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After suspending everyone’s appetite for a day yesterday, HPI finally released the real photo of D8. Let’s take a look together.

New suspension and chassis design
Optimized Suspension Geometry to attack the rigors of the new age 1 / 8th scale tracks. Centralized Weight Distribution provides superb balance with increased transitional agility.

HB Certified Body
Intimidate the competition with a sleek, no nonsense body that is sure to turn heads.

Jumbo Sized Wheels
Grab a larger piece of turf with the D8’s Maxed out wheel dimensions. The largest wheels allowed under ROAR rules, these puppies will put more of your tr Rc Mini Cooper ead on the ground so you can put mor Nitro Rc Cars For Sale e of your rivals behind you .

Colossal 16mm Big Bore Shocks
The Super-sized shock package is Tamiya Rc Models the largest in its class allowing the D8 to recover from the roughest of landings. Whether you’re making a big-air jump pass in the main or taking a flying leap over a building the D8’s 16mm Big Bore’s will allow you to jump, and land with confidence.

4mm chassis
The staunch 4mm 707 5 Aluminum chassis is designed to withstand any barrage of obstacles on today’s mammoth outdoor tracks. 10 degrees of kick up compliments the suspension package to get the D8 across the finish line ahead of everyone else.

New fuel tank with proven HPI Baja 5B clunk design
Utilizing 1 / 5th scale technology the D8 implements a new clunk design which will use every drop of fuel whether you’re racing to the line, or upside down waiting for a marshal.

One piece radio tray
The one piece tray allows for easy maintenance as it can be removed in one section when you need to clean the dirt off your ride .

One piece engine mounts
A rock solid single piece mount makes removal and installation of your engine as easy as removing 4 screws. The one piece design allows you to set the gear mesh once and not worry about adjustments during maintenance.

Low profile air filter
The new slammed look of the filter not only looks pro, b ut provides a larger surface area for your engine to breath through.

Captured Hinge Pins
Throw away those pesky E-clips and revel in the D8’s captured hinge-pin design . Each pin is secured using button head screws, giving you the ultimate in durability and ease of maintenance.

4.3: 1 internal gear ratio
5 × 11mm clutch bearings

< EM> Dimensions:
Chassis Length (from Bumper to rear wing end) no tire: 500mm
Width: 305mm
Wheelbase: 328-331mm
Kit Weight: 3.5kg (7.7lbs ) with racing gear
Drive System: 4WD Shaft System

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RB Innovations launches Supercharger for 1/5 petrol remote control cars, which can improve performance Nitro Rc Cars For Sale immediately without too much modification of existing engines! The supercharging device installed on the engine is connected to the engine crankshaft by a belt. It obtains power from the engine output shaft to drive the rotor of the supercharger to rotate and inhale air into t Tamiya Rc Models he engine, effectively improving power performance!
Video introduction:


Drive system; This syste Traxxas Ford Fiesta St Rally Upgrade m is belt driven from the engines crankshaft using a custom clutch plate. The clutch plate drives our high strength drive belt manufactured from a proprietary blend of materials. This belt allows our high speed 90 degree driveline to be extremely efficient. Power loss due to driveline restrictions is extremely important especially with smaller engines. The main super-charger pulley can be changed for increased overdrive and boost. Impeller Assembly; The heart of this centrifugal supercharger is the impeller with it’s sophisticated design. We manufacture the impellers using an extremely strong but light-weight proprietary aluminum alloy. This process secures close dimensional tolerance and excellent surface finish. Each impeller is dynamically balanced which delivers smooth operation. Housing Assembly; In order to effectively take advantage of impeller design, flow must be efficiently channeled so that pressure rise can be generated with minimal losses. The housing is optimally matched to the impeller flow providing maximum efficiency with this supercharger design. The housing is chrome plated and has O-ring seals. Incorporated into the housing design is the fuel pump pulse line which channels the pulse from the engine to the carburetor. Built into the housing in a nitrous injection port which allows easy nitrous installation.

9450 – $ 275.00

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Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70
The first TOYOTA land cruiser Lj70 short-wheelbase version of the land cruiser [Zunyi Shengge] bor Heng Long Tiger 1 rowed cnrc to detoxify a stream of domestic firs Rc Mini Cooper t field surveys of the Czech Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 short-wheelbase version because of working relationships After staying in the village for a few months, the 2017 Toyota Luzhou LC70 short wheelbase version that dragged a friend Haitao in 2017 failed to install it in place, and the installation part was roughly omitted. I will briefly talk about important accessories here.
First, I was fortunate to use the first batch of BOOMRACING full metal with spiral steel teeth in the production of narrow bridges in the true sense. The more we look at the car, the more we pay attention to and tend to build tires into the shell of the car. The retro car, the old-fashioned off-road vehicle, and the feeling of receiving small tires. At the time, we found that most of the axles were long. As a result, we began to use narrow adapters to reduce the wheelbase, or by purchasing Negative wheel hubs to reduce tire length. As a result, we found that the effect of coupling the tire was not obvious, and there were fewer styles for negative wheels. As a result, we gave up and started to wait silently …
Unintentionally, until I found this all-metal narrow bridge, I did not hesitate to start the installation for the first time. The installation evaluation comparison process can be seen in my post, After the installation was completed, the ground test found that the wheelbase was just closed, more coordinated than before, and the front looks much better than the previous simulation, because the center of gravity of the car body was moved down, and the rollover rate was greatly reduced. At the same time, because it is a spiral steel tooth, I can rest assured to play.
Second, the car shell is a very niche Czech Lj70 short wheelbase version of the Toyota Land Cruiser series (not a pickup version). Important note: The car shell does not have an interior trim. My interior parts were removed from other model cars by DIY. I think that the most flavorful of the Toyota Land Touring series is the Australian modified series and the Middle East Saudi region modified series. Off-road fans have always had an indelible classic in their hearts. It has appeared on the National Geographic Channel and played with lions and rhinos on the African savannah in Kenya. It has also appeared in UN peacekeeping forces and in Saudi Arabia. Over the sand dunes in the Wudi desert. That’s right, it is the legendary model launched by Toyota thirty years ago-the land cruiser LC70 series of off-road vehicles.
With its fearless off-road performance and unrivaled durability and reliability, the Toyota LC70 series of off-road vehicles has achieved the legendary status of off-road. Whether in Africa or Asia, or in the Middle East or Australia, the Toyota LC70 conquered almost every inch of land known. And it is certain that most of them continue to serve with God-like reliability.
I prefer the style of the Middle East, so the paint is sprayed with Toyota’s unique desert yellow in the Toyota 4S shop. But later, the car shell was damaged by a local model friend during the car playing process. As a result, I repaired the car shell, but I could n’t do anything about the spray paint in the 4s shop. As a result, I had a whimsical idea, and it was completely old and completely reflected The state of being bold, gener Nitro Rc Cars For Sale ous, fearless, reckless, forward, the result is what it is now.
Before that, I also created a desert yellow style RC4WD frame in the Middle East with a killerbody Toyota Land Cruiser lc70 with a V8 gearbox. In a way, I prefer to say that it is a simulated off-road vehicle rather than a simulated climbing vehicle.
I still do n’t change my mind, I still consider playing the off-road vehicle as my biggest hobby. For the past, now and the future, I build the off-road vehicle for the sake of my heart, the tiger in my heart, and the same heart The original heart. I hope everyone can build the most meaningful simulation car in their hearts!
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