Slash 4X4 Axles, Jlb Cheetah Rc, Jeep Wrangler Remote Control Car

Jeep Wrangler Remote Control Car Jlb Cheetah Rc KKPIT released a light off-road remote control car based on the KONE PERFORMACE platform, named LBE. This model has light off-road features, can use 120A ESC and 2S brushless power, and has good handling. The K1-SCE short card can also be converted into an LBE off-road vehicle through the original modification kit, which increases the variability of the KONE platform car series and increases fun.
Proline has previously launched Chevy Silverado truck shells for Slash and SC10, and now ProLine has launched the same style shells for HPI Blitz frames. More photos in this article Source: Pro-Line [] \u0026 amp;

Everyone remembers Team Magic’s recent announcement to enter the electric housing market? Here are some pictures of their new car.

It is still the same 3-belt drive as the original design, but there have been many changes compared to the prototype. This car is starting to look more like Team Losi JRX-S Type R.

MCD Racing launched the X5 rally petrol remote control car. After more than a year Slash 4X4 Axles of testing and competition, MCD developed the rally X5 petrol remote control car on the basis of the XS 5 flat running chassis. 4WD transmission, some parts are common with XS-5, including tail differential, front collision avoidance, etc. Built-in frame roll cage, like a real pull car shell with large rear wing, rearview mirror, etc. XS-5 players can purchase kits to convert to X5 rally cars. The MCD X5 will be released in two versions: the factory version and the competitive version.

Tamiya Tt02 Upgrades, 4Wd Rc Buggy, Belted Rc Tires

The static point model released JDM- Belted Rc Tires 139, 1/24 all-metal pickup truck frame. Standard geared motor 150 rpm (1: 100 reduction ratio), motor voltage 2-12V, axle l 4Wd Rc Buggy arge teeth 41 teeth, small teeth 10 teeth, M0.3, reduction ratio 1: 4.1. The suspension adopts the blade arm side tie rod structure, tire wheel rims, stainless steel drive shaft and simulated beams and axles. Dimensions are 207mm long, 100mm wide, 63mm Tamiya Tt02 Upgrades high (excluding car shell), 250g (without electronics and car shell). Materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel and 45 steel. The car shell in the picture is the Meritor 1/24 Raptor F150 car shell, which needs to be purchased separately. The steering gear and other electronic equipment also need to be purchased separately.
Pro-Line launches LockDown 1/5 remote control car tires, suitable for use with HPI Baja 5SC and Losi 5IVE-T gasoline remote control cars. The unique XTR formula and small spikes provide good grip even on soft soil. The sides of the tires have been strengthened to increase durability. Height 187mm, width 76mm. Does not include inner tube, can be used with HPI 5T Rear Foam (Part # 4818) or Losi 5ive-T (Part # LOSB7241) inner tube.
Video LinkTekno RC launched the NB48 oil-powered off-road vehicle, which was developed based on the EB48 and SCT410 platforms. The NB48 has a good weight distribution and the center of gravity is more concentrated on the centerline of the frame. A 4mm-thick, narrow floor made of 7075 reinforced aluminum CNC is used to set the frame torsion. The engine can be moved 18mm back and forth, allowing the rider to find a suitable center of gravity setting to meet different field requirements. The transmission system uses a lightweight three-differential design for higher acceleration efficiency. 16mm large-capacity shock absorbers, 5mm-thick aluminum hydraulic frame, and long-stroke suspension ensure that the car can cope with various terrains while providing good grip. NB48 and EB48 or SCT410 are common for a large number of parts, reducing spare parts inventory. It can be seen that Tekno RC’s NB48 oil-powered off-road vehicle has done enough work to attract a number of players to start new cars.

