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Not long after the first version was launched, the latest version of M1B came out, called M1B Turbo. Although the details of the car are not yet known, we believe that ‘TURB Redcat Thunder Drift O’ represents the quality, durabil Rc Dirt Cars ity and various performance of M1B Improvement of the problem. We will continue to follow this car

SWorkz launched the S350 BK1 off-road vehicle PSP upgrade limited edition (upgrade pro kit Power Steering Traxxas Rc Funny Car Package). The new car includes a new receiver board, a new front lower rocker, and a new steering assembly. These upgraded components can provide better frame balance and weight distribution, sharper steering response, and easier handling of the car.T-Work ’s has launched a new built-in dual-motor launch pad for TT-037, which is suitable for 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicles (Buggy / Truggy) and GT remote control vehicles. Black aluminum housing with adjustable fixed chassis rubber on the top and two 775 large high-torque motors make it easier for players / drivers to drive the engine flywheel, especially the running-in of the new engine. The drive system is also more sturdy and durable, and can use two sets of NiMH or lithium batteries as power sources, or it can be powered by an external 12V battery. Size 31x13x9.5cm.
Arrowmax launches sleeve handle tools. This sleeve handle is a new product of the AM brand tool series. The head is metallic purple, which contrasts with the silver of the sleeve body. Streamlined design, chamfering around the periphery, stylish and beautiful appearance, overall lighter. It can accurately nest 17mm and 23mm nuts, making it easier and more comfortable to twist. It can be applied to 1/8 SUVs, ATVs

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Team Associated from the United States has launched the Slick Mist Short Range Remote Control Truck Shell (SC), which is a remote control car shell that replicates the car used by well-known racer Robby Wood in the Lucas Oil off-road vehicle series. Because of the official authorization, the car shell looks very high, and the details of the body are completely copied to the car shell of the remote control. This Slick Mist shell by Team Associated is suitable for SC10 1 8 Brushless Motor , SC10RS and SC10 4×4 shor Traxxas Slash For Sale t-haul trucks.
[attach] 1358559 [/ attach]
[attach] 1358558 [/ attach]
True short-haul trucks
Buy AE products:Protoform launches ant Traxxas Slash Drive Shaft i-tuck car shell reinforcement components, which are made of sturdy lexan (polycarbonate resin, commonly used car shell material for remote control). The one-piece design can effectively increase the strength of the rear of the car shell, and only requires 3 screws Just fine. Fully fitted to the rear wheel eyebrows of the car shell, in addition to increasing the strength of the car shell, at the same time, the car can reduce deformation of the car shell at high speeds and high-speed corners, and increase walking stability. It weighs only 4.5 grams and has minimal impact on the center of gravity of the frame.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the ProLine brand zone to participate in the interaction
To say that Thor’s hammer style modification, our ‘chao white monster’ is a relatively keen team. The actual coverage of the UT4 ​​model in a real race is very wide. In addition to the RR10, Wraith, Yeti and other brands we have been using, the SCX10 chassis is also one of the conventional modified frames. Of course, there are many other structural frames that can be retrofitted to the UT4. Today we take a look at Chaoyang’s Chaoyang supporter Wang Yan in Shenyang to talk about his SCX10 modified UT4. In addition, Wang and his sister (I do n’t know if it is a sister-in-law) introduced the car together like a cross talk. The picture is very harmonious hahaha.

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Serpent (Snake) Cobra GT 1/8 GT remote control car launched three new models. They are all pre-assembled Kit styles, allowing players to enter the race faster and easier, reducing the time required to assemble Bandit Rc Car the frame, just with an additional engine or electronic power equipment. Equipped with universal drive shaft, three differential four-wheel drive, 16mm large-capacity shock absorber, front and rear anti-roll bar, 3mm reinforced aluminum bottom plate, unpainted car shell, high-grip BBS style rim tire Three new models include the GT RaceRoller, the Chinese Serpent GT Cup version with Novarossi hand-drawn engine, and the GT-E RaceRoller electric brushless version.
Three models include
600041 Serpent Cobra GT 1/8 RaceRoller Best Off Road Rc Cars r> 600044 Serpent Cobra GT-E 1/8 RaceRoller
600049 Serpent Cobra GT 1/8 RaceRoller Cup-version

