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1.55 Rc Tires, Rc Radio Control Car, Traxxas Defender

Pro-Line will launch a kit suitable for the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC short card upgrade to convert to the PRO-2 Buggy off-road vehicle. The kit can also convert Traxxas Slash, provided that you have installed the Pro- Traxxas Defender Line PRO-2 LCG floor, high-performance drive system and Pr Rc Radio Control Car o-Trac tail oil mount. Details of this kit product will be announced soon, so stay tuned!
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Traxxas announced the launch of a 1.55 Rc Tires 1/10 4WD brushless remote control car with a newly developed low center of gravity frame. With an extended suspension rocker arm and adjustable push rod, the car can easily cope with various terrains. Straight shaft drive, dual differential and limited slip clutch design, with all-terrain pull wheels and tires, both performance and appearance are simultaneously. 3500kv brushless motor, VXL-3s compatible lithium-ion electronic transmission and Traxxas’ exclusive TQi remote control equipment are included in the product. Use multiple easy-to-maintain disassembly design, allowing players to easily maintain the car.
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Axial introduced some upgrades to the Wraith rock crawler. The first is the differential cover manufactured by the CNC process, which can increase strength.

Aluminum link holders provide more track adjustment holes.

Aluminum bushings can be directly further from the original parts.

Heavy duty aluminium straight links and hi-clearance made by the new 101mm and 7X85mm CNC process threaded aluminium links

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Toy Story Remote Control Car, 1.55 Rc Tires, Rc Radio Control Car

Mon-Tech Racing introduces the front nose of the new 2017 remote control car. There are three different aerodynamic shapes for players to choo Rc Radio Control Car se from 1.55 Rc Tires , which are three-layer, double-layer and single-layer designs, which can adapt to various grip tracks. Players can choose between white and black.
Yeah Racing (YR) launched the integrated steering gear + gyroscope mount for Yokomo YD-2 drifting remote control car. High-quality aluminum, black electroplated appearance, silver edge design; it can not only cool the steering gear, but also fix the steering gear and gyroscope more firmly. Product number YKYD-012BK.

Team Durango is about to launch the DEST210R 1/10 two-wheel drive field truck. Developed based on the DEX210 frame, using Team Durango’s revolutionary ‘hybrid’ 3/4 gearbox, players can change the center of gravity distribution and torque direction without any adjustments to the suspension. The unique frame design allows DEST210R to easily cope with various venu Toy Story Remote Control Car es and road surfaces. Welcome to the RCFans off-road vehicle discussion forum to participate in the discussion

Last week we reported that the Serpent SRX-4 1/10 4WD E-Viet will soon be available. This four-wheel-drive race-level E-Viet revealed its mystery at the Reedy Race. Designed by Billy Easton, the double belt drive (composed of a long center belt and short side belts) effectively reduces the center of gravity and focuses the weight on the centerline of the frame. In order to ensure the grip of the tail, the mounting position of the motor is optimized, and the walking response will be more aggressive and sensitive.

Rc Radio Control Car, Traxxas Defender, Tamiya Rc

On June 1 Tamiya Rc , Ripmax announced the acquisition of HPI Racing. It seems tha Traxxas Defender t the HPI of the new owner has improved. RCFans received an email from HPI. While promoting the existing rally car products, HPI will continue to improve the rally car products in an effort to make it more realistic and rich Fun Rc Radio Control Car rally cars and peripheral accessories, will rally cars become a new boom?
Sweep Racing introduces strong double-sided adhesive, which can securely fix electronic transmission, receiver and other equipment on the RV frame or Pan car frame! The product is two 60 × 100mm double-sided adhesive tapes. In addition to the strong adhesive effect, Sweet Racing has a certain shock absorption effect and will not leave traces when it is removed.Corally HMX electric touring car spy photos exposure, photos from RC50.com. It is not clear when HMX will be available in the market. Corally products are recognized by players for their outstanding performance. Unfortunately, there are fewer Corally players in Hong Kong and the Mainland. First enjoy the spy photos of HMX.
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