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On May 9, 2016, Team Orion announced the acquisition of Hot Bodies. On June 1, the same year, the British Ripmax announced the completion of the acquisition of HPI, including the HPI R Red Remote Control Car acing brand and assets. In September of the same year, HPI Racing Design LLC (HPI Racing Design Co., Ltd.) was officially launched. Started operations in California. Coming to June 2019, HPI Racing changed ownership again, and the majority shareholder became Vestergaard of Denmark. Just yesterday HPI released a new video called HPI Racing // Stop At Nothing 2019 Sonic Remote Control Car . Does it indicate that HPI is really returning this time? Please wait and see.

Recently, there have been many incidents such as ‘buying counterfeit goods and missing parts in Taobao online stores’ and even ‘cases of huge losses due to lack of formal technical guidance.’ Here RCFans and major model agents are advised. Novices and players who buy models should not trust the Taobao virtual model store. Playing models must have technical support and sufficient parts supply to prevent small mistakes! Please select RCFans and RCFans authorized merchants approved by major manufacturers / agents worldwide! Find a nearby business or contact a special dealer Click here to enter the RCFans special dealer area
Last month, Traxxas’ new 1/10 Traxxas Maxx electric truck came out, inheriting the fine design tradition of X-Maxx, smaller, light Rc Mclaren er and more flexible, maintaining high speed and strong frame design. Equipped with Velineon brushless power 540XL motor, supports 4S lithium battery, and the top speed exceeds 95km / h. The ESC has a built-in 32-bit microprocessor, which can continuously monitor the power output and maintain high performance for a long time. The strong transmission system, the chassis with built-in cushioning structure, the large-capacity GT-Maxx aluminum shock absorber, and the waterproof design allow the new Maxx car to walk in all weather without fear of various terrains. X-Maxx’s first self-turning, modular design, and quick-release car shells all appeared on Maxx. If the car gets smaller, will the performance become weaker? It’s smaller, lighter and more flexible, and the slope accelerates even faster than the big X. Watch the latest video Maxx Unleashed, Maxx’s outbreak!

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Fantom Racing introduces the new FR-1 (540 size) racing brushless motor. Developed in the United States, the stator is made of high-precision s Top Rated Remote Control Cars teel from Kawasaki, Japan. Fantom refines products and adopts unique designs according to different T numbers. Type T characteristics include 10.5T, 2.5T to 9.5T Mo Dinosaur Remote Control Car dified motors, Type R characteristics include 21.5T and 25.5T, and 13.5T and 17.5T optional Type T. Or Type R characteristic setting. The products meet the requirements of ROAR, IFMAR and EFRA events and can be used in major competitions.
The 51st issue of ‘Superman Talking Model’, Hoyby HOBBYWING V10 G3 motor is introduced out of the box. First of all, I would like to thank RCFANS and HOBBYWING. This motor is the prize of the ‘You Photograph, I Send Machine’ event in March this year. Because this product is in short supply, I Red Remote Control Car have only received the prize until now. br> To put it back, this motor has actually appeared in the cars of many professional players for a long time, but at my pace, I still have to make a video for friends who have not seen this product, so watch the video There are HD detailed pictures below the video.
Taiwan RACING Co., Ltd. (PR RACING) launched car shell aerodynamic products, allowing remote control cars to more effectively eliminate wind speed and airflow obstruction, improve walking stability, suitable for 1/10 off-road vehicles. Includes front wing stabilizer: 71430036 PR Racing 1/10 Buggy Front Wing and rear wing stabilizer: 71430046 PR Racing 1/10 Buggy Rear Wing Stabilizer.
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