Xmaxx Parts, Traxxas Slash Lcg Chassis, Radio Shack Golden Arrow

After months of research and development, VBC Racing has launched their next-generation racing-grade electric RV WildFire D10. The D10 frame is completely redesigned, using a number of revolutionary parts, and 80% of the vehicle ’s components have been Radio Shack Golden Arrow updated; including a carbon fiber base plate, adjustable aluminum car body pillars, IsoFlex (CIL) central twist link, and a new TBBS suspension and brand new steering system. The WildFire D10’s handling experience will be better and more accurate. The V-Brace design at the rear will allow the car to obtain excellent grip on low-grip tracks. The barrel of the T Traxxas Slash Lcg Chassis BBS-P shock absorber uses a diamond-cut surface, making the shock absorber extremely smooth and precise. Product number D-05-VBC-CK31.
New parts include
-2 chassis (USA Graphite and 7075-T6), the new anti tweak battery mount
-alu Xmaxx Parts minium body height adjuster, aluminium hard anodised front spool cups
-2mm Carbon Center IsoFlex Linkage (CIL) for D10
-Aluminium Center IsoFlex Linkage (CIL) for D10
-2 sets of the new VBC TBBS Springs (8pcs)
-Grade 2 hard anodised ball connectors throughout the whole kit < br>Ruddog introduces the new RP1206 short-body servo, suitable for 1/10 remote control cars. It is designed for race requirements. It uses a black anodized aluminum housing, strong metal gears and a coreless (hollow cup motor) motor. Double bearing design and laser engraved logo. Compatible with high pressure, torque up to 12kg-cm, speed 0.06 seconds. 80mm and 180mm cable models are provided for players to choose, and both the off-road and RV can be neatly wired.
Torque (6.0V): 10.0 kg-cm
Speed ​​(6.0V): 0.07sec
Torque (7.4V): 12.0 kg-cm
Speed ​​(7.4V) : 0.06 sec
Operating Voltage: 6.0 ~ 8.4 DC Volts
Weight: 52.0 g
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing x 2
Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Gear Type: Titanium \u0026 amp; Aluminium < br> Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Working frequence: 1520μs / 333hz
Size: 41.0 x 20.0 x 26.4 mm

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