Team Losi Racing (TLR), a brand of American Horizon Models, has launched a new 22 4.0 1/10 2WD electric off-road vehicle (Buggy). Based on the TLR 22 3.0 Spec-Racer MM 2WD, which was released in early November 2016, the new model is based on the new model 4.0, which is more powerful. The 7075-T6 aluminum base plate can support a variety of different sizes of batteries for multiple placements, making it easier for players / drivers to find the appropriate weight distribution settings. The transmission system is also a highlight of the new car. The three-gear gearbox has two settings. The upright gearbox setting is suitable for low and medium grip tracks. The flat gearbox setting allows the motor to be closer to the centerline of the frame. The motor is shifted by 20mm, this setting is suitable for high-grip tracks.
In addition, when using a laydown gear box, the mounting position of the tail oil shock absorber can be fixed on the inner and outer sides of the suspension rocker arm to better match the high-grip field. Specially designed counterweight components can further Rc Track reduce the center of gravity of the frame and improve the adaptability of the site. The Gen II 12mm large-capacity shock absorber (TiCN axis), VLA front suspension, upgraded bead differential, and HDS limited-slip differential are all included in the product. The product number is TLR03013, which will be available in April 2017. The major brands have successively launched new competition-level e-Vietnam, the goal is very clear, that is, the IFMAR e-Vietnam World Championship will be held this year at the ARC circuit of Xiamen on three laps.

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K Gasoline Rc Cars yosho’s Short Coarse truck is also coming soon, and the new Ultima SC-R will be available in April. Details and photos are in this article. The most competitive available today! With 3 major wins in the US immediately after its debut in April 2010. The feels and looks light and agile next to the competition on the track. Its racing intention is obvious on how it fly ‘s around the track ! Designed to be fully complaint to ROAR racing regulations this truck is ready to win and comes fully equipped with all the high end hardware requi Jada Rc Cars red. Parts from the Ultima lineup were used by Factory Team drivers to choose from for the ultimate setup and balance for this Rc Classic Cars truck with hours or testing and racing. The best parts were decided upon and included in this un-assembled kit. Having all the competition level parts right out of the box saves money and is a good value if you really want to be competitive on the track. The Truck weighs in at only 2000g! Short course truck racing has never been more dynamic with the advanced design and performance of the new ULTIMA SC-R! Features: High value optional parts are included in the kit as standard. Doe s not include tires or body so you can choose according to your race strategy. Sealed transmission delivers high reliability. Features slipper clutch to protect the drive system. Wheelbase extends 40mm further than the RB5 to deliver stable straight running performance. Long span suspension arms with deep suspension stroke provide superior running performance. Equipped with a large bumper and side guards for superior crash endurance. Features HEX type screws on all sections. Teflon sealed bearings deliver lower friction and improve durability to lengthen the maintenance cycle. DOES NOT INCLUDE BODY OR WHEELS -see list of requirements to the leftOption Parts that are included in this Kit. (Optional for the Ready to Run SC): KYOUMW602 Kyosho Ultima RT5, SC and DB Ball Differential SetKYOW5196V Kyosho Velvet Coat Triple Cap Shock Set 38m KYOW5198V Kyosho Ultima RT5 Velvet Coat Triple Cap Shock Set 46mm KYOUMW601 Kyosho Ultima SC and DB Rear 84 mm Universal DriveshaftKYO97008-50H Kyosho 50mm Hard Tie Rod Ultima SC and DBKYOLAW39 Kyosho RB5 \u0026 amp; Lazer Steel Suspension BushingsKYOBRG001TS Kyosho Bearing 5x10x4 Teflon Shield

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Arrowmax launches a series of clutch gears for Xray NT1 oil house, made of 707 Ar60 Axles 5-T6 a Remote Control Cars For Boys luminum and strengthened, providing 16T, 17T, 18T, 19T, 20T and 21T

Source: Remote Control Transformer Robot Free Max []

Pro-Line launched a new pit bag, 4 drawers, 5 zipper storage bags, and a special tool space for the top tool, and the car is packed with wheels for easy transportation. More photos are in this article. Source: Pro-Line []Teamsaxo releases electric metric imperial kit. Product model TS-617E / TS-617UE, the tool core (bit) is made of special spring steel, which can have a long service life. It can be used with electric tool kits. It is equipped with multiple sets of screw cores, which can be changed in size according to the needs of the player Screw core. The power tool set can also be equipped with aluminum handles, non-slip hollow, light weight and good feel.

