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Most of the players on big bikes and off-road vehicles are equipped with RC bags, but o Rc Buggy Car ccasionally going out and having fun, it is really inconvenient to bring large bags. Team Losi has launched two handbags for bikes and off-road vehicles. The shape is still very attractive!
LOSA99008 Losi R / C Truck Diaper / Carrier
-Fits 1 / 8- and 1 / 10- scale monster trucks Mustang Remote Control Car and other large R / C vehicles
-Constructed of rubberized, leak-proof material
-Keeps the mess and debris contained for transport
-Easy to clean with common soaps and cleaners
-Adam Drake Approved
Product Specifications
Length: 25 ‘
Width: 20′
Height: 6 ‘
LOSA99007 Losi R / C Diaper / Carrier
-Fits 1 / 8-scale buggies, 1/10 trucks and sedans
-Constructed of rubberized, leak-proof material
-Keeps the mess and debris contained fo Traxxas Rc Cars Ebay r transport
-Easy to clean with common soaps and cleaners < br>-Adam Drake Approved
Product Specifications
Length: 20 ‘
Width: 14′
Height: 5 ‘Well-known lithium battery brand Sunpadow recently launched 4 top-level competition products designed according to the feedback of the world-class driver team, which are respectively adapted to different competition projects. At the same time, the product uses a specially customized exquisite EVA packaging box, which is convenient for transportation, carrying and storage Protection of lithium battery.
8400mAh 7.4V is a 2S competition-level battery specially developed for competition projects that require a continuous high-discharge platform. It has the characteristics of low resistance, ultra-high capacity, and high-discharge platform. The size is 139 * 47 * 25.1mm and the weight is about 324 G. After testing, when the capacity of 3000mah is discharged in the 35A discharge state, the voltage can still be maintained at about 7.6-7.7V. For the 1/10 electric touring car flashing light STOCK project, this battery has a clear power advantage in large outdoor track competitions.
8200mAh 3.7V is a super-capacity high-discharge 1S competition-grade battery developed for the 8-minute MODIFIED project of 1/12 electric flat road car. The size is 93 * 47 * 18.5mm, and the weight is about 162 grams. The excellent discharge ability ensures that the car still has a high voltage supply in the last one or two minutes of the race, reducing problems such as downtime caused by excessive instantaneous voltage drops under high current conditions.
6300mAh 3.7V is a large-capacity, high-discharge 1S competition-grade battery developed for the 1/12 electric flat car project. It has a size of 93 * 47 * 18.5mm and weighs about 152 grams. Product features with high magnification and low internal resistance.
3800mAh 7.4V is a low-center-of-gravity, ultra-thin and lightweight 2S race-level short-circuit battery developed for the 1/10 Buggy MODIFIED project. Its size is 93 * 47 * 18.5mm, and its weight is about 160 grams. The center of gravity and low weight will bring advantages in handling and counterweight to the frame.

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OS introduced XR-B entry-level engine, 21-level off-road vehicle engine, the price will be very competitive. Players can also upgrade the engine by replacing 21XZ-B components. 2.4hp output @ 33,000 rpm. I believe this is a reliable and cost-effective product.


Displacement: 0.213 cu in (3.49 cc)
Bore: 0.641 in (16.27 mm)
Stroke: 0.661 in (16.8 mm)
Practical RPM Range: 4,000-40,000
Output: 2.4 hp @ 33,000 rpm
Mustang Remote Control Car Weight: 13.1 oz (370 g)

KKPIT launched a 1020 hollow cup 20KG large torque full waterproof steering gear. 1020 servo gear is cut by imported Traxxas Rc Cars Ebay machine with processing accuracy of 0.01, super high reliability and durability, long-term use of virtual position is greatly reduced, the gear is titanium-plated, smoother than the gear without surface treatment The core of the vacuum cup of the 1020 servo and the potentiometer imported from Japan, and the circuit board with real-time monitoring overload protection function, significantly reduce the probability of damage to the servo under high load. Industrial grade full Traxxas Bandit Wheels waterproof treatment, high-quality materials without fear of climbing various wading environments. Please enterThe Kyosho Inferno GT2 VE exhibited at the Tokyo Model Show last month is about to be launched. This is a brushless 1/8 RV. I believe that some fans know the Inferno GT series. This series is based on the Kyosho competition-grade Yuyue Inferno. The frame is a large-scale touring car upgraded from the original model. Due to the popularity of electric brushless and lithium batteries, a large proportion of oil-powered cars such as 1/8 Yuyue have set off an oil-to-electricity (oil-to-lithium + brushless) boom. Off-road vehicles have been launched globally (Inferno VE), and Inferno GT cannot be left behind. I believe that the brushless version of Inferno GT VE will soon meet you. It seems that Kyosho will have a product line focusing on brushless + lithium batteries. , The product line name is ‘VE’!