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Xray Subotech in Traxxas Slash 2Wd Exploded View troduced an adju Rc Trucks For Sale stable aluminum servo protector (Servo Saver) for its RX8 1/8 flat road car, which can quickly adjust the Ackermann angle (4 types of angles). Aluminum can effectively improve the strength and life of parts. CNC process, 7075 T6 Swiss aluminum.
RC4WD will launch a small scale 1/18 Gelande 2 D90 RTR simulation climbing remote control car. Based on RC4WD’s popular G2 chassis design, it has a photo-realistic frame structure, D90 hard shell, 1/24 version of RC4WD Yota II axle, R5 1/24 gearbox, and four-link suspension system. RTR products, equipped with 2S lithium battery, two-in-one receiver and electronic transmission. It is believed to be a very delicate simulation climbing remote control car product. Part number Z-RTR0026.
VP Pro introduces Truggy tires (New ‘100% Fresh’ Sealed Bag For Truggy Tires) in a sealed package. Why should tires also be sealed and kept fresh? Yes, due to oxidation, outdoor temperature and humidity will cause the rubber performance of the tire to deteriorate, harden and other conditions, which seriously affect the tire performance! VP Pro launches hermetically sealed tyres in the hope of extending the ‘freshness’ of the tyres!Area RC introduced metal integrated steering cups for MCD RR5 and XS-5 gasoline vehicles. The products are processed from aluminum alloy 6061-T6CNC. The integrated design is retained. Large-scale 3D surface processing technology is used to ensure strength and accuracy. Equipped with 4 wear-resistant rubber rings to ensure steering accuracy, reduce false positions, and an essential weapon for off-road. Two colors are available: silver and red.

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Carson in Germany are selling this modern and professional Acoms Technisport 2.4 GHz digital radio system. As with other 2.4GHz systems, the Hayabusa system automatically selects a free frequency out of the 40 available channels during the initialization procedure, eliminating the possibility of interfering with other racers. Interference from electric motors, servos and metal noise is also a thing of the past. The transmitter features an integrated short antenna that can be folded down for transport, while the comf Traxxas Slash 2Wd Exploded View ortable steering wheel has a soft rubber-coating with adjustable reset force to guarantee Rc Trucks For Sale optimal grip an Remote Control Race Car Track d sensitive steering. All adjustments, as well as battery status, can be read on the clearly arranged LCD-display. This set comes complete with servo, battery case, switch and what the manufacturer claims, is the smallest 2.4GHz receiver currently on the market.

Acoms 2.4GHz remote control kit. We have seen some RTR vehicles in Nuremberg. Like other 2.4G, the system will automatically select from forty available channels when it is turned on. The transmitter has a foldable short antenna, and the soft rubber runner feels good. The kit includes a steering gear and purportedly the smallest 2.4G receiver on the market