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As a star battery brand under HobbyKing, Turnigy Nano-tech is more than a loud name. TURNIGY nano-tech lithium polymer nano-batteries are built using nanotechnology, which can greatly improve the efficiency of energy conversion by improving the effectiveness of the redox reaction, reducing the internal resistance of electrons and allowing them to transfer freely between the anode and the cathode. Simply put, Turnigy nano-tech has a lower number of voltage sags and a higher discharge frequency than similar density lithium polymer (non-nanotechnology) batteries. For players keen on chart data, it means a straighter and longer curve. For RC aircraft players, it means stronger throttle power and incredible straight-up performance. Unlike many brands that compose data, ratings, and chart information, the TURNIGT nano-tech series allows you to rest assured and provide unparalleled performance! The hard shell series specially designed for remote control cars enjoys a high reputation among foreign model friends, has a very high cost performance, supports high rate charging, and has been approved by ROAR for use in major events. Stay tuned for the latest news from RCFans!
Arrma launches Big Rock 6S 1/8 RTR electric big foot remote control car. It adopts double-side plate frame design (TVP) and straight-axis 4WD transmission. Whether it is flat road or off-road, the low center of gravity design can make the car more stable. Three differentials, using metal gears and a lockable differential design, allow the car to achieve four walking modes, including Blast, Wheelie, C Wpl C14 Upgrades limb, and Drift, just use The knob on the remote control can change the mode remotely. In terms of power, the BLX200 brushless electronic transmission is compatible with 6S lithium batteries, has a dual battery fixed position (supports 2S or 3S lithium batteries), a 200kv BLX motor, and the vehicle speed can reach 96km / h. The steering uses metal gear steering, and the Tatic TTX300 remote control is also standard. Product number AR106017. Since Arrma launched the Nero truck, some domestic players have already started. The fram Losi Mini T Parts e design can be called innovative, but the structure is complicated and the maintenance is more troublesome. The product is manufactured in mainland China and then exported Team Associated Rc10 Parts to the United States before being sold back to the country. Also higher.

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The Schuma Rc Rat Rod cher Mi3: The First Next Generation Touring Car. Once in a great while Cheap Hobby Grade Rc Cars an innovation occurs that so completely improves upon what is available that it sparks a change from one way of thinking to another. It ‘sa revolution, a transformation, a metamorphosis where old ideas are left behind and a new way of thinking takes over.The Schumacher Mi3 is the first next generation touring car. It will set new standards for 4WD electric touring car design.Featuring a host of design innovations and a unique ultra modern look the Mi3 will be the car to beat at race tracks around the world and the benchmark all new touring cars will be compared to. · Ultra low top deck design for lower centre of gravity. · 2mm Aerospace carbon fibre chassis and top deck. · Efficient transmission with twin Kevlar belts and precision CNC pulleys. · Alloy eccentric adjusters for optimum belt tension. · Easy diff height adjustment to allow changes in drive shaft plunge. This can be used to increase or decrease traction. · Industry first static layshaft with ultra low rotating mass gear pulley assembly. · Quick release diffs – Just 2 screws !! · Super easy to work on design. · Designed optimised for 4, 5, 6 cell and LiPo battery packs. Traxxas 1 18 · Symmetrical chassis layout with few screws minimises tweak. · Ultra smooth Nickel-Teflon plated threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and durability. · Purple alloy CV drive shafts with hard anodised axles and low friction blades. · Stiff 3mm shock towers with optimised shock positions .Lightweight machined diff pulley, Tungsten Carbide diff balls, aerospace thrust bearing and fixed trilobe diff washers. · New heavy duty front spool with CNC pulley. · Twin pivot block design allows infinite adjustment of roll centres, toe-in, anti-squat , and track width on front and rear. · New twin axis inner camber links for infinite camber link height and length adjustment. · Fully adjustable steering including Velocity Ratio, Ackermann Angle and Acke rman Rate. · Low C of G anti roll bars. · Speed ​​secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.

Prototype model shown, some details may vary.

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Pro-Line launch Serpent Rc Cars ed a new Rc Baja Buggy travel bag that allows players to easily store and organize remote-controlled cars and related items, which is especially suitable for going out for competitions. Retractable handle and sealed zipper design, large wheels at the bottom for easy transportation, dimensions meet the requirements of air consignment. Part number 6058-04.

Pro-Line has released pre-bonded 1 to 18 tires, which are available in Bow-Tie, Dirt Hawg, and Road Rage. Equipped with high-strength and durable white radial wheels. Similarly, the most suitable CA glue is used for the original bonded tires to achieve the strongest and even bonding effect, and you don’t have to worry about falling off like you did when you stuck the tires yourself.

