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Japan Mugen Seiki launches MBX7 1/8 race-grade oil-powered off-road vehicle! The MBX7 design team strives to increase the car’s cornering speed, increase grip, lower the center of gravity, and reduce the weight of transmission components. The new front suspension rocker arm allows the car to enter the curve at a higher speed, and the tail suspension not only increases the grip, but also makes the car’s jumping process smoother. Lightweight transmission components comprehensively improve the car’s walking performance. 15mm large-capacity shock absorbers, new brake components and newly designed fuel tanks have appeared on the new MBX7 car, so stay tuned! Available in December!
-3mm A7075 hard anodised chassis
-Lightweight spur gear
-Lightweight conical gears
-Straight cut conical and ring gears
-Specialized designed front upper and lower suspension arm, front hub carriers, rear suspension arms and hub carriers.
-Fully adjustable steering with new geometry, servo saver and Ackermann p 110 Motor late.
-15mm hard anodised threaded shocks with 3.5mm shock shaft and rubber shock boots
-5mm A7075 aluminium front shock tower
-4mm A7075 aluminium rear Rc Crawler Parts shock tower
-5mm A7075 aluminium lower suspension mounts for optimised geometry
-Specialized brake system with new brake cam front / rear brakes, brake linkage and brake disc
-Small composite moulded receiver box \u0026 amp; low centre of gravity battery holder
-Special desig Xmods Rc ned fuel tank with an internal fuel clunk pick up
-E0710 heavy duty aluminium clutch shoes
-Stylish mid-cab body
-High down force wing which is adjustable front to back

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