Following the recent trend of ‘large diameter’ led by Losi, Werks Racing also launched a new BUGGY rim. This product is made of ultra-tough and high-fiber content synthetic materials and high-precision injection process. From the statistics of various competitions, the big wheels do have advantages and can effectively improve the control. At the same time, the tire bonding of large-diameter wheels is also easier and stronger!

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Since winning the 2005 World Championships, BJ4WE has become the world’s most successful E-Vietnam. In order for Ryan Maifield and Ryan Cavalieri to achieve another success in the 07 World Championship, J Concepts released the BJ4WE Special Edition Kit. The new version adds new CVD before and after, Ryan Cavalieri (last champion) signature, JC’s white ball cap Offset Lower Spring Cups, Steel Slipper T-nut and JConcpets Tool SetKyosho launched PureTen FW-06 GP Audi R8 LMS Red ReadySet 1/10 oil-powered motor home. The mature FW-06 four-wheel drive straight shaft transmission is adopted, which is very close to the walking characteristics of GP racing cars. The two-speed, GXR15 engine and the same tail suspension as the world champion V-One RRR make this FW-06 racing-grade. RTR products come with KT-231P 2.4G remote control (built-in anti-runaway), and the R8 LMS car case authorized by Audi is believed to make many Fans love it. In today’s era where trams are absolutely mainstream, there can be new fuel cars. Don’t have a taste. Product number 33205B.

Yokomo introduces Rpm Savage Parts the new YZ-2 1/10 2WD mid-motor electric off-road vehicle kit. Using Yokomo’s legendary ‘YZ’ series logo, the YZ-2 is designed for high-grip tracks, such as artificial turf tracks, carpets, and sugar-drenched tracks. The ultra-low center of gravity motor and gearbox installation position, the balance of the frame is better, it can reduce unnecessary body rolling on t Axial Wraith Motor Upgrade he high-grip track, and the walking is more stable. The steering assembly adopts a more direct design, and the control becomes more direct and sensitive. Low-resistance aluminum shock absorbers, quick-set suspension systems, black anodized aluminum parts, and integrated aluminum base plates are all standard features of the YZ-2. A newly designed low center Traxxas Slash 4X4 Roll Cage of gravity body shell and gearbox cover are also included in the product.

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RC4wd launched a cost-effective four-channel remote control device-XR4, XR4 provides 2.4Ghz technology, 15 groups of Dinosaur Remote Control Car remote control model parameter memory, and th Red Remote Control Car e display also has backlight. The third and fourth channels of XR4 provide the control mode of three switch positions. I believe that climbing players will like this function very much. Details are in this article.

Features- Advanced ultra range 2.4Ghz system- Green circuitry (need only 4 AA batteries)-Large LCD display for manual adjustment- Economical designed large hand grip- Racing style steering wheel faux break disc- Nu Sonic Remote Control Car mber of model memory: 15- Failsafe function Source: RC4wd []Earlier this year, Dash (a brand of Arrowmax) launched a new competition-grade 1/10 brushless electronic transmission, Dash AI Pro, with a built-in 32-bit MCU controller, giving this ESC the potential for development and more features. Development in the direction of intelligence. Yesterday, Dash launched the AI ​​LCG (Low Center of Gravity) racing-grade electronic transmission. The low center of gravity is also lighter. Aim at the popular stock market, including flashing lights and open stock group events; built-in off-road mode and software with climbing features. In future Arrowmax events, this electronic transmission will be listed as the event control ESC, and the TLAB program will be preset. BEC adjustable 6v / 7V (3A), peak current 400A, continuous current 100A, input voltage 4.8-9.9VDC (2S LiPo / 2-3S LiFe), size 36mmx30mmx14mm, weight 27 grams. Product number DA-770003.