Pro-Line (hereinafter referred to as PL) launch Lamborghini Aventador Rc Car ed the Pro-Panels car shell, which is suitable for Axial Bomber rock racer remote control car. The PL shell can directly replace the front cover, side panels and roof of the original car. The shape of the shell is more line-like than the original car shell. In addition, the 4-inch brake taillight installation position is reserved on the top. Transparent unpainted version, article number 3491-00.
From T-Work ‘s new product news, for MUGEN MBX6 / MBX6T and Hongnuo X3 / X3E off-road vehicle T-Work’ s launched aluminum alloy 7075 T6 stealth light and hard CVD components, lighter than the original standard shipping parts 50 %, Greatly improving transmission efficiency!

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Xceed launched a high-performance off-road vehicle engine product line. The product is manufactured by Picco in Italy. It seems that this series of engines is a bit familiar. In fact, Xceed’s engines have been sold in the market. Previously, the brand Mega was used for sale.
This series product package:
ZX-21 5P-DS4, a 5 port turbo engine, 8mm carburetor, lightweight cooling top
5P-DS4 EM is also a 5 port turbo engine, 8mm carburetor, Modified by Eduardo and select Mini Rc Tank ed components for assembly.
ZX-21 3P- DS4 is a 3 port engine with 8mm carburetor. The selling point is low fuel consumption.
Protoform launches Crosshair (Crosshair) shell positioning kit. Have you tried the shell’s asymmetry due to the inaccurate opening position? Protoform this product is to help you solve this problem. Use super strong magnets to aim and position the car shell pillars and car shells, allowing players to easily an Vaterra Ascender K10 Upgrades d accurately mark Tekno Sct410 3 the positions of openings on the surface of the car shell.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the ProLine brand zone for interaction
How to use
1. Install four metal positioners on the car pillar
2. Place the sprayed car shell on the car Rack, and use the positioning magnet assembly for positioning
3. Find the exact position of the car body opening and mark it
4.Open the car body

KM Racing introduces new tools for road bike players. New upper and lower limit gauges and droop gauges and droop blocks. Red anodized surface, aluminum alloy material with ‘KM Racing’ pattern printed on the surface. The measuring range of the upper and lower limits is from -3mm to + 10mm (accuracy is every 0.5mm), providing very accurate measurement data.

Source [RedRC]

Click more to see the droop gauge…

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Mtroniks Ge Ford Rc Car nesis PRO is an advanced version Nitro Glow Plug of the Genesis Sport Plus brushless ESC. It has forward, brake and reverse gears and is suitable for 1 to 10 vehicles. It can be matched with a 4.5T brushless brushless motor with a power equivalent to a 9T brushless motor.

Fully programmable battery selection, motor timing, acceleration, brakes and reverse, reverse disable Smooth controlable acceleration Huge power froma standing start A ‘return to base’ software upgrade facility Li-Po battery support for 2 to 4 cells 4 to 7 cells NiCAD or NiMH Automatic sensing of number of cells when using NiCAD or NiMH batteries Current limit cut-off 3A Hyper BEC 3 Internal Schottky diodes Auto cut-off computer Dimensions: -52mmx35mmx15mm Weight: -54g 100% Waterproof COMPLETELY SENSORLESS

Hitec’s HS-7985MG digital servo is a new G2 second-generation digital chip improved from the company. The new chip is twice as accurate as the original and has overload protection. Outdoor Rc Track HS-7985MG has huge torque and the gear set is quite firm, making it a good partner for various off-road vehicles.

Motor Type: Coreless
Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
Speed: 0.16 / 0.13 sec @ 60 deg.
Torque: 144/172 (4.8v / 6v) (10.4 / 12.4
Size: 1.57 ″ x 0.78 ″ x 1.45 ″ (40.00 x 20.00 x 37.00mm)
Weight: 2.18oz (62.00 g)

Detailed Feature Descriptions:
-G2 Digital Circuit
-Coreless Motor
-Dual Ball Bearing Supported Output Shaft
-Metal Gear Train (MK first gear)

Programmable Features Include:
-Dead Band Width
-Direction of Rotation
-Speed of Rotation (slower)
-End Points
-Neutral Points
-Fail Safe On / Off
-Fail Safe Point
-Resolution * (default is high resolution)
-Overload Protection * (default is off)
* these features are only programable with the HFP-20 field programmer

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The Panda Hobby (Panda) Tetra X1 and Tetra K1 climbing series, which have gained a good reputation in overseas markets, were officially brought into the Chinese market by Majero remote control. Panda Hobby (Panda) is a car model brand designed by Andrew, the former Australian Oil Vietnam runner-up, and jointly developed with Shenzhen Duan, focusing on the field of small car models, just like its brand slogan ‘The Model Over Your Expectations’ It is claimed that every Panda Hobby product hopes to exceed your expectations for this price and this size product, so that you get a super cool shopping experience with great value.

