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Following the launch of Inferno STUS Sports last week, Beijing Jingshang of the United States launched Inferno US Sports, aimed at the low-end market. It uses the GXR28 engine, hardened gears, and full-body ball bearings, which brings us good power and durability. At the same time, the car uses a race version of the rear wing.

-New 4.6 Big Block Engine-Powering the Inferno Sport 2 is a big 4.6cc (.28 ci) pull start engine (GXR28SG). This new engine features modifications to increase performance and value.
-World Championship Quality-The suspension features double A-arms, which is the same type of suspension used on the world’s most sophisticated performanc Remote Control Car Motor e machines. It’s adjustable and durable, so you can tune the suspension for better performance and have the confidence that it’s going to hold up even under extreme conditions.
-New Blue 17mm Hubs-New Anodized Blue17mm wheel hubs. Now you can use all standard 17 mmm wheels.
-Endless Adjustments -The suspension and steering linkages feature turnbuckles, which allows for quick adjustments to the camber and steering toe angles. All that’s needed is a 5.5mm wrench to make any adjustment on the spot-there’s no need to detach or move anything to facilitate an adjustment .
-Hardened Gears-Front and rear diffs Rc Drag Racing Near Me use machined, hardened steel spiral ring and pinion gears.
-High Performance Clutch-High performance teflon clutch shoes.
-Full Ball Bearings-Full ball bearings throughout for maximum efficiency through the drive system.
-Torque Rods-Now equipped with front and rear torque rods for increased durability!
-New Design-New grip handle for easier pulling.
-Perfex KT-14-Set the end-points etc with the multifunctional Perfex 14 digital transmitter with LCD display, 12 model memory, end-p Traxxas Blast oint adjustment, digital sub-trim and more.
-Body-Body comes complete with unique color scheme.
-Tough Buggy-Factory-assembled chassis shares the same tough characteristics and low center of gravity as the World Championship winning Inferno 7.5
-Tuned Muffler-Includes hand-welded manifold and tuned muffler.
-4WD-Shaft-driven 4WD chassis with three differentials.
-Hardened Components-Hardened clutch bell and spur gear standard.

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HB released the latest Rc Drag Racing Near Me information on the new generation of racing electric room PRO5. The development of PRO5 took more than a year. Former world champion Andy Moore and team rookie JJ Wang also participated in the research and development process, and continuously feedback the test results to improve the frame.

Perfect tuning
PRO5 is a top-level electric room that can make the ultimate fine tuning. No matter what kind of track you are on and what kind of control style, you can find the right setting accurately. From rolling center to wheelbase, camber to car width, PRO5’s rich detail tuning can adapt to various conditions. < Traxxas Blast br>

At first glance, the PRO5’s chassis is no different from the other two-piece RV chassis. Only careful observation will reveal many thoughtful new designs. The new chassis is cut from 2.25mm carbon fiber and the gearbox is 7075 aluminum alloy. The newly designed motor and bottom brackets provide better weight distribution and efficiency. The second floor is made of 2mm carbon fiber. The PRO5 also uses a carbon-fiber suspension servo mount and a suspension battery frame, which makes the chassis twist more natural and the frame handling is consistent. Drive system
High-efficiency belts an Rc Buggy Car d aluminum alloy pulleys are standard on the PRO5. The front straight shaft and rear differential use 40T pulleys. DCJ three-section sticks are used for the front wheels and standard CVD is used for the rear wheels. The aluminum alloy differential cup has the advantage of being lightweight. The front wheel coupler is an ultra-narrow style, and the front width can be easily adjusted as needed.
Suspension uses a large number of new designs, including thickened carbon fiber suspension, large diameter suspension of twisted teeth and a newly designed swing arm. The new ball cap can quickly adjust the rolling center through the gasket. The steering mechanism of the PRO5 is a precise and reliable crank-pillar style. The aluminum alloy steering arm has extremely high strength and durability. The Ackerman angle can be adjusted quickly with the orange gasket. Carbon fiber tabs on the steering cup are also new.

# 114500 HB PRO5 racing electric house
Full length: 353mm
Full width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 254-260mm (adjustable)
Assembly tools
Motor teeth
Electric ESC
Remote control
Steering gear
Car shell
CA rubber
Reds Racing has launched an upgraded version of the M7T 1/8 flat road car engine called M7T V1.1. Upgraded the carburetor, used a shorter oil needle to fit various 1/8 flat road bike frames, and added a medium-speed oil needle to make the oil needle adjustment more accurate. The chassis is also newly designed, making it easier to mount to the frame. Category1 / 8 on roadDisplacement [cm ^ 3] 3,5Bore [mm] 16,26Stroke [mm] 16,8Inlet ports7Outlet ports3Front ball bearing dimension DixDexS [mm] 7x19x6Front ball bearing featuresmetal screenRear ball bearing dimension DixDexS [mm] 14×25,4x6Rear ball bearing featuresceramic ballsCarburetor diameter [mm] 7,8,9Carburetor setting2 needleGlow plugturbo 7Weight [g] 310Cilinder systemABCExaust typerearRecommended pipeEFRA 2033 / 2069Recommended fuel25% nitro, 8-9in oilBreak br> 12