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Tamiya Tamiya model will launch Land Rover Defender 90 (Land Rover Defender) remote control car based on CC-01 chassis. The product number of this 1/10 new car is 58657. Beginner Rc Car I believe the update details will be announced in the near future. In the middle of last month, Tamiya model Tamiya launched the Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide CC-01 (Mitsubishi Pajero). It seems that Tamiya’s CC-01 series will gradually engrav the classic off-road vehicle again.

VP-Pro launches 1 to 8 off-road tires with the number 804. The tires are traditional small square nail design, but the shape angle of the nail is especially designed for hard ground and fine powder and hard ground to improve the corner grip And reduce the chance of rollover.

The 20-year-old kyosho lazer series is a scenic line in the RC world. It is the hero who popularized the 4-wheel drive electric buggy, and won various honors including the world championship.

Lazer ZX-5 RTR is now on the market with championship bloodlines.

Team Orion has introduced two new charge Axial Ax10 Deadbolt Parts rs. In fact, w Best Rc Cars 2019 e have already seen it at the previous Nuremberg show. Clubman Edition is a compact, fully featured premium charger. Can be charged from transmitting electricity to ignition electricity. The system uses the traditional peak detection charging mode with a maximum current of 6A. There is also the Clubman LIPO Edition specifically for lithium batteries

Traxxas Rustler Vxl Brushless, Traxxas E Revo, 1 10 Body Shell

3Racing officially launched the Cactus 2WD race-grade electric off-road vehicle. The new car took 18 months to develop and uses a long wheelbase composite material frame that supports straight and 1 10 Body Shell short-body lithium batteries. Players can choose the currently popular tail motor and center motor settings to match different venue requirements. The transmission part is equipped with a strong limited slip design, 12.5mm large-capacity aluminum shock absorber, 12mm rim coupler, and the ESC mount made of carbon fiber materials are all standard equipment. It is believed that the 3R Traxxas E Revo acing Cactus 2WD electric off-road vehicle has good performance and relatively competitive price.

HPI’s Q32 mini remote control car is about to launch the HB’s famous truck D8T. The newly designed shell, rear wing, rear wing frame and anti-roll cage, the body is painted with Ty Tessmann’s signature car flowers, using new disc The hub and low flat rate ra Traxxas Rustler Vxl Brushless cing tires are the same as Ty’s ROAR champion car D8T TE, except that the size is reduced by 4 times!
The price of Q32 D8T is expected to be the same as or slightly higher than the first Q32 (extra cost to Ty Tessmann), but it will still remain at a price close to the people. Just this Q’s D8T appearance is enough for many competition players to get started.

Team Wave officially released the RB-50 ESC that was exposed earlier. This is the latest generation of top-level brushless control system, providing professional functions such as drag brake, turbo drive, time shift, throttle curve, brake curve, voltage curve LiPo cut, temperature termination Temperature cut and brushless reverse function. At the same time, the ESC has a very small volume and is also compatible with brushed motors.

