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In recent years, a high-voltage concept has emerged, such as high-voltage receivers and high-voltage servos. So what is the so-called high pressure? Or, why is it called high voltage?
Before understanding high voltage, let’s take a look at the so-called traditional receiver and servo operating voltage compared to high voltage.
Early before the lithium battery entered the RC world, the early receivers and servos used nickel batteries for power supply. Both nickel-metal hydride and old Used Traxxas Slash nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.2V and use 4 sections. Under the power supply, the power supply voltage was 1.2 * 4 = 4.8V, and it later evolved to use 5 sections of nickel power. The voltage smoothly became 1 Scx10 Parts .2 * 5 = 6V. Therefore, manufacturers, for general servos, will mark 4.8V separately. And the speed and torque at 6V, and the receiver operating voltage is 4.8 ~ 6V, the voltage exceeds 6V easily cause receiver failure. Therefore, most of the previous ESCs output voltages between 4.8 ~ 6V, 5V / 5.75V / 6V are common.
In recent years, the addition of lithium batteries and brushless systems has dramatically changed the power of RC, and manufacturers have gradually started to increase the operating voltage of the servo to 7.4V. Higher voltage can make the speed of the servo faster and torque larger under the same conditions, or under the same conditions, higher voltage smells lower current, which can reduce heat generation and loss. Gradually, these servos supporting 7.4V voltage have become high-voltage servos in our m Hobby Remote Control Cars ouths. The parameters of high-voltage servos are generally the speed and torque of 6V and 7.4V, and the parameters at 4.8V are no longer marked. However, the operating voltage of the servo is backward compatible, that is, 7.4V is compatible with 6V and 4.8V, and 6V is compatible with 4.8V. Speed ​​and torque are lower at low voltages than at high voltages.
The 1206TG of PHD is a traditional 4.8V / 6V servo parameter. It can be seen that the parameters are listed with two parameters of 4.8 / 6V:
The high-voltage model is listed with two parameters of 7.4V / 6V For example, L-12HV:
Correspondingly, compared with the traditional receiver that can only use 6V, if the receiver can support 7.4V or higher working voltage, it is called high voltage receiver.
*** Digression: In fact, the name of high voltage receiver did not exist in the beginning, because most of the current receivers are wide voltage design, and they can usually work at 4 ~ 9V voltage, some are even higher. The name of high-voltage receiver was originally called by a domestic manufacturer to advertise that its receiver has a wider compatibility, so as to compare with the conservative 6V voltage design of the opponent. Times change. The design of the highest working voltage of only 6V is outdated. As early as 2009, SPEKTRUM SR3100 receivers already support 3.5-9.6V operating voltage. Almost all of the signals now support the working voltage of 3.7 ~ 7.4V, as shown in the figure:
The standard manufacturers have never advertised how ‘high voltage’ they are, because for the receiver, this is only very basic Function only. However, we have become accustomed to the concept of a high-voltage receiver, so it is not bad to call a receiver that supports 7.4V as a high-voltage receiver to distinguish those conservative receivers that will burn out when connected to 7.4V.
Well, after talking about high voltage servos and receivers, let’s talk about the ‘high voltage’ itself, which is 7.4V power supply.
What? 7.4V power supply? Isn’t it 7.4V?
No. 7.4V can be absolute or nominal.
Absolute value refers to the accurate voltage of 7.4V. The voltage will not change. Most of them appear on ESCs or UBEC with high voltage output of 7.4V. No matter how much the voltage of the power battery, it will be stable to the receiver Output is 7.4V.
Nominal value refers to a lithium battery that operates at a nominal voltage of 7.4V. At this time, the voltage value changes. According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, the 7.4V lithium battery is full at 8.4V and the battery is used up at 6.0V. Therefore, if a 7.4V battery is inserted into the receiver, it means that the receiver and the servo are initially Working at full power 8.4V, with the drain of the battery, it will gradually decrease to a voltage output of 6V.
