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Rc Led Lights, Feiyue Fy03, Traxxas Slash 2Wd Shocks

Kyosho has upgraded the 2008 DRX VE Subaru Impreza WRC remote control car, adding the KT-200 2.4GHz remote control, Orion Vortex 10EVO brushless motor (KV2400) and Orion Vortex R10 EVO electronic transmission. This remote control car uses Kyosho’s mature full-time four-wheel drive system. Its 1/9 height is like a real car factory authorized car shell, large-capacity shock ab Traxxas Slash 2Wd Shocks sorber, digital servo, and supports 6-7 NiMh or 2S-3S lithium batteries. Very suitable for walking on the rally road. Available in July.

Standard Features:

Big Bore Shocks – Equipped with large capacity plastic oil shocks as standard. Soaks up bumps with ease and lands smoothly from large bumps. Features threaded shock bodies for chassis height adjustments. Multipoint Adjustmen Feiyue Fy03 ts – Design features multi-point setting adjustments such Rc Led Lights as chassis height, camber, track width, front and rear toe-in etc. Shaft Drive – The drive shafts run through the center for chassis to give you better CG and optimum weight balance. Fully Digital Servo – Equipped with a digital servos for great response. Wide Stance – Long span suspension arms create a wide track width on the double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension system for superior running stability. Fully Interchangeable – Front / rear and left / right suspension arms, front / rear knuckles and front / rear shock stays are all interchangeable. Newly designed suspension with maintenance-friendly pillow ball connect system. Compatible with DBX / DST – Th e DBX VE has 60% parts compatibility to its nitro version, so parts availability is not an issue. New Steering Layout – The DRX VE has a whole new steering layout which gives you greater response and much more steering angle than the DBX GP version. Aluminum Motor Mount – Equipped with an aluminum motor mount to secure the 540 Size Orion BL motor.Steel Pinion Gear – The DRX VE is equipped with a strong steel pinion gear for added security and durability.

Team Orion Experience BL Motor: < / p> 540 Size Motor2400 KVAccepts 6-7 cell NiMh Battery or 2S / 3S Lipo Battery (Deans Plugs Type Only) Max RPM (N / A) SensorlessBuilt in Cooling Fins

Team Orion Experience ESC:

Sensorless Brushless Only * Accepts 6-7 cell NiMh 2S-3S Lipo OnlyLow Voltage Cut-off Auto Detect 3.0V / cellThermal Protection at 95cForward / Brake / Reverse or Forward onlyContinuous Max Current 70APeak Current 150A

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Xmaxx Rc Car, Rc Led Lights, Feiyue Fy03

Rc Arlos from the Netherlands is about to launch Supra drift car shell. The main body of the car shell is made of high-quality PC. You can choose a variety of accessories such as wide body, lamp cup, rearview mi Feiyue Fy03 rror, air grille, e Rc Led Lights tc. . The wheelbase of the car shell is 260mm, the width of the front body is 203mm, and the rear width is 205mm. The car shell is not sprayed in the original factory and needs to be made by yourself.
1. Body of car shell. Length: 460mm Width: 194 / 196mm Height: 125mm Wheelbase: 260mm
2, wide body one
Width front \u0026 amp; rear: 203 / 205mm
3, wide body two
Width front \u0026 amp; rear: 203 / 205mm
4, front grille
5, front wheel e Xmaxx Rc Car yebrow grille
6, hood breather grill
7, side bars
8, rear wheel eyebrow inlet grill
9, exhaust pipe
10, rear wing
11, rear view mirror
12, door handle
13, light cup < br> 14. High brake light cup
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MST re-launched the MS-01D RTR drift remote control car, and the 4WD front motor model, which has been discontinued for 3 years, is on sale again. Equipped with JZ3 and EG6 car shells, I believe many friends will be fascinated by these two car shells. The classic Japanese street car is available in red, black and white spray finish. The chassis adopts independent multi-link A-arm suspension, front differential (bead differential) and rear straight shaft. In order to enhance heat dissipation efficiency, the chassis also specially designed air guide components. RTR products, with brush power, with waterproof Hobbywing electronic transmission, Futaba steering gear.
Specific product number
# 531051B MS-01D brushed 4WD RTR JZ3 (blue)
# 531051BK MS-01D brushed 4WD RTR JZ3 (black)
# 531051R MS-01D brushed 4WD RTR JZ3 (red )
# 531052R MS-01D brushed 4WD RTR EG6 (red)
# 531052W MS-01D brushed 4WD RTR EG6 (white)