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Mickey Remote Control Car, Vintage Rc Cars, Axial Wraith Spawn

H Axial Wraith Spawn ong Vintage Rc Cars Kong GL Ra Mickey Remote Control Car cing launched the new GLA V2 mini remote control car (mosquito car). This 1/27 (28) scale new car is based on the successful design of V1. The bottom plate of V2 is newly cut. All hole positions and screw positions are concentrated on the centerline of the frame. . The servo and battery holder are newly designed to match the new floor; the tail boom and connecting rods are suspended in a new style to increase the stability of the tail; the motor holder is also newly designed to facilitate more precise adjustment by the driver. Continuing the excellent characteristics of the V1 model, including low-center-of-gravity, high-performance Hobbywing’s electronic transmission, and rugged high-speed steering gear are included in the product. GLA V2 makes the car control faster, improves the overall performance, and brings more fun to players. GL Racing will also launch 90 and 94mm conversion kits.

Tamiya model launched 1/10 Audi quattro Rallye A2 electric pull remote control car, using the better sealed TT-02 chassis. This classic Audi quattro model won the first WRC World Championship in 1983. Tamiya is authorized to be manufactured by the original Audi factory. Some components of the car shell, such as rearview mirrors, are made of ABS material, which supports the installation of LED lights on the front and rear. Part number 58667.

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The long-awaited Tamiya Tamiya’s new 1/10 race-class electric RV TRF418 will be officially launched on December 14. In the recent ETS (European Touring Car Series), the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) 418 test car was retrofitted with some new components, including a new motor mount and a second floor slab, to improve the torsion performance of the frame and improve weight distribution. There were no new steering components unveiled on previous prototypes. Differential and countershafts will be standard on production cars. Can TRF418 win another world championship at the 2014 IFMAR Electric Touring Car World Championship? Please wait and see!
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