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FID launched 0 ° -90 ° adjustable iron fan pri Rc Formula 1 ncess air filter box for LOS Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Upgrades I 5IVE-T gasoline remote control car.
1: The name of FID Iron Fan Princess Air Filter is derived from the banana fan of Iron Fan Princess in the four famous books (Journey to the West). Because the design of this air filter is particularly similar to that of Princess Iron Fan’s banana fan, the name is: Fan Princess empty filter box.
2: The product has several characteristics. It can be installed on the market with BAJA metal and nylon air filters for use on LOSI 5IVE-T cars. The main purpose is to prevent the rear wheel dust from flying to the air filter and damage the engine. With this two types of air filtration methods, vertical and horizontal, this method effectively prevents dust from spreading into the carburetor.
3: In the product design, we have made dustproof and waterproof treatment in each connection part. The FID c Traxxas X Maxx Batteries ompany logo is lasered on the sealing cover.
According to FID’s BAJA air filter placed on the LOSI 5IVE-T and using the iron fan princess air filter box, the strict test results are as follows:
1) When you run dirt roads and dusty roads, it is recommended to put Air filter horizontal installation
2) When you run the road can be horizontal or vertical
The installation steps are as follows:
1: Install BAJA series air filter on the iron fan princess air filter box
2: Remove the carburettor position of the engine as shown in the figure below. 3: Install the carburetor septum, you must install the seal ring.
4: Screw the carburetor and the stringer after passing through the iron fan princess air filter box. Gasket
5: Install the iron fan princess air filter box on the engine and adjust the screw to the proper angle to lock the screw
6: Place the sealing cap on the air filter box and lock the screw (the sealing cap has the With sealing ring)
Kyosho Kyosho launched 1/24 4WD MINI-Z Buggy MB-010VE, equipped with ASF 2.4GHz remote control system (No. 32290B). This MINI-Z four-wheel drive electric off-road vehicle chassis set is equipped with ASF 2.4GHz remote control system and new brushless power. After three years of improvement, the new MINI-Z brushless power module is finally transplanted to the off-road vehicle chassis. The new MINI-Z BUGGY is equipped with a new electronic transmission developed by KYOSHO in cooperation with Scorpion Power System. It uses TeamOrion’s 8500Kv brushless motor. The entire power system provides powerful torque and linear power output. It solves the problem that the MINI-Z VE series is not linear at low speed, so that the power is smoothly and linearly transmitted to the four wheels.

The MINI-Z BUGGY VE set comes standard with MBW033 (chassis protection version), which can provide more rigid support at the front of the chassis and effectively reduce the twist of the front of the chassis. The standard size damping shock absorbers of the BUGGY series are used, and details such as ball joints and screws have been slightly modified to make the suspension system of the vehicle smoother during driving. The entire vehicle is equipped with high-quality ball bearings as standard.

ASF 2.4GHz / Scorpion Power System Mini Electronic Transmission Module / ORION
8500KV Brushless Motor
Motor Gear (11T / 13T / 15T)
Bottom-shaft large teeth (33T / 55T)
On-board tools
Vehicle start-up is sold separately:
2CH / 3CH Transmitter
Car shell
4 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for chassis
Battery for transmitter

