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CEN’s MG10 will go on sale on June 12. These include MG10MT (ground truck) and MG10TR (Truggy).

From tomorrow, the MG16 1 to 12 B The Best Remote Control Cars igfoot is also officially Reddit Rc Cars on sale.

Taiwan Hobao Hebao launched 1/10 DC-1 simulation climbing remote control car. Equipped with high- and low-speed gearboxes, four-link suspension, the completeness of the frame and shell details seems to be good. Hobao has not announced more details at this time, so stay tuned.
Gmade launched the new GOM Rock Buggy Plus Edition Kit. Last July Gmade launched the GOM Rock Buggy (climbing off-road vehicle), and the latest Plus Edition Kit version added some upgrades to further improve the car’s performance. I Heng Long Tiger 1 ncludes grey tube frame, reinforced drive shaft, 12mm aluminum rim adapter, adjustable motor mount and CVA drive kit. Part # GM56020.

Team Magic will release the new big bike at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Based on the experience of E5 and E6, TM’s new big bike is worth looking forward to. From February 1-6, 2017, Nuremberg, Germany made its debut.

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In the sixty-fifth issue of ‘Superman Talk Model’, the G.T.power container truck’s sound and light four-in-one system is unboxing. This time, it brings out the hot out-of-the-box domestic ‘four-in-one’ system. What exactly is this acousto-optic system for container trucks and tractors produced by G.T.power? Please watch the video ~ This issue brings out the static display out of the box. If you have any questions, please leave me a message. I will answer them one by one in the subsequent power-on video ~~
T.O.P. Racing is about to launch the Sabre FD2 Front Drive (FWD) 1/10 electric RV. This new car Reddit Rc Cars uses a new transmission system, new gear ratio, upgraded steering components, and features such as adjustable frame torsion settings, and strives to make the car faster and easier to maintain. The entire car is manufactured using a large amount of carbon fiber materials and high-quality aluminum. I believe FD2 is a fun-filled front-drive RV.
Team Magic will launch the E4RSIII + electric RV. Based on the successful experience of the E4RS III, the new car has been upgraded to use a 2.5mm thick carbon fiber bottom plate for faster steering response. Strengthening the C seat increases suspension strength and improves steering accuracy. The new suspension swing arm and aluminum b Heng Long Tiger 1 all head design make it easier for players to adjust the rolling center. Team Magic will launch an E4RSIII + vehicle kit and an upgrade kit for E4RSIII.
Schumacher launc Rc Mini Cooper hed the Mi4LP electric RV, developed by the company’s top team, which included the design of Chris Grainger, a five-time British electric house champion. Mi4LP is designed for lithium batteries, and the frame balance is optimized according to lithium batteries and electronic equipment. Unfortunately, Schumacher electric rooms are not popular in the mainland, mainly due to agency issues. I hope that such a good brand, agents and distributors can better promote! In addition, there is also a Race version, which is more cost-effective! Details are in this article.

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Prev Traxxas Slash Roll Cage iously, The Best Remote Control Cars Laoou tried to install Serpent’s SDX4 four-wheel drive battery. I feel b Reddit Rc Cars etter about this newly launched 1 to 10 four-wheel drive battery. The advantages and disadvantages are in the car stickers. Those who like to play four-wheel drive battery can move around Look.
[xohobby20170620] Serpent SDX4 1/10 four-wheel drive electric drive in old Europe
Area Rc introduces a chassis protection plate for LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline vehicles. The product is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 CNC. The main function is to protect the car from long-distance off-road and flying slopes. The thickness of 4MM greatly ensures the service life while also taking into account the lightweight design! Colors available: silver, blue, red. Product equipment: countersunk head M6 * 20MM * 2PCS, countersunk head M6 * 25MM * 2PCS.
PROTOform’s 1: 8 flat road car shell has a better aerodynamic design and lower center of gravity to get more downforce during driving! PROTOform Shadow has been approved by Ifmar and meets all Ifmar regulations!
Source: (RedRC \u0026 amp; Proline)The Traxxas Bandit rear-drive electric off-road vehicle was replaced with two new coatings (product number 24054-4). The blue and red Bandit was equipped with waterproof electronic equipment for outdoor crossing and the top speed was close to 60km / h.