Fast And Furious Rc Cars, Rustler Front Shock Tower, Trx 4 Blazer

Founded in 2001, the ‘China International Model Expo’ has been successfully held for ten sessions, and is currently the world’s top model event with the highest specifications, the largest exhibition scale, and the richest on-site activities. With the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, the 11th China International Model Expo, hosted by the China Association for Trade and Economic Cooperation, will be held in Beijing Exhibition Center from April 30th to May 3rd, 2012. A total of nearly 300 domestic and foreign manufacturers participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition area reached 16,000 square meters. It is expected that it will attract nearly 20,000 trade visitors and model enthusiasts from 32 countries and regions.
As the top domestic model trade and experience event, this China International Model Expo is even more exciting:
1. The exhibition is gorgeously upgraded and attracts many attention:
China Model Expo has launched a new monogram and The exhibition website was completely revised to point to a wider audience and provide a more convenient exhibiting experience, which is refreshing.
2. Stimulating the economy and expanding domestic demand:
China Model Expo is based on traditional international trade negotiations and invites domestic model and toy industry marketing customers to jointly explore the huge potential of China’ Trx 4 Blazer s local model sports and consumer markets.
3. The live experience is more vivid:
China Model Expo will hold a rich model competition and live experience activ Rustler Front Shock Tower ities to strengthen the interactive effect.
Activities include:
● static model painting experience: training the cradle of industrial appearance designers;
● paper model production: fully test people’s ability to create by hand;
● simulated remote control flight experience: number Ten realistic environment simulation systems invite you to experience the fun of remote control flight without loss;
● Mini-Z remote control car field race: the world’s smallest 1/27 scale professional racing competition, let the car run out of great fun; < br> ● Indoor RC Helicopter Challenge Challenge: ‘Circle TV Tower’, ‘Through Tunnel’, ‘Rescue Offshore Drilling Platform’ and other live scene performances invite masters and rookies to actively experience; ● On-site remote control car racing drift and remote control The Fast And Furious Rc Cars off-road vehicle platform performance event will actively participate with many companies to create a paradise for RC fans.
4. Attract high-end events to attract multi-party support: The China Model Expo’s on-site competitions were won by the China Automobile Industry Association, the National Federation of China UNESCO Associations, the National Comparative Education Center, the Beijing Aerospace Science and Technology Institute, and the Beijing Science and Technology Education Promotion Association. Strong support from a number of authoritative institutions
5. Promote science education for young people:
China Model Expo aims at the majority of young people, and organizes model manufacturers and education experts to attend the theme of ‘Entertainment-Model Products and Teaching Technology Equipment’ seminar. ‘Play with style, mold has no boundaries’, China International Model Expo will bring you more experience! Welcome to the exhibition website: for more information.
Corally’s HMX electric RV should not be far from the official launch date, and the factory has announced more information on new HMX vehicles. HMX uses a novel tower suspension hydraulic suspension, made of 7075-T6 high-strength aluminum, to ensure the sturdy suspension system. The frame part uses a narrow chassis design to make the vehicle more flexible. Provide carbon suspension arm and 5 different shock hole position settings. The transmission part is matched with a tail tooth differential straight shaft, and a MIP CVD transmission shaft is used to ensure durability and transmission efficiency.
The mounting position of the motor is closer to the center of the frame, so the weight distribution of the frame is better. The holes specially designed for the use of lithium battery counterweights are distributed on the centerline of the frame. The dimensions of the HMX are a width of 188 mm / 190 mm and a wheelbase of 258 – 260 mm. Because of the new design, the real performance of HMX will not be revealed until after the listing. I hope that HMX can bring players a new electric remote control RV experience.
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Duratrax Warhead Parts, Feiyue Fy03H, Gas Remote Control Cars

LRP also join Gas Remote Control Cars s the 1 to 18 RV market. The car is called S18TC, and it uses the popular shaft drive, front and rear spider differential, hydraulic shock absorber, and CVD of the whole car. Kit and RTR versions are available. The RTR is equipped with LRP A.I. Micro waterproof ESC with reverse gear. The motor uses 380 size and the steering gear is larger than a normal 18 car.

