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Kyosho officially launched the new Inferno MP9 TKI 3 oil-powered off-road vehicle. Before the retail launch, the new car has been unveiled at multiple international competitions. The actual test proves that the performance of the TKI 3 new car has improved qualitatively! The design of the frame focuses on efficient grip. The suspension uses a short rocker arm and a unique tail hub design. The overall suspension weight is lighter and the control is more sensitive. The newly designed shock absorption ensures stable shock absorption du Cheap Brushless Rc Cars ring long races. The car shell is also a new design. The new aerodynamics make the car more stable and the curves are more aggressive. The Ky Rc Model Cars osho Inferno series of off-road vehicles has the fine tradition of the world champion car series, MP9 TKI 3 made in Japan! The new car is definitely the pinnacle of the top competition-grade gasoline-powered off-road vehicle. 1 Best Rc Car Transmitter 2018 2

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Recently, news about electric RVs has appeared one after another. Team Associated has la Best Scx10 Ii Upgrades unched an intermediate version of the TC4 electric RV, the TC4 Club Racer Kit (Club Racer Edition), which is extremely cost-effective! . This 1 / 10th electric house uses 4WD straight shaft drive, 22 high-precision bearings, lightweight CVD drive shaft and lightweight shock absorber. High-precision aluminum motor mounts and lightweight head bumpers are included in the product kit. This TC4 electric room is very suitable for Stock and non-Mod events. It is also a good choice for drift car players! The same factory’s TC6.1 FT is still the main product of AE’s competition-level electric house. Traxxas Funny Car For Sale Features

Pre-built ‘race roller’ chassis ready to accept most 1 Cheap Brushless Rc Cars :10 scale touring car electronics, bodies, wheels and tiresEfficient shaft drive system with blue anodized drive shaftRear ball differential with lightweight composite outdrivesFront spool to ensure maximum power delivery to all four wheels in low traction conditionsLightweight composite CVD drive bonesComposite VCS fluid filled shocks with adjustable ride height22 precision ball bearings includedMachined aluminum motor mount with cooling-fins for increased heat dissipationImpact-resistant, lightweight front bumper systemMany Factory Team accessories and upgrades available
Tekin introduced the new RS GEN3 and RS SPEC GEN3 brushless electronic transmissions, suitable for 1/10 remote control cars. Using a new generation of FET, RS Gen3 supports a minimum of 8.5T motor, built-in high-voltage BEC, compatible with HotWire settings, and new firmware optimizes throttle response. Parameters: Enter 2S-3S LiPo / 4-9S NiMH-NiCD, 140A peak, BEC: 6.0V / 7.4Vv @ 5.5A, size 24.5x34x12.9mm, weight 23.5g. The new RS Gen3 Spec is suitable for flat and off-road events in the Stock / Spec group, and complies with ROAR North American regulations. Built-in flashing ‘blinky mode’ mode, supports a minimum of 13.5T motors. Parameters: Enter 2S LiPo / 4-7S NiMH-NiCD, peak 70A, BEC: 6.0V @ 3.7A, size 24.5x34x12.9mm, weight 22.5g.