For servos, the general target parameters are the parameters under the absolute voltage of 7.4V. It does not rule out that some manufacturers have taken the time to use 2S 7.4V battery full voltage 8.4V for test data.
Well, after talking about the concept of high voltage, let ’s take a look at what conditions need to be met if you want to use a high voltage servo:
1. We need a high voltage power supply: for oil trucks, it is 2S Accept electricity, or UBEC with 7.4V voltage regulation, for trams, it is ESC with 7.4V voltage regulation BEC output
2. The receiver must support 7.4V high voltage
3. The servo must support 7.4 V high voltage
If all of the above 3 points are satisfied at the same time, then congratulations, you can use the high performance of the high voltage servos with peace of mind
But what if you ca n’t meet them at the same time? Here is an example:
If the power supply is 6V (6V accepts electricity or the ESC is 6V output), then no matter what parameters the receiver and servo are, it will work at 6V voltage, there will be no problems, just the rudder The output performance of the engine is 6V
If the power supply is 7.4V, the receiver is 6V, the servo is 6V === \u0026 gt; Burning the receiver and the servo
If the power is 7.4V, the receiver is 6V, The steering gear is 7.4V === \u0026 gt; burning the receiver, the steering gear has no effect.
If the power supply is 7.4V, the receiver is 7.4V, the steering gear is 6V === \u0026 gt; burning the steering gear, the receiver has no effect.
If the power supply is 7.4V, the receiver is 7.4V, and the servo is 7.4V === \u0026 gt; All conditions are met, it is normal
However, some special cases come:
Assuming my rudder The machine supports 7.4V, but the receiver or power supply equipment cannot meet the 7.4V high voltage. How can I get the performance improvement brought by the 7.4V high voltage?
In the following cases:
1. In the case of oil trucks
a. The power received is 6V, so I am sorry that the power received is only 6V. Unless you buy a booster device, you cannot enjoy 7.4V The voltage is b. The received electricity is 7.4V, the receiver is 6V, and the receiver is regulated by BEC. In this case, unplug the positive power cable of the servo from the plug and connect the jumper to the positive battery (Method 1).
2. In the case of a tram
*** The following assumptions are based on the premise that the battery is 2S 7.4V, not applicable to the case where the battery voltage is higher than 7.4V
a. The receiver can work At 7.4V, the regulated output of the ESC is 6V, then there are 2 processing methods.
First, unplug the positive power cable of the servo from the plug, and connect the jumper to the positive battery (Method 1).
The second is to unplug the red power supply line of the ESC and connect an additional power supply line from the 2S power lithium battery to the receiver (method two).
b. The receiver does not support 7.4V, then the ESC cannot be set to 7.4V output, then unplug the positive power cable of the servo from the plug, and connect the jumper to the positive battery (Method 1)
Method 1 wiring demonstration diagram:
Method 2 wiring demonstration diagram:
The above commonly known ‘flying wire’ connection method brings obvious advantages and disadvantages:
Benefits: can enjoy 7.4V rudder Performance improvement brought by the aircraft
Disadvantage 1: For the wiring of flying leads, the performance of the servo is always not the performance under a single voltage, that is, changes with the battery voltage
Disadvantage 2: Use method one For flying wires, the steering gear is not controlled by the switch, and the steering gear can only be turned off by removing the battery. With method two, the receiver and steering gear are not controlled by the switch, and can only be turned off by removing the battery.
In summary, if you want to enjoy the best use of the high voltage servo, it is best to use a regulated 7.4V device (for trams, it is an ESC with a 7.4V regulated BEC; For oil tankers, it is 7.4V UBEC), and the receiver can support high voltage. For the use of the nominal voltage, the performance of the servo will definitely change due to the change in voltage, and the feel may not be the best.
* Remark 1: 7.4V in high voltage, some brands or models are not necessarily 7.4V but 7.2V, the difference is not big, it is regarded as the same voltage.
* Note 2: The method of removing the ESC and servo power supply line can be removed with a knife, and it can be easily disassembled.