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RCX opened again in Chicago in the United States. The author will immediately return the pictures and information collected.
It’s five o’clock in the author’s side, you guys also ask your sympathizers to read the post.
(The picture function of the forum under the Tucao is compressed too much. It is compressed below 360KB in this machine. After the server side has to compress it again, you ca n’t watch it afterwards. You have to link from another drawing bed, the workload is greatly intensified, and I ’m exhausted! I hope to improve it as soon as possible. ILLINOIS
* Children 12 \u0026 amp; Under Are Free
The exhibition information is shown Fast Lane Rc Cars in the picture above, the location is in Chicago, USA, the exhibition time is from August 6th, 10 am to 8 pm
Purchase at the entrance It ’s 20 US dollars equivalent to 128.80 yuan, and online ticket purchase is 15 US dollars equivalent to 96.60 yuan.
Let ’s take a look at the grand occasion of the last RCX
Traxxas Funny Car RCX is a model car show that covers batteries, meth Top Rated Remote Control Cars anol, and gasoline. Range includes Drifting, Climbing, Bigfoot, Short Card, Electric / Yueyue, BAJA, Electric Large-scale exhibition of the famous model. It enjoys a certain reputation in the United States. Previous exhibitions have attracted many manufacturers to participate, and also attracted many model enthusiasts to visit.
Then this is no exception. The exhibitor list is as shown in the picture.
Because I prefer BAJA, I will mainly use BAJA pictures. If you want to see pictures of other models, please reply to the post. Will try to search.
============== It’s time to get into the subject ===============
Before entering the main venue, everyone and the author should feel it together. Let ’s enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition
Drifting performance vehicles specially invited by the exhibitor in front of the exhibition hall
Interior decoration
Other vehicles
Small events outside the exhibition hall, drifting etc.
Outside the exhibition hall Booth
Okay, now officially enter the exhibition hall, because it is a batch in advance, it will look a bit deserted.
The 1: 1 short card located at the entrance of the exhibition hall, it seems that the exhibitor has really worked hard. If you have the chance to visit, you will definitely enjoy it.
At the same time as the exhibition, there will be some interesting races or displays. The track in the hall is very sufficient, from small scale off-road, mini track, drift track to 1/5 race. There are all kinds of climbing venues.
Is the exhibitor’s climbing car booth a bit big? Pony with big saddle
Actually, the highlights of this RCX are not many, but the brightness is definitely enough
The two-stroke engine of BZM at this session of RCX is the official release of the United States, and the previous author ’s post also addressed this The engine has been introduced, so I wo n’t repeat it here.
23-28.5CC BZM two-stroke reed engine
50CC monster
Second, as the famous BAJA pig cage manufacturer —- team chase also released 5T this time / SC front bumper buffer assembly, the material uses high-strength nylon, stealing light design. This accessory can win the reputation of players like the roll cage. The manufacturer is also very generous and directly gives the mold map. Is the cottage manufacturer secretly enjoying it?
This redesigned cushioning component is designed to solve the problem that the original BAJA 5T / 5SC cushioning component that has troubled players for a long time is easily damaged. After many tests, it was finally released on RCX. I believe the manufacturer is very confident in the quality. .
B \u0026 amp; T’s two-speed gear has a long history. After its launch, it has been admired by a large number of players, especially those who like highway speeds. This is definitely a great tool and has very high quality. Designs such as one-way bearings, high-strength transmission shafts, and non-clutch cup screws to ensure product life and performance
The joint exhibition of TGN and TR racing will inevitably be a highlight. In addition to the above accessories, there are also dazzling twin cylinders. The exhaust used by the BZM50CC engine is thick and long. Do n’t be afraid to feed.
TR ’s product line, some of TR ’s products have good Word of mouth and good price / performance ratio
Color screen design can also be regarded as a new blood for the remote control field has not changed for a long time, the manufacturer also has several other remote control, interested players can check it out, the author’s knowledge of this area Poor, so far.
This seems to be a new player in the model field? Not sure
Some BAJA accessories
Pile of mountain accessories, I do n’t know if the player has the urge to rob?
Non-belt driven 4WD BAJA
UberRC released a new version earlier this year Dog bone, dog bone cup kit. It is difficult to see the twisted dog bones on strengthened dog bones, but broken needles are common. One of the reasons is the dog bone that uses the pin design, the contact area between the pin and the dog bone cup is too small. The new dog bone kit solves this problem very well. The 5 balls placed on each end and the groove on the dog bone cup can fit well, so as to prevent similar situations.
Rocket BAJA. . .
Before that, the last RCX released a limited number of three 62CC engines. The blue model
Simpson engine is still cheap and not too old.
Is Cecilia Cheung ’s BAJA sponsor?
The only knowledge I have in this part is not enough, so I do n’t have a random illustration.
In fact, this author still knows a little, soft girl ~ I do n’t know if this guy in the picture has No blood flowing down?
The whole family is dispatched, suitable for all ages. When can this atmosphere be in China?
European bulls come to help
Formula 1
I’m lazy, using a foreign picture bed, if you can’t see the picture, please refresh it a few times more
I write this kind of post for the first time, if it is inappropriate Please point out in time
This article is provided by fwzflqwer

