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Xray launches 2017 version of the T4 1/10 race-class electric RV kit. At the Beijing World Champio Traxxas Store nship, driver Bruno Coelho won the TQ and runner-up in the new car. Compared with the 2016 version, the new car mainly changes the focus on the twist setting of the frame. The new embedde Traxxas Slash Axles d twist mechanism uses a new 86mm width, 2.2 mm thickness carbon fiber base plate and upgraded multiple Multi-Flex settings. The new floating steering gear mou Xray Xb4 nt and steering assembly make the steering system completely independent of the frame, ensuring that the frame’s twisting characteristics are not disturbed by steering. The 17 new cars are particularly suitable for walking on high-grip tracks. The stronger A-arm and the new front bumper are standard on the new car. The T4 platform is very mature and stable. Xray hopes that the frame will still maintain the stability of performance even if the track changes (such as temperature and grip). The driver / player can maintain the speed without excessive settings, and it is easier to set up. And maintenance.

Jingshang added a new car shell to its 2.4G ASF Mini-Z series. Porsche 962 C KH. This car once won the Suzuka Circuit 1989 Endurance Race.

Porsche 962 C KH No. 25- Suzuka 1000k 1989 Winning Car
ASF 2.4GHz Mini-Z Racer-MR02-LM

Porsche 962 C KH No. 1-WSPC 1000k 1986
ASF 2.4GHz Mini-Z Racer-MR02-LM

GL Racing launched the F1 mini remote control car GLF-1, which is a newly designed chassis, not a GLR or GLA from the same factory. The wheelbase is 114mm. Innovative adjustable design, including adjustable Tri-damper rear suspension, Duo-damper front suspension, adjustable chassis weight balance, make the car better adaptable to different tracks. Since it is a F1 model, the simulated shell is naturally standard, with front nose, rear spoiler, and simulated cockpit. In addition, the steering gear, electronic transmission, motor mount, beads, bearings are included in the product. Players only need to match the remote control equipment, motor and battery.

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