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Pr 3.8 Rc Tires o-Line introduces the shell of the n Cheap Nitro Rc Cars ew Axial car Yeti. VW Baja Bug (VW Beetle) car shell, transparent style, with spray covering paper and stickers, the light set is not included in the car shell, you need to purchase separately. VW factory authorized manufacture. In addition to the new shell, Pro-Line will also introduce Blockade tread design 3.8 ”tires, suitable for off-road trucks such as Yeti.
Kyosho Kyosho will debut the Dodge Char Traxxas Slayer Pro 4X4 ger 1970 e Challenger remote control car, 1/10 Fazer VEi series, RTR products at the Tokyo Model Show (All Japan), which will open on the 26th of this month. Two car shells will be the selling point of the new car. I believe it will attract fans who like American muscle cars. In terms of electronic equipment, Kyosho has not released details, but Orion Power believes it is standard on the new car.
Tamiya model will launch a special version of Vaillant livery painted Porsche 934 RSR 1/10 electric remote control car, using TA02SW chassis. This iconic Porsche shell was used on the 49400 Tamiya 30th Anniversary Edition product at the time with the TA05 chassis.

Carson has released several brushless systems, targeting 1 to 10 vehicles and mini cars. For motor homes and off-road vehicles, there are two sets of 10T and 12T motors, respectively, with the Dragster Cup or Dragster Sport ESC. Dragster Cup is a non-inductive motor using 8 or 10T. There is also a Dragster Micro kit for mini cars

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KYOSHO launched the new Mini-Z Racer mosq Grasshopper Rc Car uito cart, MA-010 AWD Chassis DWS ASF. This special version of AWD uses a new tail suspension (DWS, MDW-100), equ Jada Remote Control Cars ipped with 2.4G system, KO digital servo and other high-performance components, deta Traxxas E Revo 2.0 Parts iled information in this article. introduces a new Mini-Z Racer with permanent four-wheel drive in 1:24 scale: the MA-010 AWD Chassis DWS ASF. This Special Edition is equipped with the new double wishbone rear axle suspension (DWS, MDW-100). The vehicle has a motherboard with wireless technology in 2.4 GHz. Delivery will be made without the transmitter. For the operation, a Kyosho Perfex KT-18 (item number 82 001) and the right wheels and a body is required. In the receiver unit of the Racers a FET controller is integrated, which drives the electric motor is very sensitive. For the implementation of the steering commands provided by a KO PROPO Digital Servo from high positional accuracy and high holding torque.Kyosho Kyosho will launch the MA-020VE Pro Mini-Z AWD kit. This new version of the AWD mini remote control model car (mosquito car) will be equipped with VCS front suspension system and DWS tail double rocker suspension (MR-03 is adopted). The new suspension can greatly improve the walking performance of the AWD frame. The standard 8500kV XSpeed ​​VE brushless motor is equipped with super power to reduce maintenance. The factory frame is suitable for compact track walking. Players can also set L and LL wheelbases to suit different track needs. MHS 2.4G remote control (MINI-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum), can be used with Synchro EX-6 remote control, the response speed is 16 times faster than ASF (KT18), and 4 times faster than KO Propo EX-1 combo. Ascension to unprecedented pleasure. The top cover of the frame can be equipped with a gyroscope and is compatible with most 01/015 car shells.

Nitro Gas Rc Cars, Radio Control Jeep, Traxxas Slash 1 16

Traxxas Slash 1 16 Tamiya ’s new products Radio Control Jeep released in April, including Toyota Land Cruiser climbing vehic Nitro Gas Rc Cars les, etc.

58405-Toyota Land Cruiser 40

Available Apr 26, 2008

The electromotive RC car where it crawls the section of the rocks keeps climbing slowly and, lock crawling can enjoy is appearance. Reality freeboard and adopting the new chassis CR-01 which equips the stabilizer equipped 4 link suspension which takes stroke fully for the rudder frame which overflows . In shaft 4WD of diff-lock specification, also the tire and the wheel made private new type.

58402-Nissan Fairlady Z Version NISMO (TT-01 Type-E Chassis)

Available: Mar 29, 2008

A top grade of fair lady Z to whom NISMO did the tune is appearance with an electric RC car. A dauntless form that pursues aerodynamic is reproduced by the polycarbonate in the round. TT-01 chassis TYPE-E of shaft 4WD composed of the bathtub frame and the upper deck is adopted. It can enjoy lighting by setting high luminance LED of two headlight li ghts and two rear light lights.


Available: Mar 29, 2008

The high performance the off load chassis of 2 belt drive 4WD adoption where running gathers topic, DB01 2nd feature is appearance. The body which chassis width lastly was held down black to main graphics of the blue and the cockpit of the lead-lead spirit you produce. The power train where the reliability which full it covers drive system is high and the underside whose setting width is wide are charm.

