Xmaxx Motor, Remote Control Trucks 4X4, Rechargeable Remote Control Car

This Tamiya bag is specially designed for TamTech Gear, retro electric buggy. Can store the car, remote control and some accessories very well. The design is also very fashionable, Tamiya fans believe that you will not miss it.

Serial series Rechargeable Remote Control Car written by XRay boss and chief designer Juraj Hudy, and launched 25 and 26 issues of ‘Well Developed or Over Developed?’ and ‘At the end of the Worlds’. Juraj talked about the bitterness and joy of the development of the new tram platform.

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Robitronic has launched a remote control bag that allows your remote control to be placed in a protected environment. The lining is made of sponge and nylon. In addition to the remote control, the upper part of the remote control bag can also place small parts like batteries. Many manufacturers have launched this shape and design of the remote control package, but Rob Remote Control Trucks 4X4 itronic has made so Xmaxx Motor me small optimizations, and the price of this brand will not be very high.RPM introduced shock shaft guards for Associated (AE), suitable for SC10, T4, B4, GT2 remote control cars. The main function of this protector is to effectively protect the exposed part of the shock absorber core and reduce the damage of debris and mud dust on the shock core during walking. It is very convenient to use this shock protector only to replace the shock absorber of the original car.

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