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Schumacher brings their new CAT SX3 electric off-road vehicle, which uses a split electric design, a Losi Mini Desert Truck mid-mounted motor, new limited slip and large diameter bearin Best Scx10 Ii Upgrades gs.

Schumacher have their all new CAT SX3 on show here, which we already covered in depth in an earlier official release. Featuring a new battery configuration that sees the car use a saddle pack configuration and central motor mounting position which gives the a more rearward bias that helps it in the jumps. A new slipper configuration and large bearings supporting the center shaft offer extra durability while the 2 gear and 3 belt transmission configuration sees the motor rotating in the same directi Traxxas Funny Car For Sale on as the wheels which makes the car more agile.
The newly launched Cut Stagger tires have the same structure as the old models, and are used for the two-wheel drive electric Yue head wheels, but the new Stragger is more durable.

Schumacher have also introduced their new Cut Stagger tire, which is similar in structure to the original Stagger 2wd front tire but now each of the threads have been cut to split them which gives better side bite for a longer period of time. These tires are positioned in terms of grip between the original Stagger and the Mini pin.
Speed ​​Passion products also appeared in the Schumacher booth. Products include apps for Iphone and Android phones. The app adjusts the parameters of the electronic speed change, and it is linked via Bluetooth! Electronic transmissions that currently support Bluetooth links are still under development Speed ​​Passion are also represented on the Schumacher stand as they are the British importer and their latest offering is a phone app for Android or iPhone that gives a graphical interface with which to adjust the entire range of parameters on their ESC through built in Bluetooth connectivity. The ESC shown is just a prototype to show the app in action but it is planned in future to equip their range of speed controllers with bluetooth to enable this type of adjustment.

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KYOSHO launched the SYNCRO KT-432PT remote control. The four-channel transmitter adopts a lar Remote Control Car Kits For Beginners ge color LCD dis Traxxas X01 play, allowing players to operate as easily as a smartphone. All transmitter settings are presented through modular graphic design and charts, even for beginners. Easy to use, and can be connected to a computer via USB for software updates and program downloads. KT-432PT has built-in game sound simulation software to simulate the engine and exhaust of various racing cars through the built-in speaker of the transmitter. KT-432PT adopts FHS / FHSS 2.4GH dual-mode syst Losi Mini Desert Truck em, so it can be compatible with all RYO models of KYOSHO series including MR-03S / MA-020S / MOTO of MINI-Z series. It can be adapted through the KR331 receiver in the package. KYOSHO full range of large scale remote control model cars.
Main features:
● Upgraded operating system developed for MINI-Z SPORTS series
● FHS / FHSS communication protocol dual mode switching system MINI-Z SPORTS FHS2.4GHz mode / FHSS 1Way (KR331) / FHSS 2way (KR-431T)
● The new KR-431T receiver supports a new two-way transmission mode. The vehicle data can be detected by the induction module. The color LCD display is displayed in graphs and graphics.
● Support temperature / voltage sensors (Requires KR-431T receiver)
● The operating system can be connected to the computer via a USB port to upgrade
● 5 language modes support full Chinese operation interface
● Full Chinese manual developed for the Chinese market
The profit of Syncro KT-432PT touch screen system greatly enhances the fun of remote control model cars. The smart phone-type touch screen allows users to operate more intuitively. When you want to know the driving status of the vehicle, you only need to touch the screen a few times. The information you need is instantly available. L / R FREE STYLE Regardless of the left-hand or right-hand control of the user, you can adjust to a comfortable holding position. For users of the MINI-Z SPORTS series, KT-432PT provides special functions to adjust the gyro sensitivity of the vehicle through the screen, which greatly enhances the playability and competition of the MINI-Z SPORTS series.
KT-432PT detailed configuration:
Color LCD liquid crystal display / FHS / FHSS dual mode system / Gyro control system (MINI-Z SPORTS) / Bidirectional transmission system sensor detection function (sold separately) / 20 sets of models Memory / Servo commutation / Game timer / Left-handed adapter / USB firmware upgrade data cable / AA battery compartment (4 sections)
KT432PT Set includes:
KT-432PT transmitter / Enlarge the rubber grip / USB data cable / KR-431T receiver