LRP S18 Features:
-1/18 scale touring car
-RTR kit including: LRP AI Micro Reverse speedo (waterproof), LRP Phaser Sport receiver 27MHz AM, micro Feiyue Fy03H battery stickpack, 220V charger, LRP A2-STX Sport transmitter incl. Charge socket, full-size steering servo, 380 size Micro motor-32.000 rpm
-Aluminium motor mount, adjustable for various pinion sizes
– Super efficient 4WD all-wheel drive with aluminium drive shaft
-4-spider diff Duratrax Warhead Parts erential front and rear
-Fully equipped with low-friction ball bearings (15 pieces)
-20-tooth steel pinion, 45- tooth spur gear
-Sealed gearbox
-Universal joints at front and rear
-Extra low center of gravity for optimal handling
-Fully adjustable pivot ball front suspension
-Double wishbone suspension front and rear
-Blue anodized oil filled thread shocks
-Blue anodized aluminium tuning shock towers front and rear with various mounting points
-2 mounting points at the suspension arm
-Ad justable camber front and rear
-Front caster adjustment
-Aluminium suspension arms
-Front bumper
-Fully adjustable ride height
-Extra stiff chassis in tub design
-Black aluminium upper chassis strut at front with swaybar holder
-Standard hex. wheel mount (compatible with Xray)
-Glued High Grip Slick Tyres
-Racing Dish rims
-Decaled and pre-cut painted racing touring car bodyshell in airbrush design with chrome-metallic effect
-2 different High Downforce rear wings
-Fully adjustable body posts
-Completely built model as RTR and Non RTR version

Traxxas Bigfoot 1, 1.55 Tires, E Revo 1 10 Brushless

Tami E Revo 1 10 Brushless y 1.55 Tires a Model America Branch announced that it will launch a new Monster Beetle 1 / 10th 2WD kit. This is a rebirth of the Beetles in the 1980s. It is not a complete re-enactment. The 2015 new car h Traxxas Bigfoot 1 as been strengthened and upgraded, including the use of integrated drive shafts, new bumpers, large dust covers, 130mm diameter tires, ABS car shells and Stickers. Continued use of trapezoidal frame design, independent suspension, Kit products. The specific listing date has not yet been announced.
HUDY launched the Body Fixing Glue Body Fix, which is ideal for racing-grade remote-control car shells for quick repairs. Specially formulated glue can quickly bond and fasten the cracked part of the car shell. At the same time, it can be used on the new car shell to strengthen the car shell, strengthen some positions that are easily damaged by collision, and extend the service life of the car shell. # 106280 HUDY Body Fix
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Traxxas launches the new 330 and 400 series servos. The 330 series is a waterproof high-torque steering servo, suitable for 1/10 models, compatible with Traxxas TSM technology, built-in dual bearing steel gear, digital nuclear-free motor, central aluminum radiator, including TRX-4 and other popular models.
Traxxas 400 series are digital brushless high torque waterproof servos, suitable for UDR, E-Revo VXL and most Traxxas 1/10 models.
Spektrum introduced the S120 USB-C smart charger, which is small and easy to use. The total power is 20W, which supports most of the USB power input. Just connect the battery and the charger can immediately detect the battery information and start charging. IC3 connector, support 2-3S lithium battery, 6-7 NiMH batteries, up to 2A, general performance is easy to carry. Part # SPMXC1020.

Traxxas Slash 2Wd Upgrade Parts, Nitro Rc Cars Amazon, Hpi Bodies

Ho Hpi Bodies rizon Hobby launch Nitro Rc Cars Amazon es ECX Ruckus and Torment 1/18 4WD RTR trucks. The two remote control cars use the same synthetic bottom frame and 4WD straight-axis drive. The extended suspension rocker arm and hydraulic shock absorber provide good stability for the car to walk. Among them, Ruckus uses large tires and pickup truck shells, and Torment uses short-card style car shells. Both products are equipped with 2.4GHz remote control, waterpr Traxxas Slash 2Wd Upgrade Parts oof receiver / electric transformer integrated machine and Dynamite 380 motor.
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Sanwa will launch the PGS-LH SSL programmable low-profile servo with remote sensing, which is compatible with high voltage and supports SSR (Sanwa Super Response) and SHR (Sanwa Syncronized Link). Performance parameters: 7.4V-15.6KG torque, speed 0.09 seconds; 6V-12.8kg, 0.11 seconds. It adopts a brushless motor and an all-aluminum housing, weighs 53 grams, and measures 40.2mm × 20.5mm × 26mm. The remote sensing function can return the internal temperature, voltage, current and other data of the servo to the Sanwa compatible remote control.Last month we reported that JQ Products was about to launch THEeCar 1/8 electric off-road vehicle. After the prototype was unveiled, JQ officially launched their first 1/8 brushless electric off-road vehicle THEeCar. Based on the development of the Yellow version of the oil-powered off-road vehicle, the same front and rear gearboxes as the oil-powered version are used, and a side protection design base plate is added. The electric version of the JQ off-road vehicle differs from the oil version only in the bottom plate, side protection components, medium difference, and transmission dog bones. Many parts are common to the oil version.


