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VP Pro launched a new series of tools. This series consists of 14 commonly used tools. The design of the Robinson Racing Rc handle is very comfo Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy rtable and lightweight. It is believed to be a cost-effective tool series.

Kyosho launched an upgraded TCD (Traction Control Differential) gear set for the Inferno MP9. TCD can provide more balanced power under acceleration, thereby improving the vehicle’s grip. When decelerating, TCD has less torque than ordinary differentials, which improves steering during cornering. TCD is especially used in low grip situations.

Raytheon KingMotor (KM) ‘s EXPLORER RX rally car new Ford Fiesta is coming soon. The KM EXPLORER RX # 2 shot by CNRC is unveiled, please e Traxxas Dragster njoy the wonderful video.
Hobbywing team manager Salton Dong, Mr. Dong Sizheng (RCFans Forum ID 爱车) made technical support at the AOC Hong Kong race, and introduced many differences between the new V10 (New Ver.) G2 motor and V10.

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SKYRC Shenzhen Sky Innovation Technology has introduced a D200 dual output 200W AC / DC charger with an electric iron. With backlit display, 5 touch menu buttons, supports up to 6S lithium battery or 15 NiXX type batteries, D200 can also charge the new generation polymer Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy battery with saturation voltage of 4.35V, and can also charge 2 to 24V batteries. Dual charging output, up to 20A (main) and 10A (second group output), D200 can charge two battery packs at the same time. When AC power is connected, the maximum outpu Traxxas Dragster t power of the two channels can be manually assigned, and the sum is 200W. Can set the lithium battery charge cut-off voltage (TVC). Can detect battery voltage and estimate battery internal resistance. With over-current, over-charge, over-temperature protection and charging time limit function. 60W electric soldering iron, the working temperature can reach 450 degrees (with a soldering iron tip and a flat head each). Comes with 20 sets of battery data, can be recalled at any time when needed, no need to set again. ‘Charge Master’ software can operate the charger from a computer. Other data such as total voltage, single cell voltage and charging time can be monitored, and charging data can be observed through real-time graphics. It is possible to start / control the charger and upgrade the firmware via ‘Charge Master’.

VBC Racing has launched two sets of upgraded conversion kits for Xray T3 2011/2012 electric RVs, namely Flex and Stiff kits. The kit includes a newly designed 88mm width base plate with a thickness of 2.0mm (Flex Kit) and 2.5mm (Stiff Kit). The corresponding n Traxxas Stampede Shocks ew second floor also uses the same thickness of the baseplate. The VBC designed head and tail hydraulic bracket can provide a variety of suspension mounting angles and more adjustable hole positions, making the car more adaptable. A carbon fiber bumper, a carbon fiber motor protector, and an adjustable battery mount with sensor mounting location are included in the kit. The steering part uses a set of 7075 aluminum steering components with a low center of gravity. The VBC factory recommends using the Flex kit on asphalt and low-grid tracks to effectively increase the car’s grip; on high-grid tracks, such as carpet tracks, the Stiff kit is not suitable.


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At the upcoming 612 LACAR SUMMER SHOW, LACAR will jointly host the RC remote control car competition with Cheda Magazine and RCFans remote contr Traxxas Bandit Upgrades ol fans. The passionate collision between the auto industry and the model car industry sparks sparks, attracting players from Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta How can you like RC miss this powerful environment in Summer Show? On June 1 Robinson Racing Rc 2th, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 3, the RC competition promises you!
The first trend car culture festival in 2011 Many businesses, riders, and audiences went to the trend car event! The live programs were rich and the crowd was turbulent. Many mainstream media in the Pearl River Delta region participated in the whole process. In 2011, a large-scale modification event in Guangdong Province not only gathered enthusiasts from all over the Pearl River Delta, calling on different types of modified cars to come together to compete for the best spicy cars of all types; hot girls Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy will be beautifully dressed and compete for the best car model reputation. Various remodeling merchants and brands are pouring in, brand displays, discounts and hot sales, and interaction with enthusiasts …
Tamiya (Tamiya) launched the TRF417 V5 package (Premium Package Chassis Kit). This 417 product is equipped with new carbon fiber second floor, one-piece motor mount, aeration shock (improved grip) and other upgraded parts. 3.5mm thickness new head and tail carbon fiber oil pressure frame and new drive shaft cup are standard equipment. 417 won the world championship by driver Gilles Groskamp at the Dutch Electric House World Championship this year. The Tamiya TRF41X series electric house has already won five world championship titles (2002, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012), and the combat effectiveness is outstanding! The Tamiya factory claims that the 41X series may be the strongest electric RV on the planet!

Special features unique to the TRF417WX:

Newly designed carbon fiber upper (2.0mm thick) and lower (2.25mm thick) decks feature refined shapes to provide optimum roll flexibility.Newly-designed one-piece aluminum servo mount is secured to the chassis by one side (inner side) only so as to not jeopardize chassis flexibility.Newly-designed aeration dampers help maximize traction.Front and rear carbon fiber damper stays (3.5mm thick) have redefined damper attachment positions .Front direct coupling is equipped with steel cup joints and coupled with Double-Cardan drive shafts to provide efficient, smooth power transfer.Rear gear differential features steel diff joints and swing shaft protectors.