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Yeah Racing launches an infrared thermometer. Measurement range from -50 ° C to + 260 ° C (-58 ° F / + 500 ° F). It measures 95 × 45x28mm and weighs only 65g. It is suitable for measuring battery surface temperature, motor temper Gmade R1 Upgrades ature and engine temperature. Description: This Infrared Thermometer is designed measure temperature via electromagnetic radiation.
Feature: Material: PlasticColor: Hpi Mini Trophy Truck Matte Black
Specification: Display: 3.5 digit on LCD displayTemperature range: -50 ¢ XC to 260 ¢ Hpi Hoonicorn XC (-58 ¢ XF-500 ¢ XF) Accuracy: ¡ ó 2% or 2 ¢ XCRepeatability: 1% or 1 ¢ XCResponse Time: ¡ Ø 0.8 secondEmissivity: 0.95 fixedWorking environment: 0-50 ¢ XCRelative humidity: 10%-95RH noncondensingStorage temperature: -20 ¢ XC to 50 ¢ XCDistance Spot Ratio: 2: 1Recommend measuring distance: 20mm to 130mmResolution: 0.1 ¢ XC or 0.1 ¢ XFWeight : net weight 65gSize: 95 x 45 x 28mmPower: 2pc AAA batteries (1.5V / each)
Include: Infrared Thermometer (1 pc) User Manual (1 pc)
Last month, Tamiya Tamiya announced that it would launch a Dynahead 6 × 6 G6-01TR remote control car. This 1/18 six-wheel model uses a G6-01TR chassis. A truck body specially designed by Takayuki Yamazaki (PDC Design-works), five-spoke wheels and V-shaped tires (53854) tires. One of the main features of this six-wheeled remote control car is the use of a portal hub, increasing the ground clearance to 15mm, optimizing the gear ratio to 37.35: 1, and equipped with a 540 brushless motor, which greatly improves climbing performance. Support 4WS four-wheel steering and upgradeable tail axle. It is expected to be available in the winter of 2018 with product number 58660. This is Tamiya’s third 1/18 6-wheel remote control car after Konghead 1/18 6×6 electric big foot remote control car and school bus, and this time it has enhanced the performance of the car. Today Tamiya provided more photos of the new Dynahead 6 × 6 G6-01TR car. Please enter

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We sent a message about the upgraded version of M1B TURBO a few days ago. Now TM has announced the launch of the M1B TURBO US version in order to open the American market. The new features include upgraded front and rear gear boxes, steering gear, mailbox, umbrella teeth, reinforced rocker arms and many KF parts. Acty

-Advanced Front \u0026 amp; Rear Gear Box
-Advanced Steering Block Carrier
-Advanced Front Shock Upper Protective Mount
-Advanced Fuel Tank
-Advanced Bevel Gears
-Adjustable Pipe Mount
-Neo- Front Universal Joints
-Neo- Rear Wing < br>-Neo- Rear Wing Mount
-Larger Volume Shock Bodies
-Neo- Alum. Shock Cap
-Neo- Shock Bladders
-Extra Strengthen Front Lower Arms- Extra Strengthen Front Upper Arms < br>-Extra Strengthen Rear Lower Arms (Longer Wheelbase Version)
-Extra Strengthen Rear Upper Arms (Longer Wheelbase Version)
-K Factory ST Steel Diff. Outdrive
-K Factory Alum. 7075 One Piece Steering Linkage Set
-K Factory Alum. 7075 Front Chassis Stiffener Rod Set

Hudy has launched a coin purse earlier. Click here to view related news. Recently Hudy has launched a backpack. Could Hudy also want to enter the fashion industry? No, the economy is sluggish. It is the strategy of many RC manufacturers to launch some affiliate products that keep co Hpi Mini Trophy Truck nsumers’ enthusiasm for the products and make it affordable for everyone. We will not introduce more products. Products, but the selling point is because this is a ‘Hudy’ product, Hudy fans may wish to consid Hpi Hoonicorn er starting one, for children to school or self-use are very attractive.

# 199190 HUDY Team Rucksack

• Premium, exclusive rucksack perfect for carrying personal belongings to the track
• Cool, stylish, full-color graphics
• High-quality European materials and manufacturing
• Compact size, lightweight design
• Includes large and small compartments, side net pouches for quick-access it Rc Drift Cars Cheap Price ems
• Large zipper with draw loop for quick \u0026 amp; easy access
• Lightweight nylon for high strength and durability
• Tough heavy-duty stitching
• Well-padded harness and back surface for comfortable wearing
• Fully -adjustable harness with strong nylon straps and composite buckles and adjusters

Source: Hudy [hudy.net]

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German Graupner X-8N / X-8E new generation flagship remote control. Large screen display, touch two-way transmission. As players’ requirements for remote control equipment are getting higher and higher, Graupner also launched two flagship remote control X-8N and X-8E remote controls; the design of X-8N also continues the layout of the traditional button method. The function is very powerful; the X-8E brin Hpi Hoonicorn gs mo Rc Drift Cars Cheap Price re appearance upgrades and new features, and a more remote sense of technology, using a digital integrated color touch screen display. With the Graupner GM series ESC and motor, HOTT (bidirectional transmission) can be realized. What is bidirectional transmission? Here is a brief introduction. For example, to set the ESC, you can set the parameters directly on the remote control. The ESC does not need to be connected to a computer or a setting card. At the same time, you can check the real-time return data (remote sensing) on ​​the remote control display screen, including temperature, voltage, capacity, current, speed, etc.

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Taiwanese engine maker STS has further expanded its engine product line. The first is the new S12XS, a 2.1cc RV engine. The engine uses a 12mm crankshaft and a Turbo top cover, and a 5port + Turbo fire nozzle. In order to meet IFMAR regulations, the S12XS also provides 3 port models for players to T Maxx Steering Upgrade choose from. In terms of 1/8 level road cars, STS has launched an S21R 3.5cc engine, which uses a 14mm balanced Luzhou and Turbo top cover, 5 Port ABC, a carburetor designed for a variable flow caliber, and a Turbo flame nozzle. Finally, in terms of off-road vehicles, the new S21T engine is similar in design to the S21R, but uses a larger cooling roof to meet the requirements of off-road vehicles. Source [RedRC]

Italy Novarossi upgraded their P5 engine product line and launched the 2019 S21P5XLT / 19 oil-powered off-road vehicle (1/8 Buggy) engine with 14.5mm crankshaft and 26mm large bearings. 3 oil needle 5 port design, lightweight R7 connecting rod is also standard configuration. This long-stroke engine has also been replaced with a new cooling roof. Parameters: 3.49cc rear row, 34.000RPM speed, front and rear steel bearings, 9mm carburetor, Turbo thermal head (CTO6), weight 375g, fuel consumption 25% nitro.