49490-Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top Wide (1/100)

Available: Apr 26, 2008

RC to say nothing of a real car limited resells Mitsubishi Shogun that collects high popularity. The body with which the scale feeling overflows is made of the acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin. 4WD system near the composition of a real car equipped with the motor in Frontomidoshipp is adopted. The chassis is a monocoque type of the ladder frame style. It equipped it with the underside of the reception desk double wishbone and Riya four-link RIDGID.

57774-1/10 XB Neo Falcon

Available: Apr 26, 2008

XB is appearance. the neo-falcon of baggy 2WDThe form is a charm: .. Sharp in which the edge was effective The chassis adopts DT-02 of rear-wheel-drive. It can enjoy a light running by installing TEU-101BK.

57060-Toyota Hilux High-Lift Complete Kit

Available: Mar 15, 2008

Others April 2008 New Item

TT-01 Type-E A part (Upright) 1 Group TT-01 Type-E D Part (Upper Deck) set NISSAN Fairlady Z Version NISMO Spare Body Set 2 Toyota Land Cruiser-40 Wheels (Offset 0) CR-01 Vise Crawler Tire CR-01 Planetary Gear Set CR-01 Bevel Gear Set CR-01 Propeller Shaft CR-01 D Part (Upright) CR-01 F Part (Bumper) CR-01 J Part (Hub Carrier) POWERCHAMP RC (8 PCS) TT-01 Type-E Full Bearing Set TT-01 Aluminum Propeller Joint \u0026 amp; Shaft Set CR-01 Setting Spring Set CR-01 Setting Stablilizer Set 8991-PS Green Alumite

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This Savage XL ‘Terra Pin’ tire is the largest model launched by HPI. It is suitable for all standard wheels, giving your car maximum ground clearance, better shock absorption and mud. Ground passability, especially on shallow grass and dusty hard ground. The tire comes with a liner.

Evader EXB is a good entry-level RT 1 to 10 E-Viet. It is sturdy and easy to handle, has good passing ability and fault tolerance. With modified parts, it is also a very powerful combat vehicle. Equipped with a 2-channe Pitbull Rc Tires l Tactic ™ remote control, TR200 receiver and TSX200 servo, while the Sprint ™ 2nd gen A Remote Control Car eration ESC comes with a rear gear and a 1 year warranty.

KO Propo launches KR-211FH 2.4GHz two-channel miniature receiver. KO FHSS transmission technology, compatible with RF-903FH and RF-904FH modules, support EX-1 KIY remote control. Built-in programmable failsafe and fast binding (matching). Dimensions 29.3 × 24.4x16mm, weight is only 7.8g.

Reckward Tuning’s ‘Symbio’ car shell is exclusively for the Associated RC8 1 to 8 buggy. The car shell is made of 1mm lexan material and comes with a cover Traxxas 4 Tec paper and a sticker for the Symbio body. The original hole has been opened for all types of air filtration.

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FS Racing (Flying God) has launched 2 launch devices, the appearance looks full of interesting, and there are ma Hobbywing Max 10 ny humanized designs. Here are the details:

1 Launcher:

The first launcher in China that is surface-treated into peach wood and carbon fiber.

Gathered Electric Rc Cars in Thunder Tiger and Team Magic in Taiwan X5 features and appearance,

Left and right can put standard and mini igniters, flat-blade screwdriver.

It can start with two sets of sc-type battery packs or 12V lead-acid batteries.

High-power 775 single motor, humanized handle design, novel style.

Suitable for 1/8 \\ 1/10 side and rear engine series models.

Gas Powered Rc Cars Near Me o>

< / p>


Portable appearance design

Circuit design with overload switch, which can better protect the motor and battery.

