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Best Traxxas Slash 4X4 Upgrades

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In March this year, Traxxas launched the High-Output LED Light Kit for X-Maxx trucks. The product contains high-voltage light strips. Compared to the products in DIY workshops on the market, Traxxas’s original LED light packs have low temperature, stably guarantee the battery supply vol Gas Mocontrol Cars tage, and effectively protect the battery. Traxxas also pioneered a new feature, the intelligent brake light, whether it is forward or reverse, the brake light has a corresponding status display. Support plug-and-play, perfectly compatible with Traxxas VXL-8s electronic transmission. You can also use the Traxx Best Traxxas Slash 4X4 Upgrades as Link app and wireless module (product number # 6511 *) to remotely control and personalize the lamp group through the mobile APP. Recently, Traxxas provided the official introduction video of this light set.Team Losi Racing (TLR) introduces a 22 3.0 mid motor 2WD 1/10 electric off-road vehicle. The new 3.0 car allows players and drivers to quickly find the Fpv Rc Car right venue settings without having to make too many parameter changes. The new 3-gear drive and optimized motor mounting position reduce the distance between the motor and the differential by 12mm, which increases the grip on the tail and makes it easier to drive. The new chassis cut reduces unnecessary twisting of the frame and improves the walking stability of the car. Players and drivers can also switch to 4-gear transmission, which is especially suitable for use on low-grip tracks. The widened 2.5mm thickness baseplate supports split and short-body lithium batteries, and the weight distribution is more ideal. The suspension components and mounting holes have also been optimized to improve cornering and jumping performance. Ti-CN coated suspension shaft, large limited slip differential, and a large number of original upgrades are included in the product.
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The static point model (JDMODELS) released a 1/14 giant mining remote control truck model with huge dimensions, length 1015MM, width 685MM, height 560MM, minimum ground clearance 95MM, body weight up to 100 kg! This large remote control car is mainly made of aluminum alloy, iron plate, brass, chrome steel and PC plate materials.
In addition to the common remote control model car walking function, this product can carry the actual load, including bulk material (sand, sand, gravel) 100KG, the maximum weight can be 200KG. Use RC remote control model lithium battery drive, it is recommended to use 3S lithium battery above 25C, maximum speed: 10KM / H. Product number JDM-118F.

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Fastrax launches a Best Traxxas Slash 4X4 Upgrades universal launch box called: AllStart. This launch box is highly compatible, capable of supporting multiple start-up po Fpv Rc Car sition adjustments (horizontal and vertical), supporting various types of flat 1:10 and 1: 8. Road and off-road veh Fast Off Road Rc Cars icle. The starter box uses dual 550 vigorous motors and supports two sets of 6V batteries or external 12V power!CARTEN launches the 1/10 Mini 4WD Axle Drive Electric Touring Car Competition Edition M210R. This M car uses a carbon fiber floor and a second floor, with a width of 166mm and a wheelbase size of 208-210mm. Equipped with metal CVD drive shaft, aluminum alloy 12mm hexagon adapter, aluminum adjustable shock absorber, aluminum motor base, aluminum large tooth fixed base and aluminum suspension type servo fixed base. Metal gear differential, metal transmission bevel gear, whole car adjustable forward and reverse teeth tie rods, front and rear anti-roll bars are also standard.

Asuka Create from Japan has launched their XF 1/10 200mm RV housing, which is suitable for all brands of oil houses. The design features of the car shell can provide excellent stability, especially the head and tail designed for this year’s all-Japan race, with good balance and good handling response. The factory offers two thicknesses of 0.6mm and 0.7mm for players to choose.

Arrowmax introduces the new V2 tool kit, which can store 28 different tools and commonly used wrenches. A more durable fabric is used, and a more elastic connecting belt is also used inside. In order to better protect the tool and reduce the deformation of the kit, Arrowmax also adds a plastic plate for protection. Product number AM-199602.

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I believe everyone knows that HPI and Hot Bodies are facing a crisis. The giant Traxxas is negotiating the acquisition of HPI Europe. Hot Bodies (HB), which is biased towards the competition, seems to be less interested in Tr Prosc 4X4 axxas. The latest news is tha Gas Mocontrol Cars t Team Orion acquired Hot Bodies. Hobbico from the United States also had the intention to acquire HB, but the positioning of HB depends on Orion’s appetite. According to information provided by overseas counterparts, the transaction should be officially announced at the moment.

VP-Pro launches two fuel tank receiving batteries, which are straight and trapezoidal. The battery uses a high-capacity 1500mAh battery pack produced by EP, which has higher voltage output and lower internal resistance, which is suitable for matching with today’s high-torque servos.

Slash-type CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) track truck launched by Traxxas a while ago was a great success. Team Associated also refused to let it go, and plans Best Traxxas Slash 4X4 Upgrades to launch a model called SC8, which is expected to be released in September.

From Hobbico, the company launched a new servo product line called Tactic. Standard size steering gear, suitable for many types of remote control cars. Specific models include the TSX35 Sport standard servo (0.16 sec / 5.3 kg-cm), and the TSX65 digital high-pressure high-torque servo (0.13 sec / 25.7 kg-cm, metal gear). More models can be found in the picture. The Tactic series will win with a price / performance ratio.