Here are some comments from Andrew provided to us by foreign users
‘This is a top quality crawler in a mini scale. Painted lexan body with handles, wipers, mirrors, etc. A spare tire that really is a spare you could use if needed. Lights work with a headlight and light bar that you turn on and off from the remote, brake lights that go on when you brake, and reverse lights that go on when you reverse. But it does more than just look good. Nice soft tires with weights inside keep the car planted on steep climbs. The metal, oil filled shocks help it over rough terrain and obstacles. The motor is the biggest one in this class which is a good choice for crawling. This thing turns heads of people who put many more times that much money into their 10th scale rigs. ‘

—- X1 is a top-quality mini climbing vehicle . Painted car shell with door handles, wipers, rearview mirrors and more. A full-size spare tire really works. The headlights and ceiling lights can be controlled remotely, and the brake lights and reversing lights are on when you brake and reverse respectively. But it can do better than it looks. Moderately soft tires with built-in weights make this car climbable on steep hills. Metal hydraulic shock absorbers help it overcome rough roads and obstacles. The motor is the largest in its class and is good for climbing. This car will make a lot of people who put their money into 10-car climbing to pay attention to it.
‘I am confident i Traxxas Rustler A Arms n my statement that this is the very best mini crawler truck that I have ever owned. I believe that it is even better than the brand that costs $ 100 more than this truck.’
— -I am confident in my statement that this is the best small climbing truck I have ever had. I believe it is better than the brand which is 100 dollars more expensive than this truck. ‘Great looks and styling, small added features are nice. Packaging is very nice (going with the Apple look). Traxxas Models Love the lights and the ability to turn them on and off. Nicest oil dampened shocks I’ve ever felt in something this small . ‘
—- Pretty good looking and stylish, those extra little selling points are awesome. The packaging is particularly nice (like buying an apple). Big love controllable lights. It should be the best hydra Traxxas Slash 2Wd Transmission ulic suspension you can feel at this level.
Domestic selling price of TETRA K1: ¥ 768
Domestic selling price of TETRA X1: ¥ 889
Now let ’s enjoy the style of Panda Hobby
All for climbing
Metal beam The whole car uses high-quality hex screws, a thick and sturdy four-link chassis system, and precisely installed ball heads and tie rods to achieve a very smooth running performance. Quality, construction, and appearance are all very simulated. Both metal and plastic parts are presented in high quality.
There are also big articles on small parts—excellent hydraulic shock absorbers
Details approach the wheels and tires of real cars, and built-in weights make climbing performance better
The solid chassis design is exquisite and portable The packaging used repeatedly in the field
The real handy play
Magero remote now invites Panda Hobby (Panda) agents nationwide
Contact email: [email protected],
Telephone: 0755-88840756
QQ: 305887271
WeChat: luojia9526

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With the rise of the Truggy trend, Hudy has also launched a shunting board common to Buggy and Truggy, which is wider th Long Range Rc Car an before.

The shunting board is made of stamped wood, which can be kept f Rc Tank Tracks lat and stable for a long time without deformation, and the edges are wrapped by plastic, which is not easy to damage.

Team Magic’s G4RS oil house is not very popular in China, but players who like to upgrade will definitely like the huge upgrade space of G4RS. K Factroy (another brand of Team Magic) has launched a large number of OP components For detailed content, please enter this article to download. Download: Original from K FactorySource Custom Painted Rc Car Bodies : K Factory

Gens Ace launched two competitions and lithium battery products, which are 5800mAh and 5000mAh 7.4V 2S batteries. Both products use hard-shell, JST XH balanced connectors. The 5800-capacity lithium battery supports 45C discharge, and the 5000 version supports 65C discharge.

Welcome to the RCFans electronic equipment discussion area to participate in the discussion

XRAY this NT1 multifunctional differential is finally on the market. Basically, it has the same design as the differential on the SERPENT 720.

In addition to using the front unidirectional function, we can also insert a hexagonal shaft and a bolt in the middle to become a front straight shaft.

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RC4WD launches TF2 LWB (Long Wheelbase Version) Rpm Rc Car Parts with Land Cruiser LC70 car body kit (Product No. Z-K0059). This 1/10 TF2 simulation climbing car has optional two-speed transmission, 4WD, bullet-proof transfer case, and high-quality metal components. The car shell comes from the Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 hard shell (Product No. Z-S1782) of Killerbody, which was authorized by Toyota Remote Control Jeep . The details are extremely high. The RCFans homepage also has corresponding unpacking operations. The shell will only be retailed with the RC4WD TF2 LWB frame.