Traxxas Stampede Body, Mini Rc Rock Crawler, Traxxas Slash 4X4 Ultimate

Pro Line introduces two new products for HPI Baja 5T and 5B. The first is the Trofeo car shell, which is made of .080 ″ Lexan material. Pro Line car shells always use this material. Do n’t underestimate this material. Softness and durability are absolutely impossible for domestic car shells. This Traxxas Slash 4X4 Ultimate material is used by Mini Rc Rock Crawler Nasa (NASA) on a variety of aerospace equipment. As for the characteristics of this car shell, there is no need to say more, mainly to optimize the original style. Another new product is for Baja The Lexan undertray (protective bottom pocket) used by 5B is also made of Lexan material. In addition to protecting the chassis to reduce sand, rock, and other road damage, it also has a certain bottom turbulence and a certain aerodynamic performance.

Source: Pro Line [] \u0026 amp;

Wheelbase 320mm / 12.60 ‘
Weight 3100g / 109.35 oz
Length 490mm / 19.29′
Height 300mm / 11.8 ‘
Height 180mm / 7.09′
Thunder Tiger Thunder Tiger launches the EB4 S2 Pro 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle. Contains a three-channel 2.4GHz remote control. The high-performance PRO-21 hand-drawn engine is ready to go, and the shell is finished with the original spray coating. The humanized component design makes maintenance work no longer take up too much playing time for players, and the trustworthy structure makes RTR a high-performance Mercedes-Benz no longer a dream!
100% factory assembled body
· ACE R / C 2.4GHz PS3 wireless spread-spectrum 3-channel gun remote control system
· High torque steering servo
· Painted printing car shell
· Race-level suspension suspension system
· 3 sets of high-performance gear differentials
· Thunder Tiger high-power PRO-21BX pull start engine
· Double-layer high-flow air Filter
· Nylon plastic parts with high impact resistance composite material
· Aluminum alloy anode bottom plate
· Aluminum alloy front and rear shock absorber fixed version
· Aluminum alloy steering link
· Aluminum alloy front and middle Differential fixed version
· High-capacity off-road tires
· High-capacity aluminum alloy adjustable hydraulic shock absorber
· Front spherical Vientiane drive shaft
· Ventilated flywheel or new trapped flywheel
> · High-performance aluminum alloy elbow and acceleration tube
· Full vehicle projection / tilt angle / beam angle adjustable
RTR finished car package contains:
1.100% factory ass Traxxas Stampede Body embled car body
2.3 channel ACE R / C COUGAR 2.4GHz PS3 wireless spread-spectrum gun type remote control system
3. Thunder Tiger high-power PRO-21BX pull start engine
4. Painted off-road vehicle shell finished by original factory
5. Machine battery collector box (not attached Rechargeable battery)
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Traxxas Ford Fiesta, Rc Military Trucks, Rc Dash Cam

Team Orion launches Vortex MR8 and MR8L 1/8 brushless racing motors. There are two versions. The normal length is suitable for off-road vehicles. The XL version is suitable for Truggy and big bicycles. Specific models include 1750 KV, 1950 KV, 2100 KV, 2400 KV, L 1500 KV, L 1750 KV, L 1950 KV L 2100 KV and L 2400 KV

Team Orion have released their all new Vortex MR8 and MR8L 1/8 sensored brushless racing motors. Equipped with sensors for perfect throttle control and a 4 pole rotor for impr Rc Dash Cam oved performance, they come in two versions, regular length for buggies and XL for truggies and monster trucks. Available in 1750 KV, 1950 KV , 2100 KV, 2400 KV, L 1500 KV, L 1750 KV, L 1950 KV L 2100 KV and L 2400 KV versions.