Equipped with a contact switch, it is easy to start, and at the same time, it can be popped up. Protective cover

The starting lever on the front can be removed and stored underneath, which is convenient and beautiful

It can be used with a sc-type battery pack

Applicable On 15, 16-, 18, 21, 25-level engines

AXON Titanium Power launched the new SUPERSPEED LITE5 series lithium battery, adopting A Plus standard manufacturing process, while ensuring compactness and lightweight design, the capacity still reached 5200mAh, and continued the consistent performance of 50C discharge and 10C fast charge, stable and not easy to bulge and High cycle number life characteristics.
The LITE5 series launched this time includes 3 models of 5200mAh 2S / 5200mAh 3S / 5200mAh 4S. Among them, the 4S models are specially launched for the new trend of 4S batteries used in climbing vehicles. Through appropriate electronic equipment and gear ratio Matching, can provide greater battery life, instant explosive power and torque than 3S. AXON Titanium has always insisted on providing model enthusiasts with sophisticated, safe, reliable, stable and durable lithium battery products. This time, we successfully broke the price bottom line and never promised to compromise on quality. We invite you to witness together.
Product No .: AX5200250 / AX5200350 / AX5200450
Pre-sale will start on September 14, 2018, with a total of 666 limited-edition special offers.
Please enter:

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I have been squatting in the jar for a long time, and my friends are slowly getting more and more. From time to time, there are many friends and novices who are new to the magic to ask some questions.
What is the biggest OP I want? How do I need weights? For OP and other things, I basically say that you play more, play more, and climb more,
and then see how to play, don’t rush to OP.
Of course, when it comes to counterweights, it is not clear in a few words. The systematic project that always feels affects the whole body.
So I will analyze the effect of weights for everyone in my experience of car driving in these years. I hope everyone can have a clearer understanding of the weights.
(PS: Xian Yun’s family talks will inevitably be inadequate, and I welcome corrections and improvements!)
[attach] 3560532 [/ attach]
I ’ll follow below
Weight-Hub Counterweight-Axle Counterweight-Steering Cup Counterweight-Off-axis Counterweight]
These five common counterweight methods to analyze the pros and cons of each counterweight.
[attach] 3560533 [/ attach]
First of all, let’s get a density table. The best thing about counterweight is that it is small and heavy. The effect is more obvious.
Poisonous poison, gold is too expensive, lead poisoning, silver is too bright. . .
The rest is basically copper and steel. As for aluminum alloy, huh, huh. Aluminum is the main light, but you have to use it to balance weight.
Aluminum and copper with the same volume are 3 times worse Much quality.
Frame counterweight articles:
[attach] 3560534 [/ attach]
This is a common weight block. When you buy a lot, the simple thing is to attach the weight that is the actual weight. It ’s not very useful on a climbing car.
I have also seen some great gods put TF2 frames on this weight block, and then said that his car has a good walking attitude. . . . .
The counterweight on the frame will be used a lot in drifting and running speed cars, but honestly, it is not very useful in climbing cars.
I won’t go into details, the keywords-do not re-post there!
Wheel counterweight articles:
Recommended degree: ★★★
Total counterweight: ★★★★
Weight adjustment: ★★★★
Advers Vintage Rc Cars For Sale e effect: ★★★
[attach] 3560535 [/ attach]
Except for attach Vaterra Rc Cars ing the frame, this most fast weight is used on the wheel hub, and it is affixed inside the whe Remote Control Things el hub, and then the tire is installed.
Because the inner diameters of the wheels are different from each other, it is basically difficult to be accurate. It is difficult to distribute the average amount. Once turned around, the dynamics are basically unbalanced.
Apply a circle if it is light, and another circle if it is heavy, and finally find that the sponge cannot fit in. . . .
[attach] 3560536 [/ attach]
The best way to counterweight in the wheel hub is to wind the fuse. The thinner the fuse, the better.
Because the total amount of winding The distribution is the most even.
