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Traxxas Trx 4 Sport Kit, 1 10 Rc Tires, Paw Patrol Rc Car

Traxxas launches the WideMaxx ™ Suspension Kit, which increases the width of the Maxx by 1/10, increasing overall curve speed and fault tolerance on rough roads. An increase of 20mm on one side and an increase of 40mm in overall vehicle width. The kit includes upper and lower suspension rockers, WideMaxx suspension links and a new tail suspension spring (1.725 rate). Available in 6 different colors, the kit uses materials suitable for cold weather. Item # 8995 / A / G / R / T / X.

In addition to the kit, you can use additional upgrades to further Improved performance, including steel drive shaft (upgrade adapter required), aluminum suspension link and aluminum rim adapter.

To buy Traxxas products, please go toShepherd’s new Velox V10 Pro 200mm petrol kit is officially released. The new version of the Pro version uses a newly designed 7075-T6 aluminum base plate and a new small gearbox seat, which reduces the weight of the entire vehicle by 150 g Paw Patrol Rc Car rams. The wheelbase has been shortened by 2mm for more flexible handling. Suspension components are also new, which can improve walking stability and steering performance. German-made CNC-made carbon fiber front and rear hydraulic mounts, short-body shock absorbers and ‘Velox Revolutionary’ suspension system also appeared on the new Velox V10 Pro. This new suspension suspension system is used on the road surface with small undulations. It can ensure that the wheels are close to the road. New small aluminum servo protectors, countershafts, lightweight bushings and two-speed parts are all used 1 10 Rc Tires in the new car. The Pro version of V10 can be regarded as a comprehensive upgrade and revision. I believe that the performance has improved qualitatively. Traxxas Trx 4 Sport Kit 12