert off-road vehicle. Based on the classic mini 8ight chassis, straight axle four-wheel drive, aluminum base plate, metal gear differential. The new 8ight DB uses a more authentic car shell and all-terrain tires. In terms of power, Dynamite 3800kv brushless motor and Dynamite Mini 25A electronic transmission supporting 3S lithium battery can make the vehicle speed reach 45km / h. The remote control device is Spektrum STX2 with SRX200 two-channel waterproof receiver. Available in June. Part number LOS01009T2.

Serpent is about to launch a 1/8 GT oil-p Grave Digger Rc Body owered flat road remote control car. The new car is called Cobra GT. Designer and driver Billy Easton has tested the new car sev Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer eral times. The Cobra GT is developed based on the Cobra off-road vehicle platform of the same factory. Most parts are Xmaxx Body common to the Cobra off-road vehicle. This type of large-scale GT remote control car requires much lower road surface than 1/10 oil house and 1/8 oil moving flat road car. Although the acceleration performance is not as good as the competition-level remote control car, it is more entertaining. Now the GT races in Japan and North America are also popular, and a certain number of players have been reserved, so some remote control model brands have successively launched GT products.

Team Associated (AE) officially released the new RCB3.1 oil-powered and RC8B3.1e electric version of the 1/8 race-grade off-road vehicle. Based on the mature and combat-capable RC8 chassis, the transmission system is replaced with a H.T.C high-torque differential, which can increase the flow rate of the differential oil and ensure the differential performance more effectively during long-term competition. The front and rear 94mm CVA drive shafts make the suspension travel longer, and the weight-optimized 7075-T6 bottom plate improves the handling experience. The oil-powered version of the RCB3.1 uses a 4-propeller clutch, a 16mm large-capacity shock absorber, a factory team version of sealed bearings, and a Pro-Line Predator body.
The electric version of the RC8B3.1e Team Kit is more adaptable to different venues, 90% of the parts and the oil version are common. The electric version is 80936 and the oil version is 80935.

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