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Little Tikes Remote Control Car

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St Little Tikes Remote Control Car ill in the fa Electric Rc Drag Racing miliar Woodward camp in the United States, Traxxas ’X-Maxx trucks and BMX star athlete Morgan Wade conducted a PK in the indoor extreme sports stadium. The remote control car and BMX BMX team made every effort to stage a wonderful people-car battle. .Serpent has launched a pit-caddy for storage of tools, fuel, launch pads, refueling cans / refueling guns, and more. With sponge-lined handle, made of high-strength nylon material. Printed with the Serpent Logo, it is foldable for easy transport.
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Tamiya Tamiya will launch a new sensorless brushless motor TBLM 02S next month, offering 10.5T and 15.5T f Rc Drift Cars or players to choose from, suitable for flat road and off-road remote control vehicles. Adjustable timing and unique welding design. Listed on January 31, 2015.

This Jingshang Mini-Z MR02 is equipped with an ASF 2.4G system capable of supporting 40 channels of simultaneous operation. The hull is a Le Mans Group C race car from the 1991 Mazda 787 SWC Auto Polis. The details of the car shell are very realistic, and the patterns of the rims and tires are also handled very well. The RTR version is equipped with a KT-18 remote control, while the car shell can be sold separately.

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Yeah Racing introduced a new spring steel transmission spindle for the Tamiya F140 Pro F1 RC car. After using this upgraded product, the strength of the transmission components is better, the transmission efficiency is better, and a more accurate acceleration response can be obtained.

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In December 2015, Hong Kong Wltoys A949 ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine was launched, with a total of 413 issues. The content is wonderful and the columns are rich. Note: This magazine is a reading material for RCFans members in mainland China. Only RCFans valid registered members can purchase at the member price. To subscribe to purchase, please call mobile phone 15814718449 to inform you from RCFans
Much More launches a new CTX bootbox pro. Suitable for all types of 1/8 off-road vehicles. Equipped with two 750 motors and dual belt design, even if it is a brand new engine that has not run in, this starter box can easily handle it. Supports all types of batteries, including NiCd, MiMh, LiFe and LiPo.

KO Propo launches Esprit 4 ASF 2.4GHz stick remote control, remote con Rc Buggys trol for car / boat race level, compatible with Kyosh Little Tikes Remote Control Car o Mini-Z ASF The angle of the joystick is adjustable, and it comes with digital fine-tuning, 6-key with rotary menu button, backlit LCD display (light and dark and contrast adjustable), and weighs only 630 grams. KO has also upgraded the software, including all basic and advanced parameters can be set, in addition to built-in timer, stopwatch and other functions. Made in Japan and launched in June.