1/8 Sensor Technology Race Legal Normal and XL Sizes Rebuildable 4 Pole Rotor for Extra Torque Rc Military Trucks Heat Fins for best cooling

ORI28811 Vortex MR8 1750 KV
ORI28812 Vortex MR8 1950 KV
ORI28813 Vortex MR8 2100 KV
ORI28814 Vortex MR8 2400 KV
ORI28815 Vortex Traxxas Ford Fiesta MR8 L 1500
ORI28816 Vortex MR8 L 1750 KV
ORI28817 Vortex MR8 L 1950 KV
ORI28818 Vortex MR8 L 2100 KV
ORI28819 Vortex MR8 L 2400 KV

Source: Team Orion

Rc Bumblebee, Traxxas Slash Battery, Slash 2Wd Upgrade Parts

Losi’s 18.5V 4000mAh 5-ce Slash 2Wd Upgrade Parts ll lithium polymer battery is suitable for racing-grade 1-8 cars. It can effectively increase the time of a sports car and provide super power. The battery is protected by a hard case and comes with a low resistance EC5 plug.

The French company Medial Pro has released new wheels for off-road vehicles. The new product is suitable for all 1/8 off-road tires, and the design of the product has also been improved. design. Listed next weekArrowmax has launched an upgraded lithium battery protection bag that Traxxas Slash Battery can be used during lithium battery storage or charging. Manufactured with fire-resistant fiber materials, which can effectively play explosion-proof and flame-retardant propertie Rc Bumblebee s, allowing you to use lithium batteries with peace of mind. The dimensions are 185x75x60mm.

Kyosho’s legendary 1/10 oil-powered motor home V-One R series will be launched after a period of silence for a new model, the new V-One R4sII. The new car belongs to the club level, and is not the top competition-level product. The frame is designed with a low center of gravity, and some positions are replaced with more sturdy and durable parts, such as oil pressure frames, receiver boxes, front anti-collision spoilers, shock absorbers, etc. The product will be unveiled at the Shizuoka Model Exhibition in Japan from May 13th to 14th.

3Racing Cactus, Truggy For Sale, Traxxas Slash 2Wd Wheels

Axial launches Wraith Spawn 1/10 4WD off-road Traxxas Slash 2Wd Wheels Truggy For Sale climbing vehicle, Kit version (AX9 3Racing Cactus 0056). This model introduced the RTR last year. The new Kit style comes standard with some high-performance components, including AR60 OCP axles, 2.2 ‘Maxxis Trepador tires, METHOD IFD ™ BEADLOCK wheels, aluminum suspension links, WB8 HD drive shafts, Waterproof receiver box and unpainted Spawn car shell. Suitable for players who want to assemble and match remote control equipment by themselves.

Yeah Racing launched their Radio-K aluminum remote control equipment storage box. It is suitable for Futaba 4PK or Spektrum DX3R and DX3S. It can effectively protect the remote control from shock damage. The sponge material used by the brand, the material inside the box is perfectly matched with the appearance of the remote control device through precise cutting. In addition, the box also provides additional storage space, which can place some RC remote control accessories and parts.

Source: Yeah Racing [] \u0026 amp;

Under the influence of the financial tsunami, it is estimated that the entire vehicle and the higher-priced RC products are difficult to sell. Various manufacturers have launched some RC accessories. Xray ’s latest team uniform is a women ’s Polo Shirt. The biggest feature is that it is hot. The weather can also keep cool (as if this slogan is also used by many big sports brands, huh, huh). In fact, the most important thing is the Xray logo on the clothes. You can see that you are Xray Fans at a glance, oh. . . No, this is women’s clothing. The lover of the beauty who wears this dress is Xray Fans! Fans who want to send clothes to girlfriend or wife, you can consider this Xray women’s Polo Shirt. Maybe MM thinks it is good-looking and supports you more.

Source: Xray []