Of course, the so-called counterweight wheels produced by the manufacturer are indeed heavy enough. Fuses also save a lot.
[attach] 3560539 [/ attach]
[attach] 3560540 [/ attach]
I also tried to plug the bearings and copper sleeves inside the hub, and the effect of fixing the hub adapter is also And fuses are similar.
[attach] 3560538 [/ attach]
[attach] 3560537 [/ attach]
Early XR10 wheels were also provided, revolver-type counterweights, 6 rounds of bullets to see how you stuffed them, Cedro Plug less can be controlled more conveniently.
Of course, this kind of wheel counterweight is not impeccable. First of all, you increase the transmission weight of the wheel hub.
For individual road sections, for the road sections that need instant explosive power, the heavy wheel hub will be very procrastinating, reflecting insensitivity.
There is also a hub with increased weight, which puts a lot of pressure on the axle after overturning.
[attach] 3560541 [/ attach]
I have tried to break the axle from a 30cm stone. experience. . .
[attach] 3560542 [/ attach]
Other manufacturers have a pendulum hub. The similar effect is the pendulum. The principle is very good. It has the effect similar to the weight under the shaft.
The premise is that the speed of the bearing is smoother and slower. Once the bearing is rusted into the sand and the speed is faster, it is a dryer in minutes.
Axle counterweight articles:
Recommended degree: ★★
Total counterweight: ★★
Weight adjustment: ★★
Adverse effect: ★★
We will rule out stickers first The counterweight has no technical content. There are currently two types of axle weights, one on the car shell and one on the axle shell.
[attach] 3560544 [/ attach]
[attach] 3560543 [/ attach]
The car shell is relatively simple and directly fixed on the axle, but the disadvantage is that the center of gravity is too concentrated,
Failed to distribute to both sides of the hub, the effect will be worse when sideways on the slope.
But if you climb a steep slope, the effect is quite obvious.
[attach] 3560545 [/ attach]
The counterweight in the bridge shell is more awkward, mainly because the counterweight in the bridge shell can not do too much.
The simple understanding is A copper sleeve, if you are interested, you can have a taste of it. In fact, if the total amount is not reached, this kind of weight will not make much sense.
[attach] 3560546 [/ attach]
A more convenient understanding of the axle weight is that you have made the original nylon axle OP into a metal axle, and this is the weight.
This photo in the photo is said to be the steel axle of the SCX10 generation.
[attach] 3560547 [/ attach]
Of course, there are some more clever ways, that is, the front of the battery axle that we said, except for not emulating, it is very good.
Steering cup counterweight articles:
Recommended degree: ★★★★
Total counterweight: ★★★
Weight adjustment: ★★
Adverse impact: ★
Recently Many steering cup OP parts produced by many manufacturers have added the steering cup counterweight.
According to the merchant’s thinking, if you buy my steering cup, you can also bring weight counterweight. Why not?
But then again, the weight of the steering cup is still very good!
[attach] 3560549 [/ attach]
[attach] 3560550 [/ attach]
[attach] 3560551 [/ attach]
This is the steering cup counterweight for big VPs, and the VP blessing price Naturally indispensable.
[attach] 3560558 [/ attach]
[attach] 3560559 [/ attach]
The weight of SSD is relatively simple and straightforward.
[attach] 3560554 [/ attach]
[attach] 3560555 [/ attach]
This is the weight block on the B2 axle, you can simply change both weight blocks below the shaft .
[attach] 3560556 [/ attach]
Of course, there is also HR, which directly made a copper steering cup. . . . . . It weighs three times as much as aluminum alloy.
[attach] 3560557 [/ attach]
There is also a homemade steering cup. This one is made of crooked nuts. The piece is heavy and the price is heavy.
Benefits of wheel counterweights:
First, he distributed the center of the counterweights to both sides of the wheel. The grip on inclined roads will be much better than that of axles.
It is not easy to stabilize the center of gravity. shake. The impact on the drive shaft is not large. The only requirement is that your steering gear has enough thrust.
Buy big or small according to the thrust of the steering gear. For example, after using a 45kg steering gear, you will feel that using a 20kg steering gear. It ’s not very crisp.

