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Xray launches 2018 new XT2 1/10 2WD field r Hobby Cars acing truck. The Venom Rc Batteries biggest difference between the current version and the current version is that the 2018 new car includes a gearbox with carpet and mud characteristics and corresponding accessories. Whether it is a high-grip or low-grip track, there are Corresponding components are available and the track adaptability is greatly improved.
Flat and upright gearboxes, gear differentials suitable for high grips, bead differentials suitable for low grips, medium and high rigidity suspension components, carbon fiber and synthetic hydraulic racks are included in the product, allowing players to / Riders are free to match. The XT2 electric field racing truck, as the champion model of EOS (European Electric Off-Road Vehicle Series) and the US Championship, has stable performance. The 2018 model will be launched in the near future.
The 2017 IFMAR Xiamen World Championship kicked off today. Xray sent world champion drivers and a strong team to Xiamen to provide on-site technical support services with Xray China’s general agent Hong Kong World Model.

Pro-Line introduces Jeep® Comanche Full Bed 12.3 ″ rock climbing car shell. The actual car shell is from Jeep® Comanche from 1982-1992. Details of the real car are copied to this remote control car. On the shell, I believe it will be welcomed by the Prosc 4X4 majority of climbing players.


p> One-piece design for 12.3 ″ wheelbase crawlersPerfectly detailed and classic lines create the perfect Jeep® Comanche Full Bed BodyUse Pro-Line’s 12.3 ″ wheelbase PL-C Floor Pan (# 3339-00) and PL-C Interior (# 3337- 00) for the ultimate scale rigMade with Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan®Four steps to Rig Ready:
1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
4.) Mount your new Jeep Comanche Full Bed onto your Crawler

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Team Associated (AE) ‘s classic 1/10 T4 2WD field truck series launched a new T4.3 RTR model, which was assembled at the factory, using AE’s new 2.4G r Venom Rc Batteries emote control, Reedy high-torque metal gear ste Prosc 4X4 ering servo, Reedy 3300kV brushless motor, Compatible with 3S lithium b Gas Mocontrol Cars attery waterproof electronic transmission (with T plug). The optimized suspension rocker arm enhances durability. The blue aluminum shock absorber, adjustable limited slip differential, high-grip and bonded tires, and factory-painted car shell eliminate the tedious assembly, allowing players to invest To car fun. Two models are available for players to choose from: # 7058 without battery charging and # 7058C with lithium battery and charger.
RC4WD launched the new Gelande II RTR simulation climbing remote control car (hereinafter referred to as G2), equipped with Green Defender D90 car shell (green two-door guard), RTR products. G2 uses Yota II axles, R3 single-speed gearbox, 3 front and 4 rear suspension links, high-torque metal gear digital servos, 45T motors, photorealistic frames, Outcry II waterproof electronic transmission; anti-off wheels and 2.4G remote control equipment and high-grip mud tires are included in the product. Product number Z-RTR0031.

We reported on the public sale of the French label Medial Pro last year. We can now disclose that the plant has been taken over by new buyers and will be back in 2008.

Eric Bertrand founded Medial Pro in 1989, and it has been 18 years. The factory tires have won several championships and are quite successful. The new BOSS is the brothers Patrick and Stefan Engelen of Protech. Franklin Zee will be responsible for the operation and the headquarters will be located in Hong Kong, China. The new tires are about to go on sale and are on display at the Nuremberg exhibition.

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I believe everyone knows that HPI and Hot Bodies are facing a crisis. The giant Traxxas is negotiating the acquisition of HPI Europe. Hot Bodies (HB), which is biased towards the competition, seems to be less interested in Tr Prosc 4X4 axxas. The latest news is tha Gas Mocontrol Cars t Team Orion acquired Hot Bodies. Hobbico from the United States also had the intention to acquire HB, but the positioning of HB depends on Orion’s appetite. According to information provided by overseas counterparts, the transaction should be officially announced at the moment.

VP-Pro launches two fuel tank receiving batteries, which are straight and trapezoidal. The battery uses a high-capacity 1500mAh battery pack produced by EP, which has higher voltage output and lower internal resistance, which is suitable for matching with today’s high-torque servos.

Slash-type CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) track truck launched by Traxxas a while ago was a great success. Team Associated also refused to let it go, and plans Best Traxxas Slash 4X4 Upgrades to launch a model called SC8, which is expected to be released in September.

From Hobbico, the company launched a new servo product line called Tactic. Standard size steering gear, suitable for many types of remote control cars. Specific models include the TSX35 Sport standard servo (0.16 sec / 5.3 kg-cm), and the TSX65 digital high-pressure high-torque servo (0.13 sec / 25.7 kg-cm, metal gear). More models can be found in the picture. The Tactic series will win with a price / performance ratio.