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The fifth place of the European Touring Car Series (ETS) was held in the Netherlands. Jilles Groskamp (NL)- Bmw Rc Car Tamiya / Orion won the preliminary TQ. The final was won by Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya / Speed ​​Passion, and Jilles Groskamp only finished third. The next race will be held in Germany, July 8-10.
Welcome to the RCFans tram discussion area to participate in the discussion.
Team Losi Racing has launched a new high-performance SCT shell, which is suitable for Losi XXX-SCT and Ten-SCTE short cards. T Rc Parts Near Me he design of the car shell allows air to pass quickly through the hood, fenders and rear of the car, while allowing the car shell to overcome the ‘parachute’ problem during the jump. It is expected to be listed in late April and early May.
In the May 2013 issue, ‘Model World • Remote Control Technology’ was launched. The contents of this issue of the magazine are wonderful, including the latest models of aircraft and car models, and of course our RCFans column. Friends who have ordered this Redcat Everest Gen 7 Upgrades magazine, the magazine has arranged to issue the magazine.
Welcome to order, please call 010-65515202 and inform you from RCFans!

Kingshang’s ‘MFR’ 1 to 10 oil-powered truck will be released in September. The car uses a new three-layer structure frame, which enhances the sturdiness and is also the largest 1 to 10 large foot. The center of gravity is very low in the same class, the suspension stroke is also large, the tires are also very wide, and the four wheels are almost square. The vehicle weighs only 7.2 pounds, uses an electric start engine, is equipped with a two-speed, third-channel-driven reverse switch and a new ORC transmission system.

Xmaxx 8S, Tamiya Rc Kits, Jconcepts Drag Car

Kyosho launched tw Jconcepts Drag Car o upgraded differential kits for MP9 Tamiya Rc Kits TKI series models.
The first product includes a bevel gear with 7075 aluminum reinforced front and rear differentials to reduce weight and extend maintenance intervals. It is suitable for MP9 and Inferno GT3 series models.
The second product is suitable for MP9 / MP9e models. The central differential upgrade kit also reduces weight and extends maintenance intervals. Players / drivers can match large g Xmaxx 8S ears with 46T / 47T / 48T teeth to find the appropriate gear ratio. Product number IF495.

Serpent has launched two painted car shells for the Spyder MM 2WD mid-motor electric off-road vehicle. The first is to finish all painting before leaving the factory, including the Serpent representative colors orange, silver, black and white; the other half-painted body color includes silver, white, black and reserved colors for players to like Spray on the car shell. This type of car shell products can reduce the player’s painting burden and invest in playing cars and competitions as soon as possible.
170336 Body Spyder 2wd MM 1/10 semi-painted
170337 Body Spyder 2wd MM 1/10 sprayed

I haven’t heard from the Ninja brand for some time. Mugen Seiki has announced that the Ninja JXB02 buggy (off-road vehicle) engine will be launched soon. JXB02 features include a low center-of-gravity cooling roof, which is 8mm lower than the old B01A engine cooling roof. The new long piston and sleeve, the newly designed disk top, the black-looking case and carburetor, and the crankshaft treated with DLC mean that this is a high-performance off-road vehicle engine!

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