Dromida Rc Car, Traxxas Slash 4X4 Drive Shaft, Traxxas Stampede Wheelie Bar

The Team Durango DEX408 1/8 electric off-road vehicle is coming soon. DEX408 is not a simple upgrade of a 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle to a brushless electric off-road vehicle. This is a large-scale remote control car product specially designed for brushless electric equipment. It is believed that performance and control are different from current popular The same kind of frame upgraded and upgraded with 1/8 of the fuel oil.

Team AZARASHI announced that it is developing a 1-10 4WD electric off-road vehicle called ‘Grayseal Concept’. The first thing we saw was the Vaykal car shells currently on the market. The frame is still a beta version for the purpose of checking the basic layout and weight distribution, suspension angle, etc. However, we think the basic form of the mass production version will be similar.

Traxxas Stampede Wheelie Bar Traxxas Slash 4X4 Drive Shaft >

The car uses a rare tandem split battery, which enables the devices to be lined up and achieve the effect of complete left-right symmetry. It is said that the car will be released next spring.

Yokomo launched the new Racing Performer 6000mAh LCG (low center of gravity) lithium battery, 70C / 140C (instantaneous), low internal resistance, suitable for Modified and Stock group events. The low center of gravity design can reduce unnecessary twisting of the frame in corners and increase lap speed.
POWER STAR launched a new servo product, a new CNC hollow cup servo, equipped Dromida Rc Car with a hollow cup motor, high-quality metal gears and a durable nylon fiber-reinforced housing. Performance parameters: 4.8V 0.105 seconds; 6.0V 0.095 seconds; power: 4.8V 7.0kg * cm; 6.0V 8.5kg * cm, available this month.

Rc Drift Car Parts, Fastest Rc Car In The World 300 Mph For Sale, Mini Rc Car

T-Work ‘s launches a series of count Mini Rc Car erweight modified parts for Xray T4 electric motor homes. Copper batter Fastest Rc Car In The World 300 Mph For Sale y limit plates
Suit Rc Drift Car Parts able for Xray T4 series
Product code: TE-177-B
Number of products:
Bronze battery limit board x1
M3x8mm round head screws x2
Each limit board weighs 5g
——————– ————————————————– ————–
Aluminum battery limit plate
For Xray T4 series
Product code: TE-177-A
Number of products:
Aluminum battery limit plate x1
M3x8mm round head screw x2
——————————– ————————————————– –
Bronze motor base fixing plate
Xray T4 2017 Applicable
Product code: TE-178
Number of products:
Bronze motor base fixing plate x1
Each The weight of the fixed plate is 5g
—————————————— ——————————————
Bronze steering column < br> Xray T4 2017 Applicable
Product code: TE-180
Number of products:
Bronze steering column x2
Each steering column weighs 2.5g
——- —————————————– ————————————
Bronze front bumper fixing post
Xray T4 2017 Applicable
Product code: TE-181
Number of products:
Bronze front bumper fixing x2
Each bumper weight is 2.5g
The new Pro-Line Dodge RAM 2500 car shell suitable for most 1/10 short course RC cars is launched. Using Pro-Line’s unique Flo-Tek Evo car shell technology, it can reduce the ‘parachute’ effect problem during jumping and improve jumping performance. The wheel housing has more space, and players can install larger diameter wheels. Manufactured by a real car manufacturer with body stickers and spray masking paper.
Suitable for the following models
Traxxas® Slash
Traxxas® Slash 4×4
Associated SC10
Associated SC10 4×4
Ultima SC
Pro-Line PRO-2 SC