Axial Scx10 Rtr, Car Remote Control Car, Slash 4X4 Differential Upgrade

In recent years, the market for remote control Slash 4X4 Differential Upgrade model cars Car Remote Control Car has been intensified, and market competition has intensified. There are almost all types of scale vehicles. Hongnuo understands that when driving a 1/16, 1/18 small-scale car model, ordinary consumers can only play in empty lanes or indoors.
Axial Scx10 Rtr It is not possible to enjoy the fun of driving in the actual off-road vehicle yard. . In view of the regret that such consumers have not enjoyed playing cars. Hong Nuo’s design team, after spending more than a month of market research and observation, and after the brainstorming of the design members, finally found a blue ocean, and specially created a 1/12 small scale racing off-road truck to the market. So that this car can enjoy Mercedes-Benz in a legitimate 1/8 SUV, without losing the elegance of playing a remote control car.
Hongnuo Company named this 1/12 racing off-road cargo card-CRT.5.
A few years back, Hongnuo Company is the world’s first manufacturer of 1/8 racing off-road freight cards. At this time, Hongnuo Company is unique and once again became the leader of remote control model car production. / 12 scale racing cargo card is now on the market.
The world’s only 1/12 scale racing cargo card-CRT.5 PRO version
● New design ultra-small front and rear gear box.
● New design small differential group.
● Super lightweight abrasion resistant aluminum alloy differential gear.
● Ultra-rigid and ultra-wear-resistant umbrella teeth.
● The new style ‘C’ seat with dust cover.
● Use 4mm steel differential cross shaft.
● CNC lathe manufactures large central steel straight teeth.
● CNC milling machine manufactures 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum 3mm front hydraulic frame (hard surface treatment).
● CNC milling machine manufactures 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum 3mm rear hydraulic frame (hard surface treatment).
● The porous position can choose the hole position on the front hydraulic frame.
● The multi-hole position can choose the hole position on the rear hydraulic stand.
● Porous position can choose the lower hole position of the swing arm oil pressure frame.
● 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum, 3mm front / rear swing arm mount (hard surface treatment).
● 6061-T6 2.5mm aluminum alloy chassis (hard surface treatment).
● 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum 3mm, 2.5 degree ~ 3 degree adjustable rear wheel projection board (hard surface treatment).
● Side lying front wheel steering servo can reduce the center of gravity.
● The entire car uses a plastic cover to prevent dust.
● Swing arm is fixed without E-ring design.
● Equipped with front wheel coupling drive shaft.
● Design of central and front disc brake system.
● Long-stroke geometric design of front and rear swing arms for maximum performance.
● The rear wheel tilt angle can be adjusted from 22 to 24 degrees.
● Super lightweight carbon fiber second floor.
● New type 10mm large capacity external tooth type shock absorber (hard surface treatment).
● Eccentric shaft design brake system device.
● Adjust the new spring buffer group above.
● Adjustable ‘Agerman’ angle geometric design.
● The front and rear wheels are made of high-rigid forward and reverse teeth, making it easy to adjust the negative inclination.
● Adjustable 2mm balance bar for front and rear wheels.
● Competition-grade 3-piece flywheel and clutch set.
● Manufacture of precision CNC lathe, high-steel heat-treated 13T clutch cover.
● Adjustable cooling engine mount.
● Large crash bumper designed for Truggy.
● New design lightweight disc-shaped wheel frame.
● The switch has a dust cover design.
● The new 2.2 size high catch tire.
● Standard 75CC fuel tank.
● Double-layer high-flow sponge air filter.
● Exclusive integrated exhaust pipe for the new 12-stage rear engine.
● The new streamlined transparent truck case (with stickers).
● The entire car is assembled in 80% of the factory.
Length: 354mm
Full width: 285mm
Full height: 140mm
Full weight: 1860g
Suitable engines: Class 12 ~ 18 (rear exhaust engine) < br> * This car is a PRO version without engine and remote control.
CRT.5 Video:
The Vedio For CRT.5:

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Yokomo launched the new R12C 12 Twelve (1/12 electric flat road car). The R12C is a complete replica of the 2012 12 Tsai World Champion Naoto Matsukura. Products include weight-optimized frames, a new mid-steering mechanism that increases Ackermann angle. The wide adjustable tail s Xo1 Rc Car haft width helps the remote control car to adapt to different grip fields.

Remote Control Cars For Sale > Hongnor’s new car has been reveal The Best Rc Car ed at the Nuremberg exhibition. Seven months later, HN’s new car is unveiled. I believe it is not far from the mass production date. I look forward to the new car coming soon!

Sweep introduces the new EXP-24S RV tires, which are designed for low temperature environments and no longer worry about grip in winter. The new 24S formula has super soft characteristics. In addition to the characteristics of low temperature and high grip, the durability of performance is also sufficiently guaranteed to maintain the performance of the entire event. Comes with original wheels, glued together, four per pack.

Hot Bodies’ 1 to 8 off-road vehicle D8 is coming soon. The factory announced a video.

Part Nr.:#103270
T-Work ‘s launched a steel floor anti-wear plate. The product is made of stainless steel and its thickness is only 0.6mm. The thickness does not affect the height adjustment of the car too much. It is very convenient to install, it can be directly installed on the rear floor. Protects the aluminum base plate to make it more wear-resistant, and a variety of popular 1/8 off-road vehicles are available.
Kyosho MP9 series, product code: TO-220-K.
Mugen MBX-7 / 7R, product Code: TO-220-M.
Hong Nor X3 EVO applies, product code: TO-220-HN.
HB Racing D815 / D817 / E817 applies, product code: TO-220-HB.
For S-Workz S350 series, product code: TO-220-S.