XQ-POWER launched the new digital servo XQ-S4025D, 25KG torque high-end digital servo.
Output shaft metal swing arm: 25T
Size Size: A: 40.2mm * B: 20.1mm * C: 38.8mm
Weight Weight: 57.5g (2.03oz)
Peak stall torque : 25 (voltage 6.0V)
No load speed: 0.12 sec / 60 ° (voltage 6.0V)
Available voltage 4.8V-7.2V
Enclosure: Metal aluminum case (black)
XQ-S4025D is especially recommended for (remote control car model): 1/5, 1/8 oil-powered electric vehicles, Best Micro Rc Cars etc.
Reedy introduces the new Reedy 1000Z + Pro brushless racing electronic transmission. Suitable for Modified or Stock group electric RVs, low internal resistance circuit, with perfect throttle linearity and braking performance, the adjustable parameter range is also larger. The CNC case integrates a heat sink, and a cooling fan hole is reserved to support the installation of a 30mm cooling fan.
Input: 2S LiPo
Internal resistance (Ohms): 0.00014
Current (A): 100
Dimension (mm): 40.8 × 31.0×20.7
Motor limit: 5.5T
BEC: 6.0V / 3A

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Spotted this morning as the Tamiya team was leaving their hotel is this very special Marc Rheinard version of the TRF racing machine, made for the 2004 World Champion for an oustanding season. All aluminum parts have been gold anodized and it looks superb, what a bling bling effect, it looks awesone. This car is the only one of it ‘s type, it’ s as far as we know not scheduled for production, if it should ever become available count us in right away.
More photos and comments please enter:
GTpower professional version of the container lamp system, some players suggest to increase the vibration shake block, so that the models are more abundant, and the space applications are more adequate, this suggestion is quite good, so GTpower is a GTpower professional that has been purchased Users of the version of the container lamp provide free vibration shake blocks. The new shake blocks are thinner and slightly larger than the previous ones. According to the installation of different models, everyone has a better experience when playing the car.
New GTblock will be delivered to your home free of charge. The method of use is exactly the same as before. There is no change. In particular, the previous motor block installation has screw glue. If you replace the new block, you need to heat it to the screw. The softening of the glue removes the previous shaker, then installs a new sh Traxxas Stampede Parts aker and re-applies 2S Battery the screw glue. If there is anything unclear or in doubt, you can contact the technical staff and someone will answer it for you. Those who have already purchased can contact the technical QQ: 2355437735 for unified registration, or contact the distributor, feedback to us, and then Traxxas Ken Block arrange for free shipping uniformly, thank you for your support and love for G.T.power!

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Kyosho’s new generation PureTen oil room frame! If you are interested in participating in the KYOSHO Cup, Kyosho’s new oil room is very suitable for you. In addition to the designated car for the Beijing Commercial Cup, this oil room is also an excellent choice for entry-level players. Quantitative design is Steering Wheel Remote Control Car the main, adding a lot of Kyosho world champion oil house V-ONE RRR elements, set the characteristics of low center of gravity, various tuning parameters. The 3-belt, two-speed, and 15-stage engines will all be standard equipment. The rear suspension has an extended width (wave head position) of 2mm compared to the RRR. It provides a favorable Camber and enhanced grip on the rear suspension. -ONE SR can also be upgraded with sponge tires (I believe it will be sold in the form of upgrade kits), please wait and see this new car on the market! I believe that this car will soon be seen in major venues and activities in various places.

3-belt 4WD chassis can also be converted into the RRR. 2-speed A / T maxmizes the power of the GXR-15V engine. Separate structure of the front bulk head allows the differential unit to be replaced using just four bolts. Resin oil shocks with dial adjustment of chassis height included as standard. Includes 24mm wide rubber tires with inner foam supports. Features the same fuel tank as the formidable V-ONE RRR. Promises stable fuel flow even under the most severe racing conditions. Overhang is minimized past the rear differential to centralize mass and moment. Adjustable stabilizers (optional) can be fitted on front and rear.

3mm thick 17S-grade Duralumin main chassi Rc Drift Track Near Me s and resin upper deck produces an optimal combination of rigidity and flex for superior grip.

Rigid front axle works in harmony with the 2-bevel differential on the rear to deliver simple and efficient power transfer.

Newly designed rear hubs provide increased grip capacity through 9mm ball pivots on long ar ms that extend 2mm further out.

Setting options allow the upper arm pivot positions and the camber change rate to be adjusted.

Battery enclosed under the fuel tank contributes to the low center of gravity design, which centralizes mass and provides stable fuel flow.

The eccentric cam design of the RRR is adopted through the support section of the front and rear axles. Precision adjustment of belt tension is also available.


Equipped with GXR-15V engine without recoil starter to realize a simple and lightweight chassis structure.

Chassis Technical Data Length 370mm Widt Rc Auto Parts h 200mm Height 105mm Wheelbase 260mm Tread (F / R ) 176 / 176mm Tire (F / R) Φ 63 × 24mm / Φ 63 × 24mm Gear Ratio 7.63 / 5.33: 1 Weight 1,750g (approx.) Engine GXR-15V (without recoil starter)

Source: Kyosho \u0026 amp;