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CEN’s MG10 will go on sale on June 12. These include MG10MT (ground truck) and MG10TR (Truggy).

From tomorrow, the MG16 1 to 12 B The Best Remote Control Cars igfoot is also officially Reddit Rc Cars on sale.

Taiwan Hobao Hebao launched 1/10 DC-1 simulation climbing remote control car. Equipped with high- and low-speed gearboxes, four-link suspension, the completeness of the frame and shell details seems to be good. Hobao has not announced more details at this time, so stay tuned.
Gmade launched the new GOM Rock Buggy Plus Edition Kit. Last July Gmade launched the GOM Rock Buggy (climbing off-road vehicle), and the latest Plus Edition Kit version added some upgrades to further improve the car’s performance. I Heng Long Tiger 1 ncludes grey tube frame, reinforced drive shaft, 12mm aluminum rim adapter, adjustable motor mount and CVA drive kit. Part # GM56020.

Team Magic will release the new big bike at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Based on the experience of E5 and E6, TM’s new big bike is worth looking forward to. From February 1-6, 2017, Nuremberg, Germany made its debut.

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In the sixty-fifth issue of ‘Superman Talk Model’, the G.T.power container truck’s sound and light four-in-one system is unboxing. This time, it brings out the hot out-of-the-box domestic ‘four-in-one’ system. What exactly is this acousto-optic system for container trucks and tractors produced by G.T.power? Please watch the video ~ This issue brings out the static display out of the box. If you have any questions, please leave me a message. I will answer them one by one in the subsequent power-on video ~~
T.O.P. Racing is about to launch the Sabre FD2 Front Drive (FWD) 1/10 electric RV. This new car Reddit Rc Cars uses a new transmission system, new gear ratio, upgraded steering components, and features such as adjustable frame torsion settings, and strives to make the car faster and easier to maintain. The entire car is manufactured using a large amount of carbon fiber materials and high-quality aluminum. I believe FD2 is a fun-filled front-drive RV.
Team Magic will launch the E4RSIII + electric RV. Based on the successful experience of the E4RS III, the new car has been upgraded to use a 2.5mm thick carbon fiber bottom plate for faster steering response. Strengthening the C seat increases suspension strength and improves steering accuracy. The new suspension swing arm and aluminum b Heng Long Tiger 1 all head design make it easier for players to adjust the rolling center. Team Magic will launch an E4RSIII + vehicle kit and an upgrade kit for E4RSIII.
Schumacher launc Rc Mini Cooper hed the Mi4LP electric RV, developed by the company’s top team, which included the design of Chris Grainger, a five-time British electric house champion. Mi4LP is designed for lithium batteries, and the frame balance is optimized according to lithium batteries and electronic equipment. Unfortunately, Schumacher electric rooms are not popular in the mainland, mainly due to agency issues. I hope that such a good brand, agents and distributors can better promote! In addition, there is also a Race version, which is more cost-effective! Details are in this article.

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Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70
The first TOYOTA land cruiser Lj70 short-wheelbase version of the land cruiser [Zunyi Shengge] bor Heng Long Tiger 1 rowed cnrc to detoxify a stream of domestic firs Rc Mini Cooper t field surveys of the Czech Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 short-wheelbase version because of working relationships After staying in the village for a few months, the 2017 Toyota Luzhou LC70 short wheelbase version that dragged a friend Haitao in 2017 failed to install it in place, and the installation part was roughly omitted. I will briefly talk about important accessories here.
First, I was fortunate to use the first batch of BOOMRACING full metal with spiral steel teeth in the production of narrow bridges in the true sense. The more we look at the car, the more we pay attention to and tend to build tires into the shell of the car. The retro car, the old-fashioned off-road vehicle, and the feeling of receiving small tires. At the time, we found that most of the axles were long. As a result, we began to use narrow adapters to reduce the wheelbase, or by purchasing Negative wheel hubs to reduce tire length. As a result, we found that the effect of coupling the tire was not obvious, and there were fewer styles for negative wheels. As a result, we gave up and started to wait silently …
Unintentionally, until I found this all-metal narrow bridge, I did not hesitate to start the installation for the first time. The installation evaluation comparison process can be seen in my post, After the installation was completed, the ground test found that the wheelbase was just closed, more coordinated than before, and the front looks much better than the previous simulation, because the center of gravity of the car body was moved down, and the rollover rate was greatly reduced. At the same time, because it is a spiral steel tooth, I can rest assured to play.
Second, the car shell is a very niche Czech Lj70 short wheelbase version of the Toyota Land Cruiser series (not a pickup version). Important note: The car shell does not have an interior trim. My interior parts were removed from other model cars by DIY. I think that the most flavorful of the Toyota Land Touring series is the Australian modified series and the Middle East Saudi region modified series. Off-road fans have always had an indelible classic in their hearts. It has appeared on the National Geographic Channel and played with lions and rhinos on the African savannah in Kenya. It has also appeared in UN peacekeeping forces and in Saudi Arabia. Over the sand dunes in the Wudi desert. That’s right, it is the legendary model launched by Toyota thirty years ago-the land cruiser LC70 series of off-road vehicles.
With its fearless off-road performance and unrivaled durability and reliability, the Toyota LC70 series of off-road vehicles has achieved the legendary status of off-road. Whether in Africa or Asia, or in the Middle East or Australia, the Toyota LC70 conquered almost every inch of land known. And it is certain that most of them continue to serve with God-like reliability.
I prefer the style of the Middle East, so the paint is sprayed with Toyota’s unique desert yellow in the Toyota 4S shop. But later, the car shell was damaged by a local model friend during the car playing process. As a result, I repaired the car shell, but I could n’t do anything about the spray paint in the 4s shop. As a result, I had a whimsical idea, and it was completely old and completely reflected The state of being bold, gener Nitro Rc Cars For Sale ous, fearless, reckless, forward, the result is what it is now.
Before that, I also created a desert yellow style RC4WD frame in the Middle East with a killerbody Toyota Land Cruiser lc70 with a V8 gearbox. In a way, I prefer to say that it is a simulated off-road vehicle rather than a simulated climbing vehicle.
I still do n’t change my mind, I still consider playing the off-road vehicle as my biggest hobby. For the past, now and the future, I build the off-road vehicle for the sake of my heart, the tiger in my heart, and the same heart The original heart. I hope everyone can build the most meaningful simulation car in their hearts!
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