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I am very happy to be able to participate in COBRA’s battery testing activities. The COBRA battery that I came into contact with before is the 3S-7200mah-90 Rc Dealers Near Me c power used by ‘JR model’ Marco. That was when I first b Traxxas X Maxx 8S ought TRAXXAS-UDR and Big E. The discharge coefficient of 7200mah just used 90c is also very violent. Every time I am very happy to play until the power is out, sometimes I have been stuck in the car too lazy. Therefore, the volume of my 6 pieces of 7200 gradually became larger, which is often called ‘the lithium battery is pregnant’ in Mo You’s mouth. When the car is not moving, the battery voltage of the battery is only about 3.0, and some even cannot display the value, which is annoying. COBRA claims that the new battery formula has a very low probability of pregnancy under normal maintenance and use. We all know that when the lithium battery reaches the protection voltage, it is the same as the fuel gauge of our car lights up. Can we continue to drive it, it can definitely drive a certain distance, but the damage to the fuel tank pump is definitely there, and each The remaining fuel of the car is also different. Some can continue to drive 20KM, and some can continue to drive 30KM. In short, the closer to the bottom of the fuel tank, the greater the probability of damage to the oil pump. Lithium batteries are the same, it’s time to stop when the lights are on. The stopping voltage of the ESC can be set higher (for COBRA, it can be set to 3.4). After the battery voltage is stabilized, the single cell is about 3.8V to ensure battery life. Closer look at the battery of these two COBRA. The blue box is a 2S battery and the black box is a 3S battery. However, the 2S battery is much larger than the 3S battery box. The exterior packaging is clean and neat, and the Power box is concise. Take out the battery and you can see that the 2S is relatively thick due to its large capacity of 7600ma. The 3S is a slightly longer overall size of 5500mah, and the 2S with a bubble packaging box is a bit larger overall.
Each battery is equipped with instructions for use. Be careful of over-discharge and usual maintenance. The special points are marked with bold black text. Moyou needs to read and understand carefully, after all, it is suitable for the use and maintenance of all lithium batteries.
The discharge C number of 7600mah 2S battery is as high as 80C. It should also be quite violent for the general short card or 4s electricity use. This packaged battery has been used in the 3S version before and has not been used on climbing and short cards. The main reason is to use the battery cautiously now, after all, if the game is broken, it is all money.
The 3S discharge C number corresponding to 5500mah is 60C, which is relatively small. For climbing, short card power is also very sufficient. This battery veteran took it to me a few times, and the continuous output will not have the problem of ‘gasp’. The dynamic performance is very sufficient. The output power has not decreased in stages but linearly declined, and it feels good to use. Next, let ’s take a look at the size of these two batteries, which is related to the choice of battery friends. Because the battery compartments are different.
The size of this 2S 7600mah is: L: 135mmW: 45mmH: 25mm (manual measurement has an error of about 0.5mm). This size is similar to 6000mah-40C (138 * 42 * 24) of Leopard and 7200mah of Grizzly Youth Training. -50C (138 * 47 * 26) volume is similar, but the COBRA capacity is large and the C number is high. Generally, the battery box of a car only requires length and width, and the thickness is relatively small, so it is suitable for the battery box of most cars on the market.
The size of this 50c-3S at 5500mah is:
L: 150mm W: 46mm H: 27mm (manual measurement is about 0.5mm error) This size is the same as the 3S-5500mah-60C Panther brand (155mm * 45mm * 27.5mm) is basically the same, and the 3S size of the Youth Training 5200mah-50C (Young Training: 128 * 22 * ​​27.7) is longer.
T Vaterra Ascender K10 he original factory state is the stored voltage. Using the D6 charger can not only see the total voltage of the battery, but also the voltage of each battery. After inserting the balance head, you can read directly, which is more convenient and easier to use than the previous D100. And it can also support wireless charging of mobile phones is also very small, more convenient to go out to play.
The original storage voltage is 3.8v per chip. This is also the best voltage value to save if you do not play for a long time. In general, Moyou needs to pay special attention to the fact that the alarm voltage (or stop voltage) of the COBRA battery is slightly higher than that of ordinary batteries. Because of its unique formula, the capacity is concentrated in the higher voltage range (this is also the reason for the COBRA battery violence) One), there is basically no capacity below a single-cell voltage of 3.6V. If you continue to operate at this time, it is easy to over-discharge. Therefore, it is recommended that you set the stop voltage of the ESC up and down to 3.4V / cell, and ensure that the voltage after the car is over 3.7V / cell, so that you have used about 85% of the capacity. There is a risk that the ‘oil pump’ will burn out after continuous use. And if it is set to 3.8v stop, it can reach the standard of storage voltage. Wipe clean and put it away. The test models are as follows: The use of several test batteries will be installed on ‘KM-trophy trucks, UDR, big E, Horizon wind sailing boat, AXE climbing car and 1:10 short card’ for use test.
Pneumatic boats use one COBRA-3S and two COBRA-2S connected in series to achieve 4S power requirements. The two combinations will face long-term full-throttle load usage, and observe its COBRA endurance.
Big E, UDR and KM trophy trucks. The 1:10 trophy trucks mainly use 2-3S to test the explosive performance of 80C and 50C and the performance after high load output for the same time.
The rest of the tests are mainly performed on Ultra-4 models and civil beam models equipped with AXE540 and AXE550: observation of battery life and physical changes after wading. Use it once or twice a week to see the maintenance and usage methods according to the instructions, and to see the overall performance of the battery after 4 weeks.
At the same time, everyone is welcome to continue to pay attention to the next episode of ‘White Monster’, we will bring: ‘TFL Unicorn’ UT-4 models.

Rc Dealers Near Me, Rc Drift Cars, Electric Rc Drag Racing

The Japanese Team Muso company launched the World GT conversion kit t Electric Rc Drag Racing o upgrade and convert Yokomo R12 and R12C3 1/12 electric flat road cars (12 twelve), turning the twelve into a 200mm wide WGT level remote control car. The kit includes a longer wheelbase floor, carbon fiber front bumper, battery holder, aluminum hub and other parts, but does not include tires, car shells and any electronic equipment. Due to the high speed and sensitive handling of WGT remote control cars, there are a large number of players in Japan. Team Muso also introduced corresponding upgrades to Yokomo’s GT500 products. MUS-R12C3WGTCV R12 / R12C3 WGT Conversion Kit includes:
R12WGT Chassis x1, R12WGT Carbon Front Bumper x1,
R12WGT Lower Brace x1, R12WGT Front Mount Brace V2x1,
> R12WGT Upper Brace x1, R12WGT Chassis Brace x1,
R12WGT Battery Support x1, R12WGT Battery posts x2,
R12WGT Front Suspension Spacer x2, R12WGT Rear Bulkhead Spacer x2,
R12WGT Right W Rc Drift Cars heel Hub x1, R12WGT Left Wheel Hub x1,
R12WGT Thrust Cone x1, R12WGT FrontShock Extension Parts x1,
3×10 Socket Head Cap Screw x8, Multi Foam Bumper For WGT x1,
Damper Tube Set x2, turnbuckles 54mm x2
< br> ● Correspondence chassis
Yokomo R12 wide chassis (For narrow specifications,
please change to a wide spec Rc Dealers Near Me ification front arm)
※ R12 C Graphite rear axle the (narrow specification)
If you are using , please use the Yokomo kit
manufacture d by standard thrust cone thrust cone.
● For the conversion kit, RC equipment, body, motor, battery,
tires, and wheelsare not included.
GT500 R12 is required to complete chassis kit.