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Mini Rc Drift Car

Mini Rc Drift Car, Team Associated Sc10Gt, Best Remote Control Car For Adults

GM / Graupner launched a high-voltage brushless steering gear that supports 8.4V 2cell lithium Best Remote Control Car For Adults batteries. Three different versions are suitable for 4wd off-road, 2wd off-road and flat road motorhomes.

GM7990 High Voltage Brushless Servo HBS 860 BB MG
Suitable for many applications but especially good for 4WD Off Road.

Features: < br>-Brushless
-High Voltage upto 8.4v
-Twin Ball Bearing
-Metal Gears
-High quality rubber seals

Holding Torque – 29.5 kg / cm @ 7.4v
Speed ​​– 0.11 / 40deg @ 6v
Operating voltage – 4.8 – 8.4v
Dimensions ( LxWxH): 40 x 20 x 40 mm
Weight – 6 Team Associated Sc10Gt 8g
Torque – 15.3 kg / cm @ 7.4v

M7991 High Voltage Brushless Servo HBS 870 BB Mini Rc Drift Car MG
Suitable for many applications but especially good for 2WD Off Road

-High Voltage upto 8.4v
-Twin Ball Bearing < br>-Metal Gears
-High quality rubber seals

Holding Torque – 26.5 kg / cm @ 7.4v < br> Speed ​​– 0.09 / 40deg @ 6v
Operating voltage – 4.8 – 8.4v
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40 x 20 x 40 mm
Weight – 68g
Torque – 13.3 kg / cm @ 7.4v

GM7987 Hi Voltage Brushless Servo HBS 790 BB, MG
Ideally suited for Touring Cars and small space applications.

– Digital
-High Voltage upto 8.4v
-Twin Ball Bearing
-Metal Gears
-High quality rubber seals

Holding Torque – 15.3 kg / cm @ 7.4v
Speed ​​– 0.055 / 40deg @ 6v
Operating voltage – 4.8 – 8.4v
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40 x 19,5 x 25,5 mm
Weight – 43g
Torque – 7.1 kg / cm @ 7.4v

Traxxas Slash 4X4, Mini Rc Drift Car, Team Associated Sc10Gt

Modeling has not always been a simple task. The most enjoyable thing is like fishing. The process is what I enjoy the most. Because of my work, I do n’t spend much time going out, so I spend more time off work. In the future, I thought about it at home.
What I brought this time was the LC70 production shell of the killer body.
Because I already know the wheelbase and wheelbase of this shell, I have the final idea of ​​matching the MST CMX frame directly.
1 to 1 LC70 should actually be a leaf spring suspens Team Associated Sc10Gt ion, but I personally care about the at Mini Rc Drift Car titude, so I will still use a tie rod to fix it in the future, but because the frame matches the structure of the car shell, the choice of suspension really makes my head bigger For a while.
Here, I will not describe the modification process and cooperation process in detail.
I want to say that for every craftsman who is not a hardware stacker, what you see as the final product is the guest.
In fact, in the process of completing such a finished product, there are many, many problems to be solved ………
How long does the tie rod take to achieve the effect of wheelbase and kingpin backward?
How can the car shell be fixed to be simple, convenient and sturdy?
How big is the battery and where should the electronic equipment be placed to resolve all interference?
Which attitude and stroke to use for shock absorption to achieve the desired effect, shock absorption The ball head must also be replaced by the corresponding
on the Internet to find a real car to make details that can match the real car reference of the picture, such as tow hooks, fenders, etc …..
Finally The only thing that bothers me is the shell of the LC70, which is actually the color of the whole car. However, many details of the original shell sh Traxxas Slash 4X4 ould also pay attention to coloring
Next. Above!
First come the frame
Then, compare the real car with reference, note that the cargo box suspension will be a little higher after the pickup
I like the small tow hook and fender, it looks simple In fact, I also did it for a long time
The main salesman leaned back
Finally, at the corner of my workbench, hahaha
Suddenly fell in love with Unimog recently, and I converted to a small climb when I was busy. I felt that time was running out of time. Maybe I really feel that I do n’t have enough time to treat true love. I have been too busy to work and have no time to shoot videos. Just send out two Unimogs recently converted in the middle of the night. The picture below is 1/32 Unimog U1600
All-alloy shell and frame, considering the support of the suspension and the installation position of the electronic equipment, the interior is helplessly sacrificed.
Cars test the ability of hands-on, and they need to be carefully protected for each component installation. Hey, one accident, you know, the reflector is gone.
Because the vehicle uses the static alloy beam of the original vehicle, it is impossible to do ‘perfect’ simulation for some installations, especially at the rear, but it uses shock absorption.
Fortunately, I found such a small twisted tooth suspension, otherwise I not only lost the simulation, but also lost the support. Hey, I can’t get the best of both worlds.
I was not careful during the installation. The exhaust pipe seen in the figure below should have been up to the roof. As a result, she was accidentally lost during the installation.
This is a 1/24 ratio, which is much more than 1/32, and it is relatively free to do it.
This vehicle is also modified by a static vehicle, but it is a frame different from 1/32. He did not use the original static frame because the original is a plastic frame.
Simply stated, only the static car shell is applied. The D1RC 1/24 frame is used on the site, and the wheelbase is also very consistent.
Of course, no one is perfect, no car is perfect. The appearance is successful, but there is a little more internal regret. The tires are not equipped with liners at the factory. The support for the weight of the static car shell is not enough, but it is ok. After all, the car is pursuing simulation, so it should be less charged. .
I did n’t see the suspension behind Look. Actually, there are suspensions. The suspension is also the same small problem. It is not that the twisted suspension cannot be adjusted, but as long as you install the bucket and the front part, it is not the center point. problem. In the future, I believe manufacturers will update more accessories to support this frame.
There is more space than 32, so don’t worry about the cancellation and destruction of the interior.
Summary: I don’t have a toy car in my mind, as long as I have a heart, each one is an RC. There is no perfect frame and no perfect car shell, but I firmly believe that every time we work hard, we will make progress to get closer to perfection.
Thank you for being part of the RCFans family. We also look forward to having better ideas for you to communicate with us.