Spiderman Remote Control Car, Xmaxx Parts, Traxxas Slash Lcg Chassis

I ’ve been in the pit for some time. When I bought it, Little Snowman found that the 90026 had the same chassis as the 90050, only one was a desert card and the other was a short card. At that time, I felt that the short truck type had no love and I chose 90046. .
This is what Snowman is like now. I have learned a lot during various OP and various battle losses. I feel like I have found a balance point attitude, performance, appearance and strength that belong to this car. I am already quite satisfied with it, and I gradually learned the temper of this car, and the damage is less and less. The emptiness that comes with it is that I find that a car can no longer satisfy myself, so I want to try Try other models. At this time, I started to pay attention to the short card. I saw many posts about the short card and even the real short card game video. I didn’t expect to be poisoned like this … So the idea of ​​buying a second RC was gradually emerging! Because the Traxxas Slash Lcg Chassis Little Snowman was scared of repeated car repair and maintenance every time I played, my biggest requirement for buying a short truck was rugged and durable. So my friend recommended me Traxxas SLASH. It is durable, simple, and easy to repair. It is also very complete, this is what I want!
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A stroll around the model store gave me the first SLASH I bought at the time, and even went out of the box to forget to take a picture. This is a 4WD low center of gravity SLASH with the latest sound set and TSM stabilization system. For the first time, the low center of gravity plus the stability system allows me to make full throttle turns without having to worry like a snowman. It’s simply a silly running artifact haha. That kind of feeling is very good, and the sturdy and light frame does not have to worry about the problem of war damage. As long as it is not a full-speed impact, I have no problem running normally with a 2S battery.
However, when I was wandering in the salty fish app, I found a seller sellin Xmaxx Parts g a new SLASH 2WD high center of gravity chassis. On the one hand, the price is within the acceptable range. On the other hand, I also know some information about high center of gravity SLASH. , High center of gravity SLASH suspension stroke will have a better attitude. The advantages brought by the two-wheel drive are very power saving, and the structure is simpler, but the stability is also a major disadvantage. It is easy to roll over at high speeds, so this is a high requirement for operation. 2, calm down to tune the playing chassis, it’s time to enjoy this fun ~ so decided to start the third RC.
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The frame arrived within two days. It is indeed a new chassis. Hahaha, I feel I have picked up the treasure.
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Then came the tires. I chose the road tires of Louis at first, and I felt that the simulation of the tire tread is very high. Because I said earlier, this car is a car with care, so all the details are based on the simulation route. The tire is not used ~ ha ha ha
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Then the motor ESC must receive these necessary things. It is indispensable, but the specific use will not be explained one by one, but In short, the performance is definitely too strong for the two-wheel drive, but it is better than no haha. Next is some mood pieces and reinforcements. SLASH does not need much OP, depending on the mood.
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It is mainly the front and rear anti-collision fender motor protection seat steering rods and so on. I think the most ne Spiderman Remote Control Car cessary thing here is that the original steering rod factory is too easy to worry about. Break or replace it early
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Original metal steering rod T home exclusive Sao blue
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After installation I feel in my heart More practical ~
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RPM motor protection seat ~ It is worth mentioning that in addition to its own accessories rich in RPM plastic parts, the price is reasonable and the toughness is just enough than the original factory Slightly poor but enough for normal use.
At this point, the chassis has been basically completed. Next, one of the issues I considered was the center of gravity. The frame itself is a high center of gravity, the speed is fast, and the body is too light. Young drivers have complained about cornering and turning, so I decided that the best way to increase the weight of the body is to buy a stainless steel pig cage directly. This can not only reduce the center of gravity of the body, but also increase the strength of the body. It can also optimize the walking attitude and increase the degree of simulation. get moreHowever, I encountered difficulties when looking for a 2-drive SLASH pig cage. I originally planned to buy a special roll cage for Integy. The seller was informed that the factory had stopped production. I had been searching for a long time and I could not find a seller. I bought it through a purchasing company. After waiting for half a month and being told to be detained by the customs …
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Is that so? impossible! So I found a friend who customized pig cages. He once had experience in making pig cages for various short cards. After communicating with him, he decided to use titanium alloys to make pig cages, which can ensure the strength and effectively reduce the load on the motor and gear. After a long week waiting for my pig cage to be completed!
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The next thing after the pig cage is finished is the car shell The original car shell? Self spraying car shell? I was in trouble again, and one day later, the car shell sold by a seller of salted fish app made me shine! Start without saying a word.
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It was this sulking car case that poisoned me. This is a short truck case produced by killerbody and I have never seen the seller on the market. Not willing to use the final change of hands I think a good car shell should be used to enjoy it instead of leaving it like this is really wasteful.
Next I started to figure out how to carve this car shell ~ to make it more perfect! Killerbody is a manufacturer that specializes in car shells and car shells. It should be famous in the mosquito car industry. However, there are not many resources in the short card area. So I started to collect various detailed enhancements.
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Every day after the new harvest, the whole car receives the linked lights , Light cups, fire extinguishers, reflectors and other details have been continuously obtained by me.
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Details of the outer roll cage [attach] 3591452 [/ attach]
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Installing the roof light
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Installation of lamp cups and wiring of car lights
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Power on test!
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Details of car windows
After months of a series of modification, the distance between this SLASH 2WD and my imagination is getting closer and closer today. The temperature has dropped a bit, and I ’m ready to run down and take a look at the ground before taking a few simple photos.
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Finally, I can see that I bought another PL non-stick short truck wheels and short truck tires. It took a lot of silver but the tires came for a car. It ’s very important. It ’s definitely worth spending more here. Today ’s increase in control is 20% forward and the throttle is 40% backward. I feel that the speed is already very fast. 100% of the output is estimated to look up. Pay attention to the corners without turning. The performance is better than 4WD. The shock compression when a lot of tires are bumpy is very good. It really is a good car worth playing carefully. The efforts of these months are worth it!