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The well-known Hong Kong 3 Racing (Sakura) new crawlers Crawler EX REAL and Crawler EX HUGE debut at the 2017 Shizuoka Model Show in Japan. The show car uses the Killer Body Toyota LC and D90 shells. The frame uses an integrated electronics box, a mid-mounted motor and a gearbox, and a magnetically-attractive car shell post also appears on the new car.
SWorkz launched the new S35-2E 1/8 electric off-road vehicle, which was developed based on the same factory’s S350 BE1 Evo oil-powered frame. It adopts a new suspension design and a new Ackermann angle steering system. The central drive system is newly designed with a longer drive shaft. SWORKz has launched the S350 BE1 Pro 1/8 electric o Slash 2Wd Upgrade ff-road veh Fast Traxx Rc icle, and the new S35-2E also comes standard with a large number of original upgrades to further enhance and improve performance.
The Team Durango electric off-road vehicle has set off a small upsurge in the world, and the results of major events are obvious to all. Like other manufacturers, launching a series of branded clothing products can increase revenue. Secondly, it is better to promote the brand and get better Brand reputation. Team Durango introduced sweaters, hats, and even fluorescent vests in addition to general coats and Tshirts! Detailed photos are in this article.

Reedy’s new VMX concept battery Classic Rc Cars pack uses professional-grade IB1600 2 / 3A 1600mAh to provide the most powerful power and durability, and lower resistance. The structure of the battery is the same as the world version of the IB4600 sub-C battery. It is suitable for 1 to 18 vehicle racing applications.

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The Qing Leng brand reads:
The wind is bleak, the l Fast Traxx Rc ake is too young, a Classic Rc Cars nd the young and old return. Bei Muchang snowed during the day, and the south faced Yangcheng with dust. Ten years into the pit, my heart was not old, and I saw a lot of childishness around me.
Time flies, and I don’t feel it for ten years. The first year and winter night of that year, the savages were dismantled, the parts were full of tables, the oily rags and paper towels were flying, and I did n’t think about tea and did n’t want to think about it. The young people often gather together, the joy of drag racing, the thrill of leap, the irritability of flips, the collision of passionate dreams and youth. In that year, we were all young.
In 2010, Juyou was racing, and stupid running was difficult to suppress, and LOVE speeding, although it was damaged, was still eager to try. Although the wooden slope does not give force, it is cumbersome not to say, NO arc, NO folding to carry. I’m a cool LOVE speeder. I want to try my hand and build a nylon arc slope (the front of the blue cold folding slope). I tried to fly well, and everyo Micro Rc Cars ne explained the madness of the leap, but the car shell was weak. Lying down, the most painful that took seven days to paint the muscle shells and ruin them in a few minutes. That hurts! Makes me doubt life. If you want to fly, you must find it. Buy it at home and abroad. A master can get an anti-roll aluminum alloy. Helpless, you can lie on your back when you roll over. The PUY stainless steel pig cage is clunky, and the deformation of the speeding car cannot be recovered. Helpless move, simple method, invented a nylon assembled anti-roll, everything is tried, speed test, intact, flying high without fear. Local model friends can share it, and it can also fly, and it is pleasant to taste, and then with excellent structure, the blue-cold handmade tenon-roll anti-roll is born, which is the original Savage FLUX anti-roll. To this day, this model is still alive at home and abroad, with the car destroyed and a few cars in service, it has become a habit.
Savage FLUX anti-roll has been in existence for eight years now. After work, I have made more than 30 anti-rolls. Each work strives for structural creative ideas, and the joy of creation is here. The design inevitably analyzes the structural characteristics, calculates the impulse and force form, the degree of freedom constraint of the fixed method, the finite element analysis, and the score of the habitual potential failure mode. The obtained model vehicle accurate data and practical verification parameters, the development process scrapped 3-5 sets of anti-rolling consumables. Fortunately, RCFans was invited. I bring UDR roll cage to you. Regarding the design difficulties of this roll cage, the most difficult is the weight control and style. The truck has a large area, the net weight of the car is 7 kg, and the protection is heavy and large. The area of ​​the car has strict conditions for anti-roll strength and weight. In order to find the best weight-to-weight ratio, after some trade-offs and efforts to ensure the strength, the final standard version weighs 520 grams, the simple version weighs 340 grams, and the anti-roll weight It is directly proportional to the vehicle weight, and the normal anti-roll weight is less than 10% of the vehicle weight. This anti-roll roll only accounts for 7.4% of the vehicle’s weight and is quite lightweight. There are not many bright spots in the structure. The fixed form of the rear shaft appears for the first time, and more hardware parts are used for the first time. For thousands of miles, explore endlessly. Over the years, all walks of life, meeting fellow riders, the model has always brought us happiness. I have seen too many old model friends to retreat, and some new model friends to get started, and to reopen the sealing tape after many years, looking for the original passion Friends of the old model, you have been good these years. Usually low-key and silent, today I want to say this thank you. Thank you for my model friends who have silently supported and trusted me over the years. Your support and recognition give me the greatest encouragement, which is the source of my creative work. Thank you for your trust and generous delivery of the car, remember clearly, never forget. Among the friends I know, everyone is in harmony and helps each other like brothers. I am very fortunate to be able to meet so many sexual friends in the small circle of the model. Thanks again! Traxxas UDR roll cage purchase fast track: