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Yeah Racing introduces an upgraded front hydraulic mount for the Tamiya TA06 electric RV. Upgraded hydraulic frame thickness is 5mm, carbon fiber material, CNC process manufacturing. In addition to being stronger than the original car’s hydraulic mount, Yeah Racing also offers more shock absorber mounting holes, allowing players to get more sett Rc Drift Cars Cheap Price ing options. The product also includes a pair of 4.8mm blue plated aluminum suspension T Maxx Steering Upgrade mounts. Details:
Kyosho Kyosho launches the new Turbo Optima 1/10 4WD vintage buggy. The new 2019 car uses a gold chassis, suspension and aluminum shock absorbers. In addition to continuing the classic first-generation Turbo Optima design of the 1980s, Kyosho has also strengthened the transmis Rc Landing Gear sion system to adapt to today’s strong brushless and lithium electric power, so that replica models can be stored and run, in line with the Racing title.Yeah Racing (YR) launched the new Tamiya M07 Sport upgrade kit. YR previously introduced the Competition kit to the M07, and the Sport kit is more cost-effective. It replaced the plastic parts of the original car with nylon materials, making the suspension of the car easier. Tuning parameters are more. Three wheelbases of 210mm, 225mm, and 239mm are available to support more types of M car shells. The kit includes a high-quality reinforced fiber baseplate, hydraulic mount, and black anodized aluminum upgrades. Part # CK-M07S.ORB Racing will launch a new car, a new front-wheel drive 1/10 buggy electric off-road vehicle called ORB Forward. Based on the Team Associated B6.1D / DL frame, using the front center motor layout, some parts come from the discontinued Team Durango. It is believed to be a niche model with good performance in a specific venue but extremely low output.

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Serpent S T Maxx Steering Upgrade nake launched a new linear upper swing arm connector for the Project 4X touring car. It is used in conjunction with short link Rc Landing Gear s to obtain the same link length as the original car through ball heads and machine screws. The ball heads are mounted against each other, so no special measurement is required. With this accessory installed, the swing arm will have a more linear geometry throughout its travel, while the standard setting will have a decreasing effect. After installation, the swing arm is not easily deformed under load, so the handl Traxxas Rustler 2Wd Upgrades ing on high-grip roads will be improved. The connector can be purchased in its entirety, or parts can be purchased separately.
Product No. 401742 Linear suspension set 4X
401743 Arm extension linear L + R 4X
3Racing launches a new M car, the new Sakura M4 4WD 1/10 M-Class electric touring car. Adjustable wheelbase of 210mm to 225mm (compatible with many car shells), suspension with stronger suspension arm, Sakura Advance 2k18 low center of gravity steering assembly, adjustable battery compartment to support standard and short-body lithium batteries, equipped with front and rear anti-roll bars and FRP Fibre floor. The design of the M4 is based on the successful ‘SAKURA Sakura’ series products from the same factory, inheriting the XS / NU design genes, ensuring performance and excellent cost performance.

Hitec launched an integrated integrated balanced charging interface panel, including EH, TP, XH and HP balanced interfaces. Perfect support for mainstream RC brand lithium batteries. Only one Hitec interface panel is required to play with lithium batteries. The product comes with a sturdy case to ensure that the interface is not damaged during transportation. FeaturesWorks with all Hitex X and H Series of ChargersFor Use with all Major Brands of Lithium Chemistry BatteriesCompatible with 2S-6S packsHard Plastic Bottom Case (most others use a piece of foam)

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March 2010 (Issue 344) Hong Kong ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine goes on sale. Entering the Year of the Tiger, ‘Remote Control Model’ is more exciting. Welcome to subscribe to RCFans dealers to purchase or purchase ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine. In this articlePro-Line introduces a new Predator case for Team Associat Rc Landing Gear ed (AE) ’s latest B6 and B6D electric off-road ve Traxxas Rustler 2Wd Upgrades hicles. It adopts the characteristics of Phatom and Type-R car shells, which improves the aerodynamic performance of the original car shells and is suitable for various venues and events. Transparent unpainted style, part number 3475-00.
D1RC’s new climbing car shock-absorbing bracket is launched. Following the popular D1RC model camouflage diamond bridge, the adjustable porous shock-absorbing bracket has also come along. The unique design makes the car more distinctive.
Provide more shoc Traxxas Slash 4X4 Upgrade Parts k-absorbing mounting holes, flexible adjustment and stronger compatibility. The front suspension bracket feet are designed with M3 threads, which can be reverse-mounted with screws to increase space and better avoid scratching the steering gear on the bridge. The suspension bracket plate can be adjusted in height, which provides sufficient installation conditions for increasing the degree of simulation of the car shell. Suitable for Axial SCX10 frame use.

JConcepts’ Finnisher shells are available for the Yokomo B-Max2 electric off-road vehicle. The design of the car shell enables better jumping attitude and handling response. High-speed running stability has also been improved, and two widened tails are also included in the product.